Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 17 Part 2

So I’m not sure if I translated the title of the chapter correctly because it would make sense a little later, but not in this particular chapter.

Anyway, I just wanted to let all the readers know that I will be going on a hiatus for a bit to focus on school and work, Evida will continue to translate the next chapters. I will continue from where I left off (Chapter 18) on my own blog, but it won’t be updated on a regular basis as I will only be translating when I have time. I’m sorry for the short notice because I forgot to mention it in the last chapter. I just wanted to thank all of you guys for all the support as that was my greatest motivation! Thanks for all the love!


The Mrs. Long San Who Wishes To Be Divorced Part II

The fourth day after Feng Ning’s departure, the Feng Ning and Yu Mama who should have originally arrived home before noon, still had not returned. Long San couldn’t help but admit, he was extremely worried. He sent someone to inquire after them; and finally after nightfall, Yu Mama and Feng Ning’s chariot reached home.

Feng Ning jumped down first, and seeing Long San standing by the door, happily rushed over: “Long San, Long San, I’m back.”

Long San nodded his head in reply, then saw Yu Mama unexpectedly limping down supported by a servant, and said in shock: “What happened here?”

Long Er received the news and came out, the moment he saw Yu Mama’s injury, he frowned and shot a look at Feng Ning. Feng Ning waved her hands and shook her head: “It’s not my fault, Yu Mama twisted her foot.”

Long Er coldly glanced at her again, and did not say anything. He sent someone to call Doctor Chen, then went over himself to help Yu Mama, and went into the house.

Feng Ning creased her face: “Why is Er Bo so fierce?”

“Were you acting unruly again?” Long San’s tone was also bad.

Feng Ning pouted, and quietly admitted: “I wasn’t acting unruly, at most it would count as not being able to control my temper.”

“What exactly happened?”

“I quarreled with the elder monk, Yu Mama came over to pull me away, and as a result fell down and twisted her foot.”

Long San only felt so angry that he couldn’t even sigh, and could only ask: “How can you even quarrel with a monk?”

Feng Ning also felt quite wronged: “He wouldn’t let me eat my fill, saying something about eating less and not talking throughout the process*, these I all endured, but he starved me for two days, and after the exorcism, there wasn’t the least bit of food. On the last day he still wouldn’t let me eat more, and even wanted me to go on top of Feng Tai** and use some spell and then do the expulsion once. He said I suffered evil influences in the water, and must be immersed in water, hearing those several monks reciting some scripture thing and carrying out some kind of method, and with that basin so deep, so big……” Feng Ning gestured as she spoke: “Of course I was unwilling, so I just asked a few questions.”

Feng Ning mumbled, remembering her tone when she asked wasn’t very good, now felt somewhat guilty, and then she spoke again: “The elder monk scolded me, I started feeling anxious and my voice also became loud. Yu Mama, seeing us get rather noisy, hurriedly came over, which resulted in her twisting her foot.

Feng Ning, under Long San’s glare, became quieter and quieter, and then didn’t have anything else to say, so she acted pitiful and looked at him. Long San was somewhat angry, this woman, goes out for only three days and causes trouble. Feng Ning, seeing no pleasure on his face, also became upset, and softly blurted out: “I was starving, and also didn’t sleep well at night, Yu Mama snores, and they also wanted to throw me into the water, I already endured a lot, you can’t blame me.”

Long San didn’t know what to say, and could only shake his head, turn around, and leave. Feng Ning followed behind him the entire way: “Really can’t blame me……” But Long San didn’t respond, he walked to Yu Mama’s residence to check on her injury, Feng Ning leaned by the doorway and looked, and decided she had better retreat first.

In Yu Mama’s room, Doctor Chen attentively looked over her injury, after all, she was older and shouldn’t fall over, but fortunately it wasn’t anything major, only then did Long Er and Long San relax.

Long San said to Yu Mama: “Mama, don’t blame Feng Ning, I will properly scold her.” Long Er looked at him, Long San looked back at him.

Yu Mama replied: “That girl ah, everyday acting so crazy, the spirit can’t be expelled, we still have to think of how to deal with this.”

Long Er opened his mouth a few times, glanced at Long San, and stopped himself from saying the words “expel the person”.

Long San turned towards Docter Chen: “Are there any other methods of treatment?”

Docter Chen shook his head: “San Ye, Madame’s head injury definitely isn’t much of a problem anymore, she also doesn’t have any other problems with her health, she only needs to take medicine for her dizziness and oft occurring nightmares, the rest, I positively can’t do anything about. This matter of memory loss, is also the first time I’ve come across it.

Although this answer came as no surprise to Long San, but he was still somewhat disappointed. He and Yu Mama and Long Er talked for a while, and then returned to their own residences. As he was leaving, Yu Mama said: “San Ye, Feng Ning is indeed very different from before, but this is affair is just too odd, you and her right now are quite close, it is still better if you stay on guard some.”

Long San nodded in reply, and saw Long Er’s expression had much of the same opinion as Yu Mama; he silently walked out. He stood at the courtyard door for a while, then finally decided to return to his own room.

These three days while Feng Ning was gone, he was concerned for her, but now that she returned, he actually somewhat didn’t want to see her. If he saw her, he would think of the issue of whether to divorce her of not, and this matter made him feel somewhat frustrated.

But even if he didn’t take the initiative to see her, Feng Ning would actively come nonetheless. Sure enough during the night, Feng Ning came holding her pillow.

“Long San, let me tell you ah, these last three days have indeed been painful, the bowls at the temple is this small, one meal, one bowl of rice, with only vegetables and Tofu to fill the stomach, it is really easy to go hungry. And on top of that ah, I didn’t sleep well, Yu Mama’s snoring is very loud.” She appeared to have forgotten the unpleasantness of earlier, endlessly complaining to him.

“Then sleep by yourself, then you don’t need to hear snoring.”

“No good, I’d rather listen to snoring than drown.” After Feng Ning laid her pillow down, she lay down: “I’m going to sleep first, so tired, so tired.”

Long San looked at her peaceful sleeping face, unclear of what he was feeling, he didn’t know how she would turn out if she were to recover her memories one day, he didn’t know how she would fare after she left the Long Residence, he also didn’t know from now on, who would accompany her when she was alone and had nightmares.

Should they really send her away?


* Not sure exactly what she’s saying here, so this is just a guess.

** Again, I’m not too sure, I believe it’s just the summit of a mountain there.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to translate for us. I really like this story; the OTP is adorable. Is chapter 18 going to be at your blog instead? Could you please provide the link? Thanks again and good luck balancing work, school and translating:)

  2. I love this story a lot and check in almost everyday to see of there are new updates. Please keep them coming. Thank you! Much love!

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  4. Thanks a lot!
    Ah, busy life for you, huh? Hope things go better for you!
    Feng ning, you’re back—-! Well, at least yu mama has realised that she reslly is different from before!

  5. Hi just got done with this chap are you going to finish the book I hope you do this book is very good. Got me wondering who is she and what did she really want and what made the other people try to kill her??? Well thank you very much for the translations..😁😁😁😁

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