Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 17 Part 1

Sorry guys, I’ve been so tired and unmotivated recently, this chapter isn’t boring, but the latter half of the chapter kind of annoys me a tiny bit haha, so unfortunately it will only be the first part of the chapter today. The next chapter is super cute though, so wait for it!

Also, I don’t know if it was ever clarified, but Long Da, Long Er, and Long San are called as such because in Chinese family hierarchy the oldest child  would be called  老大 Lao Da – ‘Eldest child’,  then 老二 Lao Er ‘second eldest child’ and 老三 Lao San for ‘third eldest child’, and so on down the line; therefore, Long Fei (which is Long San’s name in case you forgot) is often called many different ways e.g. Long San, Lao San, San Ye, etc. All containing the number 三San (three). I thought I should mention it just in case it got too confusing because of all their different names. Hopefully I didn’t just make it more confusing haha.

The Mrs. Long San Who Wishes To Be Divorced (Part I)

Once Long San hardened his heart, he no longer thought of exactly how Feng Ning was doing at the temple, over there there was Yu Mama and there were bodyguards, Feng Ning herself also knew Martial Arts, moreover, there were no rivers in the surrounding area; she should be safe with no problems. He put it from his mind, and started arranging a search according to the portrait.

The next day, Long Er returned. The two brothers held a meeting and straightened out the context of some matters. One, was settling the troublesome affairs of the Long Family business in other parts of the country when Long Er went out this time, he confirmed that this matter had something to do with the Feng Family; second was, there were no news at all about the stolen treasure in JiangHu, it could be assumed that, if it wasn’t lost in the river, then the other party already discovered that it was a fake; third was, Long San got someone to keep an eye on the Feng Family, to watch their recent activity, but there wasn’t any information on the treasure or of the previous attack on Long San; fourth was, the two attacks and drowning of Feng Ning, should not have been the doing of the same person. Long Er hearing this, furrowed his brows: “Then it seems the things Feng Ning stirred up is not limited to just one.”

“That person that she remembered, I already sent his picture out, and yesterday also made inquiries at the places Feng Ning had often been to, no one has ever seen him. According to the past Feng Ning’s personality, she should not have had feelings for someone with this kind of appearance, those silk rope love tokens, perhaps wasn’t meant for him. As for his actual identity, let’s wait for news and then see.”

“Speaking of feelings, you should also take note of yourself.” Long Er said: “When you’re dealing with that Feng Ning, you should still keep your guard up. The so-called ‘hard to change one’s inherent nature’[1]; at that time, she was already able to fool around all over the place, so she’s not some faithful or dependable woman. Now, she’s lost her memory, and with you being friendly with her this way, she immediately stuck on to you; this can also attest to her personality.”

“Er ge, no matter how you put it, I am still her husband. These days she’s helplessly scared, naturally she would look for someone to rely on; being dependent on me is excusable.”

“This is exactly what I’m afraid of.” Long Er said bluntly: “You are starting to speak on her behalf. Lao San, any kind of behavior can be justified. But this Feng Ning, just as we were preparing to strike the Feng family, made a move and stole the item, after being caught, she immediately loses her memory. After losing her memory, her entire person changes, the item that was stolen disappeared without a trace and with no news, and now, it is a fact that she had something to do with the attack on you, all these timely coincidences are too uncanny. I certainly don’t care what kind of person she’s become now, if she’s a threat to our Long family, I absolutely won’t let her get away with it.”

“Er ge, I haven’t not guarded against her, only, just like you said, her person has entirely changed, being excessively hostile towards her is not fair.  She definitely has no bad intentions, don’t worry, I will handle this properly.”

Long Er said: “In my opinion, you should just take this opportunity to divorce her and send her back to the Feng family, and also conveniently settle the matters with them.”

Long San didn’t immediately reply, his heart somewhat hesitant.

Long Er raised his eyebrow, asked: “What?”

“Er ge, let’s wait until after we’ve finished investigating the circumstances on the Feng family, and then decide on what to arrange.”

“What does you divorcing her have anything to do with the situation on the Feng family? Regardless of what the ultimate details behind the attack and theft are, in the end it is the work of Feng Ning. She already violated all Seven Reasons for Divorcing a Wife[3], you can confidently and justly divorce her. We should take advantage of this, while we have evidence against the Feng Family in our hands, and conveniently settle this matter.”

“Then if the Feng Family don’t actually treat her well?” The one he was worried about was Feng Ning: “Right now, she no longer has memories of the past, she already feels left alone with no one to rely on, and is easily scared and flustered; then as soon as she finally becomes familiar with us, she gets divorced and sent home, if by chance the Feng family take their anger out on her, or did not treat her well to begin with, then with her living in that kind of environment, what would be done then?”

“Lao San!” Long Er was shocked: “Are you pitying her?”

Long San didn’t speak, this woman could create trouble to torment him with every day, when she spoke she would also piss people off; but he pitied her?

Long Er said: “Just be at ease, this Feng Ning has been wanting to return home all along, no matter how things are, a married woman’s parents’ home is always more favorable than their husband’s home. First divorce her, and then we can slowly investigate what the truth behind this matter is, right now this is the perfect opportunity.”

But Long San still did not say anything, he thought of Feng Ning’s sweet smiling expression, of her agreement in the letter to leave him, and also of her miserable expression as she looked at him and said: “Don’t abandon me ah, Long San.”

Sending her away, just as she finally started adapting to this house, was it really okay?

In the end, Long San and Long Er didn’t actually reach an agreement on the matter of divorcing Feng Ning. Previously, because of their ancestor’s promise of marriage, it was difficult to say anything, now it was holding evidence, the Seven Reasons for Divorcing a Wife, even an attempt on husband’s life; if these were revealed, forget divorce, they could even report it to the government.



[1] 本性难移Běnxìng nán yí – Long Er refers to this phrase which means ‘it’s hard to change one’s inherent nature’. It usually goes in the idiom江山易改,本性难移 ‘It is easier to change mountains and rivers, than to change one’s inherent nature.”

[3] This actually cracked me up haha. — 七出之条Qī chū zhī tiáo or the ‘Seven Reasons for Divorcing a Wife’ are as such: A husband can divorce his wife if she: 1. Is not filial, 2. Has no son, 3. Is promiscuous, 4. Has a tendency to be jealous, 5. Has a serious disease, 6. Is a gossip monger or has a big mouth, 7. Steals.


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18 thoughts on “Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 17 Part 1

  1. 7 reasons to divorce:
    1. Well yeah maybe, 2 how can she when her hausband avoid her, 3 how can you say that?!, 4 she is your wife after all…, 5 not her fault!!, 6 big mouth? Because she like to eat? (:P), 7 its all because of 6… And still not her fault, its Long Er fault, he’s so cheap.

  2. I am so sorry you are tired. I want you to know how much I look forward to new chapters. YOU are doing such a nice job on this translation. The story flows nicely. Keep smiling and know how much we appreciate your hard work.

    • Awh, thank you so much, that just made my day :))) Honestly, it’s mostly your guys’ comments that really motivate me to continue, even when I’m unmotivated haha. I’ll work hard!

  3. Have heard of the seven reasons but didn’t know what they were. But seriously? #5 and #4…argh. Then again, all of them! Confucius seriously had it in for women.

    Thanks for the new chapter. It’s fun to see how this story pans out.

    • I agree, four and five especially are just really ridiculous, it really makes you think, then what about the 7 grounds on divorcing a husband?

      You’re right, I really think he did haha, but then again, most Asian countries had patriarchal societies/societal mindsets, so it really comes as no surprise that they would have such ‘rules’. ugh.

      And thank you! I always enjoy reading the viewer’s comments on each story, it definitely gives me motivation to keep going!!

  4. thank you!! I like his thinking, he already like her, just dont want to admit it 😀 and these 7 reasons to divorce a wife – its like, really? poor women in that time

  5. thx for the translation 🙂

    it’s sweet how this chapter implisitly show that feng ning already crept her way into long san’s heart.

  6. Sometimes Long San is so obvious. I love how thought of smile when his brother talked about divorce. My second time rereading this book in a week. And I still don’t get why Er is so against Feng Ming. I still remember that he was nice for a little while in the first chapter, so why can’t he be more amiable.

  7. Thanks a lot!
    Well, i mean, i don’t blame long’er for wanting long san to divorce her, but…long san knows that she is sincere in wanting to make matters better..

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