Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 17 Part 2

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The Mrs. Long San Who Wishes To Be Divorced Part II

The fourth day after Feng Ning’s departure, the Feng Ning and Yu Mama who should have originally arrived home before noon, still had not returned. Long San couldn’t help but admit, he was extremely worried. He sent someone to inquire after them; and finally after nightfall, Yu Mama and Feng Ning’s chariot reached home.

Feng Ning jumped down first, and seeing Long San standing by the door, happily rushed over: “Long San, Long San, I’m back.”

Long San nodded his head in reply, then saw Yu Mama unexpectedly limping down supported by a servant, and said in shock: “What happened here?”

Long Er received the news and came out, the moment he saw Yu Mama’s injury, he frowned and shot a look at Feng Ning. Feng Ning waved her hands and shook her head: “It’s not my fault, Yu Mama twisted her foot.”

Long Er coldly glanced at her again, and did not say anything. He sent someone to call Doctor Chen, then went over himself to help Yu Mama, and went into the house.

Feng Ning creased her face: “Why is Er Bo so fierce?”

“Were you acting unruly again?” Long San’s tone was also bad.

Feng Ning pouted, and quietly admitted: “I wasn’t acting unruly, at most it would count as not being able to control my temper.”

“What exactly happened?”

“I quarreled with the elder monk, Yu Mama came over to pull me away, and as a result fell down and twisted her foot.”

Long San only felt so angry that he couldn’t even sigh, and could only ask: “How can you even quarrel with a monk?”

Feng Ning also felt quite wronged: “He wouldn’t let me eat my fill, saying something about eating less and not talking throughout the process*, these I all endured, but he starved me for two days, and after the exorcism, there wasn’t the least bit of food. On the last day he still wouldn’t let me eat more, and even wanted me to go on top of Feng Tai** and use some spell and then do the expulsion once. He said I suffered evil influences in the water, and must be immersed in water, hearing those several monks reciting some scripture thing and carrying out some kind of method, and with that basin so deep, so big……” Feng Ning gestured as she spoke: “Of course I was unwilling, so I just asked a few questions.”

Feng Ning mumbled, remembering her tone when she asked wasn’t very good, now felt somewhat guilty, and then she spoke again: “The elder monk scolded me, I started feeling anxious and my voice also became loud. Yu Mama, seeing us get rather noisy, hurriedly came over, which resulted in her twisting her foot.

Feng Ning, under Long San’s glare, became quieter and quieter, and then didn’t have anything else to say, so she acted pitiful and looked at him. Long San was somewhat angry, this woman, goes out for only three days and causes trouble. Feng Ning, seeing no pleasure on his face, also became upset, and softly blurted out: “I was starving, and also didn’t sleep well at night, Yu Mama snores, and they also wanted to throw me into the water, I already endured a lot, you can’t blame me.”

Long San didn’t know what to say, and could only shake his head, turn around, and leave. Feng Ning followed behind him the entire way: “Really can’t blame me……” But Long San didn’t respond, he walked to Yu Mama’s residence to check on her injury, Feng Ning leaned by the doorway and looked, and decided she had better retreat first.

In Yu Mama’s room, Doctor Chen attentively looked over her injury, after all, she was older and shouldn’t fall over, but fortunately it wasn’t anything major, only then did Long Er and Long San relax.

Long San said to Yu Mama: “Mama, don’t blame Feng Ning, I will properly scold her.” Long Er looked at him, Long San looked back at him.

Yu Mama replied: “That girl ah, everyday acting so crazy, the spirit can’t be expelled, we still have to think of how to deal with this.”

Long Er opened his mouth a few times, glanced at Long San, and stopped himself from saying the words “expel the person”.

Long San turned towards Docter Chen: “Are there any other methods of treatment?”

Docter Chen shook his head: “San Ye, Madame’s head injury definitely isn’t much of a problem anymore, she also doesn’t have any other problems with her health, she only needs to take medicine for her dizziness and oft occurring nightmares, the rest, I positively can’t do anything about. This matter of memory loss, is also the first time I’ve come across it.

Although this answer came as no surprise to Long San, but he was still somewhat disappointed. He and Yu Mama and Long Er talked for a while, and then returned to their own residences. As he was leaving, Yu Mama said: “San Ye, Feng Ning is indeed very different from before, but this is affair is just too odd, you and her right now are quite close, it is still better if you stay on guard some.”

Long San nodded in reply, and saw Long Er’s expression had much of the same opinion as Yu Mama; he silently walked out. He stood at the courtyard door for a while, then finally decided to return to his own room.

These three days while Feng Ning was gone, he was concerned for her, but now that she returned, he actually somewhat didn’t want to see her. If he saw her, he would think of the issue of whether to divorce her of not, and this matter made him feel somewhat frustrated.

But even if he didn’t take the initiative to see her, Feng Ning would actively come nonetheless. Sure enough during the night, Feng Ning came holding her pillow.

“Long San, let me tell you ah, these last three days have indeed been painful, the bowls at the temple is this small, one meal, one bowl of rice, with only vegetables and Tofu to fill the stomach, it is really easy to go hungry. And on top of that ah, I didn’t sleep well, Yu Mama’s snoring is very loud.” She appeared to have forgotten the unpleasantness of earlier, endlessly complaining to him.

“Then sleep by yourself, then you don’t need to hear snoring.”

“No good, I’d rather listen to snoring than drown.” After Feng Ning laid her pillow down, she lay down: “I’m going to sleep first, so tired, so tired.”

Long San looked at her peaceful sleeping face, unclear of what he was feeling, he didn’t know how she would turn out if she were to recover her memories one day, he didn’t know how she would fare after she left the Long Residence, he also didn’t know from now on, who would accompany her when she was alone and had nightmares.

Should they really send her away?


* Not sure exactly what she’s saying here, so this is just a guess.

** Again, I’m not too sure, I believe it’s just the summit of a mountain there.

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Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 17 Part 1

Sorry guys, I’ve been so tired and unmotivated recently, this chapter isn’t boring, but the latter half of the chapter kind of annoys me a tiny bit haha, so unfortunately it will only be the first part of the chapter today. The next chapter is super cute though, so wait for it!

Also, I don’t know if it was ever clarified, but Long Da, Long Er, and Long San are called as such because in Chinese family hierarchy the oldest child  would be called  老大 Lao Da – ‘Eldest child’,  then 老二 Lao Er ‘second eldest child’ and 老三 Lao San for ‘third eldest child’, and so on down the line; therefore, Long Fei (which is Long San’s name in case you forgot) is often called many different ways e.g. Long San, Lao San, San Ye, etc. All containing the number 三San (three). I thought I should mention it just in case it got too confusing because of all their different names. Hopefully I didn’t just make it more confusing haha.

The Mrs. Long San Who Wishes To Be Divorced (Part I)

Once Long San hardened his heart, he no longer thought of exactly how Feng Ning was doing at the temple, over there there was Yu Mama and there were bodyguards, Feng Ning herself also knew Martial Arts, moreover, there were no rivers in the surrounding area; she should be safe with no problems. He put it from his mind, and started arranging a search according to the portrait.

The next day, Long Er returned. The two brothers held a meeting and straightened out the context of some matters. One, was settling the troublesome affairs of the Long Family business in other parts of the country when Long Er went out this time, he confirmed that this matter had something to do with the Feng Family; second was, there were no news at all about the stolen treasure in JiangHu, it could be assumed that, if it wasn’t lost in the river, then the other party already discovered that it was a fake; third was, Long San got someone to keep an eye on the Feng Family, to watch their recent activity, but there wasn’t any information on the treasure or of the previous attack on Long San; fourth was, the two attacks and drowning of Feng Ning, should not have been the doing of the same person. Long Er hearing this, furrowed his brows: “Then it seems the things Feng Ning stirred up is not limited to just one.”

“That person that she remembered, I already sent his picture out, and yesterday also made inquiries at the places Feng Ning had often been to, no one has ever seen him. According to the past Feng Ning’s personality, she should not have had feelings for someone with this kind of appearance, those silk rope love tokens, perhaps wasn’t meant for him. As for his actual identity, let’s wait for news and then see.”

“Speaking of feelings, you should also take note of yourself.” Long Er said: “When you’re dealing with that Feng Ning, you should still keep your guard up. The so-called ‘hard to change one’s inherent nature’[1]; at that time, she was already able to fool around all over the place, so she’s not some faithful or dependable woman. Now, she’s lost her memory, and with you being friendly with her this way, she immediately stuck on to you; this can also attest to her personality.”

“Er ge, no matter how you put it, I am still her husband. These days she’s helplessly scared, naturally she would look for someone to rely on; being dependent on me is excusable.”

“This is exactly what I’m afraid of.” Long Er said bluntly: “You are starting to speak on her behalf. Lao San, any kind of behavior can be justified. But this Feng Ning, just as we were preparing to strike the Feng family, made a move and stole the item, after being caught, she immediately loses her memory. After losing her memory, her entire person changes, the item that was stolen disappeared without a trace and with no news, and now, it is a fact that she had something to do with the attack on you, all these timely coincidences are too uncanny. I certainly don’t care what kind of person she’s become now, if she’s a threat to our Long family, I absolutely won’t let her get away with it.”

“Er ge, I haven’t not guarded against her, only, just like you said, her person has entirely changed, being excessively hostile towards her is not fair.  She definitely has no bad intentions, don’t worry, I will handle this properly.”

Long Er said: “In my opinion, you should just take this opportunity to divorce her and send her back to the Feng family, and also conveniently settle the matters with them.”

Long San didn’t immediately reply, his heart somewhat hesitant.

Long Er raised his eyebrow, asked: “What?”

“Er ge, let’s wait until after we’ve finished investigating the circumstances on the Feng family, and then decide on what to arrange.”

“What does you divorcing her have anything to do with the situation on the Feng family? Regardless of what the ultimate details behind the attack and theft are, in the end it is the work of Feng Ning. She already violated all Seven Reasons for Divorcing a Wife[3], you can confidently and justly divorce her. We should take advantage of this, while we have evidence against the Feng Family in our hands, and conveniently settle this matter.”

“Then if the Feng Family don’t actually treat her well?” The one he was worried about was Feng Ning: “Right now, she no longer has memories of the past, she already feels left alone with no one to rely on, and is easily scared and flustered; then as soon as she finally becomes familiar with us, she gets divorced and sent home, if by chance the Feng family take their anger out on her, or did not treat her well to begin with, then with her living in that kind of environment, what would be done then?”

“Lao San!” Long Er was shocked: “Are you pitying her?”

Long San didn’t speak, this woman could create trouble to torment him with every day, when she spoke she would also piss people off; but he pitied her?

Long Er said: “Just be at ease, this Feng Ning has been wanting to return home all along, no matter how things are, a married woman’s parents’ home is always more favorable than their husband’s home. First divorce her, and then we can slowly investigate what the truth behind this matter is, right now this is the perfect opportunity.”

But Long San still did not say anything, he thought of Feng Ning’s sweet smiling expression, of her agreement in the letter to leave him, and also of her miserable expression as she looked at him and said: “Don’t abandon me ah, Long San.”

Sending her away, just as she finally started adapting to this house, was it really okay?

In the end, Long San and Long Er didn’t actually reach an agreement on the matter of divorcing Feng Ning. Previously, because of their ancestor’s promise of marriage, it was difficult to say anything, now it was holding evidence, the Seven Reasons for Divorcing a Wife, even an attempt on husband’s life; if these were revealed, forget divorce, they could even report it to the government.



[1] 本性难移Běnxìng nán yí – Long Er refers to this phrase which means ‘it’s hard to change one’s inherent nature’. It usually goes in the idiom江山易改,本性难移 ‘It is easier to change mountains and rivers, than to change one’s inherent nature.”

[3] This actually cracked me up haha. — 七出之条Qī chū zhī tiáo or the ‘Seven Reasons for Divorcing a Wife’ are as such: A husband can divorce his wife if she: 1. Is not filial, 2. Has no son, 3. Is promiscuous, 4. Has a tendency to be jealous, 5. Has a serious disease, 6. Is a gossip monger or has a big mouth, 7. Steals.


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Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 16

The Mrs. Long San Who Causes Others to Worry

This question didn’t bother Long San for very long, as he was unable to figure it out, naturally he was temporarily not impatient. He could always accommodate matters, thus he fell asleep. His hand was still being held by Feng Ning, just under the blanket, one big one small, two hands holding each other in one place. He ignored this, and quickly fell into the land of dreams.

This night, he was awaken from sleep twice by Feng Ning’s nightmares, however, when he woke up early the next morning, he still felt like he slept very well. Feng Ning was in even greater spirits, laughing very cheerfully. But she was about to leave with Yu Mama to the spiritual temple at the outskirts of the city, to let an elder monk perform exorcism. As this was arranged by Yu Mama, she was unable to refuse.

Unexpectedly, Long San could sense her unease. He didn’t point it out, but he did a few things to distract her.

He accompanied her to eat breakfast, and also drew a simple drawing of the man she spoke of last night. Feng Ning looked at it, furrowed her brows, and thought for a while and said it should be more or less the same. But she also recalled another question: “Say, Long San, that colored silk rope, it couldn’t also be his, could it?”

Long San said: “At that time, that guy had his face covered, I didn’t actually see his appearance.”

Feng Ning opened her mouth, but didn’t say anything. Long San asked: “What, did you think of something again?”

Feng Ning shook her head, Long San stared at her, staring until she felt guilty, and quietly stammered: “I was just thinking, I couldn’t have had any relationship with him right? He’s so ugly.” Mentioning the matter of relationships with other men, Feng Ning still felt ashamed and uneasy, but the truth was indeed laid out there, that man’s appearance was repulsive, one look and one could tell he was not a good person. She couldn’t have been that unperceptive and fooled around with him, right? Just thinking of this possibility made her feel quite disgusted. She curled her lip, with an expression of being unable to bear the thought.

Long San couldn’t help touching his face, fortunately he didn’t lack in looks, moreover, seeing his considerable popularity with women, and having enjoyed many admiring gazes, he should be the very good looking type.

He lifted his eyes, and met Feng Ning’s clear gaze, he hurriedly put on a stern expression, and insincerely rubbed his chin, pondering: “It seems he may not be, moreover, that silk rope, since you cannot remember clearly anymore, it also may not necessarily have anything to do with that kind of relationship.”

Feng Ning drooped her head: “Long San, you’re a good person, you’re comforting me.” This kind of situation for a man is incredibly insulting, she felt extremely sorry towards him.

Actually, she did use all her strength to try to remember, hoping she could know exactly what had happened a little faster, but when she exerted too much effort trying to remember, she would get a headache, but she was also scared people would say she was pretending. As a result, every time she got a headache, she would endure it. Fortunately, this headache problem didn’t happen too often, and also wasn’t too hard to bear.

“This matter, leave it to me to investigate. Just feel at ease and go with Yu Mama.” After Long San said this, Feng Ning nodded her head, went back to her room, fetched her things, and prepare to set off with Yu Mama. Before she left, she handed Long San a letter, telling him not to look, and only said to wait until she came back, and then return the letter to her. Long San failed to understand the reason why, but nevertheless nodded his head and agreed.

Yu Mama was calling people to hurry, Long San sent Feng Ning to the gate. Surely enough, the carriage was already parked over there waiting, maids were carrying while Yu Mama was on one side waiting.

Long San told Feng Ning, once she was there, she should do as she was told, must not be unruly and get angry, that place was an important Buddhist location, and Yu Mama was very serious. Feng Ning fiercely nodded her head. Long San said, Yu Mama is already very old, don’t be naughty and cause trouble while over there and cause her to worry and get angry. Feng Ning responded okay again.

And then Feng Ning asked: “Then after three days, will you come pick me up?”

Long San blanked, he subconsciously resisted, and rapidly said: “I’m very busy, you and Yu Mama will come back together.” These last two days, he was overly close to her, this really should not be.

Feng Ning was somewhat disappointed, and gloomily replied a single “Oh.” And then turned around and climbed into the carriage with Yu Mama. Long San was about to turn and return to the house, when he suddenly saw Feng Ning open the carriage door and rush down again.

“Long San, Long San, could you help me tell Yu Mama, that the few days that I’m in the temple, I want to sleep with her in the same room.”  Indeed, she was still concerned about the nightmares. Long San helplessly could only go forward and tell Yu Mama. Yu Mama was astonished, looked at Long San, and then looked at Feng Ning, ultimately still agreeing.

Feng Ning once more mounted the carriage, Long San stood at the door watching, waiting for them to be on their way. In the end, the coachman had just raised the whip, when Feng Ning pushed open the doors once again, and came down.

“Long San, Long San, if the temple’s food can’t satiate my hunger, what do I do? Can you help me tell them, to have the monks give me some more food.”

Long San sighed, and called: “Feng Ning.”

“Mm.” Feng Ning answered, her expression very innocent; she really wasn’t trying to cause trouble.

“It’s only three days, you won’t go hungry, and will also be able to sleep well, it’s only trying some methods, doing some exorcism, just a ritual, that’s all. That temple also doesn’t have any rivers surrounding it, and there are also bodyguards going with you, you’re not in the least bit of danger. You must not make any more disturbances, obediently go with Yu Mama.”

“Oh.” The disappointment in Feng Ning’s voice was very obvious. She silently walked towards the chariot, taking a few steps, and turned around again: “Long San, if I’m exorcised away, don’t blame me, I didn’t go willingly.”

“Mm, I won’t blame you.” Long San answered, mentally thinking, it’s not like you’re a demon, how would you be exorcised away.

Feng Ning pursed her lips, turned around preparing to walk towards the carriage. Before even lifting her foot, she turned around again:“Long San, it’s only three days that’s all, can’t you come with us?”

“Feng Ning……” Long San’s dragged the sound, warning her.

Feng Ning rapidly turned around, and rushed towards the chariot: “I got it, I got it!” She jumped onto the carriage, and waved goodbye very hard to Long San. This time the carriage finally started moving without a hitch, speeding up, and gradually disappearing before Long San’s eyes.

Long San entered the residence, thought for a bit, then went to Feng Ning’s room. The maid who was left behind to take care of things seeing him come, was very surprised. Long San waved his hand and said it’s nothing, sending her away.

He stretched out his hand and picked up that jewelry box, felt around it, opened that interval layer, and discovered that this time, there was unexpectedly a paper filled with words hidden inside, resembling a letter.

Long San’s heart stirred, could it be another mysterious person who did it, in order to pass information to Feng Ning? He opened the letter, took one look, and was unexpectedly shocked. This was actually a letter Feng Ning wrote to Feng Ning.

As it turns out, she was actually really afraid, afraid that after this trip to get exorcised, she didn’t know what would happen, after all, this time, her experience was unimaginable. She feared, going this time, she would lose this present her. So she wrote a letter of reminder.

The letter said, if she couldn’t remember what happened during this period of time, but still remembered that this box has a hidden interval layer, then she definitely returned to being the past Feng Ning. She hoped that the past Feng Ning would listen well to the words of the present Feng Ning.

She said she didn’t know what had happened in the past, but staying at the Long Residence during this period of time, she can confirm that the Long residents were all good people, she hoped the past Feng Ning, no matter what she did, or planned to do, would have a clear conscience, and not make any mistakes.

She said, she felt that she herself shouldn’t have been a bad woman, so she believed that no matter what the past Feng Ning did, she must have had some reason, some difficulties. She urged herself, if she really had difficulties, then it would be better if after she takes care of relationship with all parties, she sincerely had a talk with the Long Family, because she believed it would definitely be possible to properly talk things over and resolve everything.

She even wrote down, that Long San treated her very well, it was only because she could completely rely on him, that she could find a sense of security and a bit of happiness in this unfamiliar place where she was loathed. She said, although Long Er is very petty, but he isn’t a malicious person. Yu Mama is strict, but also isn’t really horribly mean. There was also that untalkative and not often seen steward Tie, actually, he is also an honest and considerate person. She said after she lost her memory, she was instead able to look at these matters from another perspective, hoping her past self would could also let go of her prejudices, and properly assess and handle matters.

The letter even wrote, she had already agreed to divorce Long San, and give him freedom, hoping her past self wouldn’t rescind her own promise, and at the appropriate time, talk it over with her family, and clearly settle it with the Long Family.

At the end of the letter, she wrote: if there is sincere treatment, there must be some in return. Since you are me, you will definitely know my intentions, you musn’t make mistakes, if you treat people well, people will treat you well.

And at the very bottom was a small line: to prove the legitimacy of this letter, I will leave my fingerprint here. If you doubt the source of this letter, please press your fingerprint and compare the two, and then you will know the truth. To the side of this line of words, there really was a distinct fingerprint.

After Long San finished reading this letter, he really didn’t know what this feeling in his heart was. This Feng Ning; this seemingly carefree, simple-minded, trouble making, Feng Ning who only cares to eat, was actually this scrupulous.

He sat in her room for a long time, thinking, then also taking out the letter she handed to him, deciding to open and secretly take a look. This letter’s content was more or less the same as the one of the letter in the box, only in the beginning she explained that she was worried that she would forget the things that happened during this period of time, so she wrote a letter to Long San to pass on to her.

Long San suddenly felt like he knew what Feng Ning would do. He set about rummaging through Feng Ning’s room. In her closet, in her chest, as well as beneath her bedding; sure enough, all hid a letter with the exact same content.

“Don’t blame me, I didn’t go willingly.” Long San thought of Feng Ning’s words, his heart somewhat feeling tenderness towards her.

As he returned the letters back to their original places, he thought, thankfully this person was Feng Ning, if it was someone else, in this sort of situation, he feared if it wasn’t weeping to death, she would have bothered the surrounding people to death. But Feng Ning, in his mind what he remembered the most was actually her arrogant, proud, and mischievous laughter.

Long San’s heart started to feel jittery, this woman wouldn’t really go one trip to the temple, and return as the previous her right? He unexpectedly didn’t want her to return to her old self.

Long San paced back and forth, no longer calm, one moment thinking, Yu Mama handles matters well, she wouldn’t let Feng Ning meet with any accidents, another moment thinking, it’s still not clear who the assassin is, could this trip have leaked some news and put her in danger? And another moment thinking, if Feng Ning really returns to her former self, how should he treat her? He even thought, maybe he should simply just go to the temple and accompany her?

In the end, he felt that Feng Ning was indeed an expert in blindly disturbing people, she’s not even here, but she can still make him extremely nervous. He still had a lot of important matters to attend to, he definitely couldn’t stay disorderly and with no propriety.

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Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 15

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of DFPD update last week! I had to go take a break to study for finals, but I’m planning on getting as many DFPD and Eastern Palace chapters out as I can before school starts.

This chapter is shorter than the rest, but it’s still adorable because of Long San and Feng Ning (who already seem like a couple if you ask me), and also takes another step to solving the mystery.



The Mrs. Long San who wins an inch and wants a mile

Long San’s heart stopped a beat from hearing her soft words, but quickly fixed his expression, and very fiercely said: “You are this annoying, if you’re not thrown, what use are you if you’re kept?”

Feng Ning sitting on the ground, turned her head and longingly glanced inside the room, she said: “I know martial arts, I can be your bodyguard as well as assassin.”

The corner of Long San’s mouth hooked upwards: “To help kill all the women that bother me?”

“And the men too.” She even nodded.

Long San’s forehead creased, he really wanted to remind her, that there was only her bothering him right now. Feng Ning stood up, seeing that Long San didn’t seem to have the intention of exerting all his effort in blocking her, she bent over and squeezed into the house at lightning speed.

Like the night before, she rapidly shook off her cloak, arranged her pillow, and with a ‘whoosh’ slipped into the quilt. Long San closed the door and stood next to the bed with his arms crossed looking at her.

Feng Ning cajolingly smiled, wrapped herself well in the quilt while saying: “I’ll only sleep a while.”

“You said the same thing yesterday, and in the end you slept until daybreak.”

“Then why didn’t you wake me up?”

Long San choked on his words, why didn’t he wake her up? Really, can’t even be a good person; he put on a straight face: “Last night I couldn’t sleep an entire night because of your disturbance, today you’ve come again to disturb me, say, when will you stop having nightmares? If you’re always like this, how will I rest?

Feng Ning laid motionless, not speaking. Long San knew right away from seeing her that she was pondering over it; he waited to see how she would argue this, but saw that she seemed to have thought of something, her expression slowly beginning to look pained and bitter. Her being like this, he also started to get nervous, what’s wrong with her?

In the end Feng Ning asked: “Why can’t I sleep here?”

Long San carefully replied: “If you sleep here, what about me? I didn’t get to sleep yesterday.” He also knew how to act pitiful.

Who knew Feng Ning’s expression was even more pitiful than his, she asked again: “Then why can’t you sleep? Are you afraid that I will involve you? I said before that after we settled this whole affair, I would return home. You don’t like me, I know; you marrying me was also forced, but despite that, we are still husband and wife of almost three years, sharing a room, sharing a bed is reasonable. Why do you have to make it seem like I’m very filthy.”

The more she spoke, the quieter she got, speaking until finally she actually felt very wronged: “I know I had done wrong before, you are also only willing to be this close to me to find the treasure and the assassin. But I really was very scared these past two days, can’t you just take it as the obligation and responsibility of a husband?

Hearing those words, Long San was unable to respond, she lost her memory, but the fact was he still remembered all those matters that were difficult to mention. Even though the her today is certainly like a newborn, but the best course of action was for him to keep an appropriate distance from her.

Long San’s silence made Feng Ning even sadder, the atmosphere in the room was dense with awkwardness, no matter how shameless she was, she couldn’t endure this kind of treatment, if she kept lying down, it would be too self-degrading. She no longer spoke, she silently sat up, draped her cloak back on, put the hood on, held her bundle of clothes and pillow to her chest, and in just a moment, wrapped herself back into a sphere, then with her head drooped down, wordlessly walked out.

The door opened with a creek, and then it was a gentle sound. Long San rigidly stood there, not knowing what the feeling in his heart was, this woman really had guts, whenever she goes wild, she makes people want to throw her a distance away, when she’s pitiful, it makes them feel that even if their voice is just a little louder, it would be unfair to her.

Long San was unable to control his own limbs, by the time he came around, he realized he had opened the door, and gone out to look for Feng Ning. Under the serene moonlight, Feng Ning’s plump silhouette appeared especially pitiful. She walked all alone in the alleyway, but she wasn’t headed to her own yard.

Long San followed her from a distance, watching her walking, walking, and then sitting on a stone chair. He also stopped, wanting to see exactly what she was planning to do, in the end he waited for a very long time, she sat motionless, while he couldn’t hold it in any longer and walked over.

He walked to her side, she looked up in surprise, then lowered her head again. He asked: “Why aren’t you returning to your own courtyard?”

“I wanted to go find Yu Mama.” Just when he thought that she wouldn’t reply after waiting a long time, she spoke.

“Yu Mama?”

Feng Ning quietly replied: “Yu Mama is quite imposing, if I sleep with her, I’ll probably be less scared of nightmares.”

“Then why aren’t you going, what are you sitting here for?”

“Yu Mama also doesn’t like me, she is not as close to me as you are. I’m trying to think of a good way of saying it, otherwise she definitely won’t let me stay.” She hung her head and quietly mumbled: “I’ve thought for a long time, but still haven’t thought of anything, she’s probably sleeping by now, right? If I go knock on her door now, will she be angry?”

Long San gazed at the lustrous black hair exposed from the edge of her hood, wanting to heave a sigh, he softly called: “Feng Ning…..”

She stubbornly wouldn’t raise her head, and said with a tone of having been wronged: “I didn’t disturb you ah, my sitting here didn’t hinder your work did it.”

Long San really heaved a sigh, he crouched down, meeting her eyes, and they were black and moist, with feelings of sadness and injustice showing through them. Long San sighed again, and held out his hand to hold hers.

Her hands were withdrawn within her cloak, when he touched her, she suddenly pulled back, unwilling to let him lead her along. Long San didn’t need to use force, he spread out his palm in front of her, and softly said: “Yu Mama or me, who do you pick?”

Feng Ning bit her lip, looking at his large palm, hesitating, then hesitating again, finally she still grumpily said: “It was you who drove me away.”

“So stingy.” Long San imitated her complaining tone.

Feng Ning’s mouth twitched, having been teased, her eyes revealed a bit of a smiling expression, but her face was still making an effort to remain serious, she said again: “Then at this moment, it was definitely you yourself who came to find me.”

“Right.” Long San inwardly clenched his teeth.

Feng Ning finally raised her eyes and met his, she carefully looked at him, confirming that he wasn’t playing her, hesitated for a moment, and then at last, put her hand on his large palm.

Her seriousness about the matter let him suddenly experience a wonderful kind of feeling of having been entrusted, he pulled her up, and led her along towards his courtyard. Feng Ning’s mood was all at once better, once again having a lot of energy. She happily smiled with her eyes curving, turned to Long San and said: “Help me hold my pillow, okay?”

“Not okay.”

“Then hold the clothes.” With one of her hands being held, the other one was left holding two things; it indeed required some effort.

He glanced at her, and grumbled in a low voice: “Win an inch, wants a mile.” But still reached his hand out and took the bundle of clothes. Feng Ning seemingly didn’t hear, and only sweetly smiled, smiling all the way back to his room.

This time entering the room, she didn’t act as though she was going to war, she climbed onto the bed, seriously arranged the pillow, and then asked: “I don’t have to sleep an entire night sitting on a chair right? I can sleep on the bed right?”

“Mm.” He answered as he pulled out a new blanket from the cabinet, unfolded it, and threw it onto the bed, burying her under it just right. “Hurry up and sleep, don’t mess around.”

“There’s a blanket.” Feng Ning poked her head out from under the quilt cheerfully: “Great, I want the new, you use the old one.”

Long San ignored her childishness, minded his own business, and went off to rinse his face and mouth and tidy up. When he came back, he saw that Feng Ning had already divided the bed, she had her eyes shut, and was sleeping wrapped in the new blanket, leaving the outside half to him.

Long San took his outer robe off, let his hair down, blew out the candle, and went to bed, trying hard not to let himself feel uncomfortable. He also wrapped himself well with the blanket, not touching the person next to him. After lying down for a while, suddenly in the middle of the darkness he heard Feng Ning say: “Long San, you really are a good person, I will remember your kindness, and in the future will definitely repay you.”

Long San was not in a good mood: “I’m waiting.”

“Believe me, at the very least, I’ll agree to divorce, I won’t tie you down. I’ll properly talk with my family, at that time, you can go marry the woman you love, no need to stay with me for the rest of your life.”

Long San shut his eyes, and with a muffled sound said: “Hurry up and sleep.”

He heard Feng Ning softly laughing, heard her steady breathing, and then he also gradually sank into the land of dreams. Not knowing how much time passed, Long San suddenly woke up, somewhat absent-minded, but very quickly realizing what had roused him awake. The Feng Ning to his side was struggling and panting hard.

He turned over, and was about to call her, when Feng Ning suddenly loudly screamed, and sat up. It gave Long San a fright, he sat up and called her: “Feng Ning……”

Feng Ning blankly turned her head around, her breathing uneven, evidently not having awoken from the dream. Long San called her again, reached out his hand and touched her shoulder, Feng Ning conveniently snuggled over, leaning against his chest. Long San patted her back, and asked: “You drowned again?”

Feng Ning nodded her head, then shook her head: “I saw him.”


“The man who pushed me into the water.”

“Didn’t you say you only recognized the voice, and didn’t see his face?”

“Not that one, the one that hit and pushed me into the water the day I injured my head, I saw him in my dream. I was running past the shore, he caught up to me, and then we started fighting, the scene was scattered and in fragments, but I saw his face, he had a square face, triangular eyes, wide mouth……” She was seemingly worn out, her voice became quieter and quieter, Long San softly stroked her back, she relaxed, her eyelids fighting to stay open.

“What else was there?” Long San helped her lie back down, and covered her with the blanket.

Feng Ning blinked, finally couldn’t resist her sleepiness, closed her eyes, and quietly said: “He also had a huge nose, didn’t look as good as you.”

Long San tucked her in, and also lied down, listening to Feng Ning speaking in her sleep: “I know him, I should know him, but I don’t remember anymore.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Long San kneaded her creased forehead: “If you don’t remember, then you don’t remember, you’ll figure it out eventually.”

“Mm. I’m so tired.” Feng Ning felt herself almost falling asleep, she held his hand, not feeling afraid anymore, and she persevered to finish telling him her dream: “He’s very tall, he chased me all the way from the forest to the hill, and he took out a concealed weapon, as I avoided it, I stumbled on a stone, and he struck me. That hill was very high, I fell down……” As she spoke, she got quieter, finally falling asleep.

Long San meticulously went over everything she said, this person’s facial features were very characteristic, he should be able to release the information, make discreet inquiries to look for this person. He shut his eyes, intending on arranging this the minute he woke up.

But there was still something that was not quite right, he mulled over it for a moment, but couldn’t put his finger on it. Just as he was about to fall asleep, he suddenly had an epiphany, Feng Ning said she had run from the forest all the way to the hill, the forest was located at the lower reaches of the river, the high hill was on the upper reaches, this was not in the direction of coming out of the city, just the opposite, it was in the direction of going towards the city.

Long San felt the matter was now even harder to guess exactly what happened, that caused Feng Ning who ran out, decide to return?




Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 14

The Hopelessly Muddled Mrs. Long San

Long San didn’t say anything for a long time, he looked over the room, then called Xiao Qing over: “Who has come to Furen’s place in the last few days?”

Seeing Long San’s expression, Xiao Qing was somewhat nervous: “There wasn’t really anyone, only Yu Mama comes over from time to time, Doctor Chen came to check her illness, there’s also the servant who brings the meals, otherwise, it would be two days ago Xia Er came over to deliver a new handkerchief.” Xiao Qing paused, and then added: “It was a new handkerchief from each courtyard.”

When Xia Er’s name came up, Feng Ning‘s heart stirred, could it be that the one who took the silk rope was also her? Long San’s countenance was normal, but he told Xiao Qing to tell the servants to prepare hot water, explaining that Feng Ning had gotten a fright from falling into the water while she was outside, and needed to soak in hot water to cleanse and relieve fatigue. Xiao Qing received the order and left, Long San turned to Feng Ning and said: “I will arrange for two guards to come and keep watch over your place here every day. If anybody is to go out, we will make sure to investigate thoroughly, besides Xia Er, there may be others keeping a low profile.”

When Feng Ning heard this, she felt extremely moved, she was clearly a suspect for his attempted murder, there was also a chance that she may have had inappropriate relations with another man, but he really didn’t blame her, and even protected her, Feng Ning at once went forward and hugged Long San: “Thank you.”

In such an unfamiliar and ruthless place, with an empty and helpless past, an unfathomable and unreliable future, fortunately she had him.

“I won’t keep anything from you anymore, it’s all my fault.” If she had just spoken up earlier, with someone like Long San to handle matters, maybe that Xia Er wouldn’t have been able to leave; perhaps now, even if everything had been asked, she wouldn’t have had to die for no reason, and she herself would not have had to suffer the pain of drowning.

In the middle of this, two male servants came in carrying a large wooden basin filled with hot water, Xiao Qing and another maid followed in from behind holding the bathing equipment; seeing this, Feng Ning was going to let go of Long San, but unexpectedly, Long San held her tightly, and rather loudly while using an intimate tone, said: “Come on, don’t panic, it’s already all over, you have me. Now that I know everything, I’ll take care of everything in your place.”

Feng Ning’s mind moved fast, understanding the situation, she very correspondingly and softly said: “Husband, you’re so good to me.” Her fake act of coyness caused Long San’s body to stiffen, the servants and maids were all shocked.

Long San hugged her tight, and said into her ear: “You had better stay a little fiercer, so you don’t scare anyone.” Once he finished speaking, he let go, and once again smiled as usual and said: “Have a nice soak and rest early, I will come see you again tomorrow.”

Feng Ning was left fuming from being secretly mocked by Long San, but she could not blow up in front of the servants, so she could only fake a smile and send him off. She turned around, saw the big bath basin full of water, and felt a little faint; she inwardly said not good, this phobia of water is getting increasingly serious.

The servants and maids had all withdrawn, Feng Ning stood to the side of the bath tub, not daring to go in, finally with no other choice, she called Xiao Qing over, had her pull open the screen, stand on the other side, and speak with her; just like that, dispersing her thoughts, continually reminding herself that she couldn’t drown in the bathtub; only now could it be regarded as having taken a bath without a hitch.

Long San was in the middle of going over secret reports sent from all over Jiang Hu, when he heard the pounding sound of knocking from outside, he opened the door, and only saw a Feng Ning who had used a cloak to thickly bundle herself into a sphere, before Long San could say anything, Feng Ning had already rolled into the room.

Seeing the light lit, files placed on the table, and a tidy bed, Feng Ning said: “Oh, you haven’t slept yet. Great.”

Long San was about to say: “Even if I haven’t slept, I still don’t want to chat with you.” But before he could speak, he saw Feng Ning throw her thick cloak off, beneath the cloak she was actually only wearing her middle garments[1], with her hair undone, and on top of that, she was even carrying her clothes and pillow, it was no wonder she was so round.

Long San blinked, but before he could recover, Feng Ning had already climbed onto his bed with lightning speed, spread out his blanket, burrowed herself in, and lied down.

“What are you doing?” He was dumbfounded for a long time, and finally recovered his voice.

“I had a nightmare.” Feng Ning shrank into the blanket, wrapping herself in it.

“A nightmare?” Long San walked to the edge of the bed intending to pull her up: “I don’t care for matters of dreams.”

“Don’t drive me away.” Feng Ning only had her head exposed, her large clear eyes revealing a miserable and pitiful feeling. “The moment I close my eyes, I start sinking into water, I’m scared.”

“Once you close it a few times, you’ll get accustomed to it.” Long San certainly did not want to indulge her, this woman, really, you give her an inch, and she wants a mile.

“I can’t get used to it, it’s frightening, I’ve woken up twice now, I’m unable to breathe; I’ll die. Tomorrow, you’ll find a corpse in my room.”

“Then go find Xiao Qing to sleep with you.”

“But I have more peace of mind here.” Feng Ning even rubbed her stomach, and said: “Mm, as expected, I’m not scared anymore.”

Long San was not happy: “If everyone was like you, having a nightmare and running over to find me, would I get any sleep?”

Feng Ning opened her eyes wide: “Are you saying those female friends of yours?” She thought about it and also got upset, pouted, and retorted: “They aren’t your wives, I am. I can come to you if I have a nightmare, if they have a nightmare, they can go find their own maids.” She covered herself with the blanket, and mumbled from inside: “In any case, I’m not leaving.”

Long San stood next to the bed glaring at her: “Covering yourself with the blanket, isn’t it the same being suffocated?”

“You’re right.” Feng Ning poked her head out: “So don’t drive me away, I’m afraid of suffocating.” She looked at Long San’s extremely unwilling expression, and cajolingly said: “I won’t inconvenience you, look, I even brought my own pillow.”

“What about the blanket?”

“The blanket’s too big, not convenient to carry over.”

“The bed?”

“You’re not sleeping anyway, you go work, and I’ll sleep first. Once you’re done, wake me up, and we can switch.” As she spoke, she actually even delicately yawned, bleary eyed, she really was tired.

Long San was extremely angry, she was even able to come up with this kind of negotiation, he intended to reach out, drag her up, and drive her out, but Feng Ning pitifully begged: “I’ll only sleep for a while, really, don’t drive me out, I’m really tired.”

She shut her eyes, the hand he reached out paused, and he actually felt his heart soften. Never mind, just let her sleep for a while, he hadn’t finished looking over his files anyway. He very fiercely warned her: “I’m only letting you lie down for a while, later when I want to sleep, you have to get up.”

“Mm.” Feng Ning answered softly, and very quickly appeared to have fallen asleep. Long San stood by the bedside and looked at her for a while, hearing her soft, lingering breathing, he thought for a bit, then turned around to go look at his documents.

After looking for a while, Long San was somewhat absent-minded, suddenly realizing he had been distracted, this entire time, he didn’t turn a page, he also didn’t take in anything that he read, on the other hand, he was exceptionally and distinctly aware of Feng Ning’s breathing.

He got angry, gave her a quick glare, and decided to look at the files for a little longer and then force her up; why should she be able to sleep soundly, while he sat on a hard chair hard at work in the middle of the night. He glanced at her again, but found that she wasn’t breathing, he walked over, checked her breath; she really wasn’t breathing, he was just finding it strange, when he suddenly saw her struggling as she twisted and turned; alarmed, he hurriedly pushed her: “Feng Ning, Feng Ning……”

Feng Ning suddenly opened her eyes, opened her mouth wide, and breathed in hard, with a look of panic, she subconsciously grabbed his hand, and hugged his arm. “Long San, Long San…..”

“You had a nightmare?” Long San leaned over, and moved the hair from her face, seeing her empty eyes, he couldn’t help but start feeling anxious.

Feng Ning panted, and after a long time, finally recovered; she glanced at him, once again exhaustedly shut her eyes, and very quietly murmured: “Hold onto me, don’t let me fall into the water.”

Long San frowned, softly patting her: “Alright, I’ll hold onto you, don’t be afraid.”

That night, Long San didn’t sleep, not only did he not sleep, but because his arm was being hugged by someone, he could not move, so he leaned his body onto the bed, and half of it had been pressed numb.

The next day, Feng Ning slept until she woke up naturally, feeling rested and refreshed, she was in an extremely good mood, Long San with a dark face, his pent-up frustrations flaring up. The rumor of these two husband and wife sleeping in the same room spread quickly, Long San and Feng Ning’s different expressions let everyone’s imagination run wild with all kinds of thoughts.

Upon hearing this gossip, Feng Ning excitedly ran over to find Long San: “Have you heard?”

“Heard what?” Long san was in a foul mood, when he thought of how he had stayed up all night for this crazy woman, he would make him angry; and now, she was acting as happy as though she had picked up a treasure, and this made him even angrier.

“The servants are all saying, Long SanYe has been ‘seized’ by Mrs. Long San.”

Long San’s gave a cold smile: “Congratulations to you Mrs. Long San.”

“Ayy, same, same.” Feng Ning outspokenly clapped Long San’s shoulder: “Your scheme prevailed, didn’t you want everyone to think that we’re very close, let the assassin hear of it, and let him think that I’ve definitely told you his secret, so as to expose him?”

Long San was not at all surprised that she understood his intentions, she is clever, and he was aware of that, but he was still angry: “This plan only needed us to stand closer together, chat, go out and roam the streets and eat, to accomplish its goal, there was no need for you to come and steal my bed.”

Hearing this, Feng Ning looked at Long San for a while, then spat out a complaint: “You’re so stingy.” Once she finished speaking, she ran off.

Long San watched her from behind, making up his mind, tonight, no matter what, he would not open the door for her.

Long San didn’t know why he guessed so accurately, at night, Feng Ning really came again, she knocked on the door, he wouldn’t open it, coldly telling her through the door to go back, he secretly looked out the window; she was like yesterday, bundled in a large cloak, round and plump; definitely carrying her pillow, clothes, and whatever else.

Feng Ning knocked for a long time, Long San just wouldn’t let her in, so she fumingly sat in front of his room’s door, and said: “Long San, you’re not opening the door, your guards in the distance are all peeking, and this is humiliating.”

“If you’re afraid of being humiliated, go back.”

“Tomorrow everyone will say, Long San and Furen lost affection after one night.” As she spoke, Feng Ning peered around everywhere as if she were a thief, she had though it would be as smooth as yesterday, charging in and taking a good nap, in the end, it turned out to be this difficult.

Long San very smoothly replied: “That’s perfect, the assassin will think I already know the secret, and then swiftly kicked you aside, this way it’ll be even easier to convince him.”

“So mean.” Feng Ning hugged her pillow against her knees, leaning against the door and said: “Long San, tomorrow they’re taking me to a Buddhist Temple to exorcise me, if by chance I am driven away, you won’t see me again.”

“Do you think you’re an evil spirit? What do you mean “being driven away”?”

“Who knows, if by chance I really am possessed, once they exorcise me, I will cease to exist. At that time, you’ll be heartbroken.”

“Many thanks for your concern, no need for you to worry if I am heartbroken or not.” Long San was really not in a good mood, is this crazy woman ever going to finish.

“Long San, the way we’re speaking separated by the door, it’s the same as if we were sitting in the room speaking.”

“I don’t even feel like speaking through the door, I’m going to sleep.”

“Then why are you still speaking?”

“……” Long San for a moment, choked with nothing to say, turns out he was equally foolish. Very good, then he won’t speak anymore, he was really going to sleep.

“Long San, Long San……” Feng Ning waited for a long time, there really wasn’t any more movement inside, she despondently said: “Are you really ignoring me?” No one responded, she waited a bit, and then said: “You really don’t care about me anymore?” Still no one replied.

After a long while, she said again: “Did you fall asleep?” There was no sound from the room. She once again waited a long time, then said: “If you get nightmares, I’m right here with you, don’t panic ah.”

Long San fumed and grinded his teeth, just endure it and ignore her. But after a while, he heard her voice again: “Long San, good night, I won’t disturb you.”

Inside the room was very quiet, Feng Ning leaned against the door, feeling a little cold, she wrapped herself tightly, and spoke again: “Long San, tomorrow, first thing in the morning, the servants will pick me up from the front of your door, there will certainly be a new rumor. They will definitely say Long SanYe is indeed very charming, see that Mrs. Long San, kick her and she still won’t leave.”

The more she spoke, the more she chattered on without thinking, talking to herself: “I would definitely tell them, I really like SanYe. In this lifetime, I will follow only him, and will never part.”

In the middle of her incessant talking, the room’s door finally opened, Long San with a dark face, towered above, glaring at her: “What exactly are you trying to do?”

Feng Ning had been in the middle of speaking, when the door opened, almost causing her to fall over, she raised her head, with her pitiful dark eyes like a small deer looking back at Long San: “Don’t abandon me ah, Long San.”


[1] 中衣 Zhong Yi – The layer between the outer and the undergarments.

Evida’s Questions…………….

So on both of the stories we’re following we’ve reached enough chapters each to know our respective heroine. We have Feng Ning, who goes around kicking Long San’s head just to take some steam off and then we have Ji Qing, who is such an introvert that she barely can speak up to Feng Jin Cheng, even to tell him about his daughter. I would like to know your opinion about these woman, what do you think about them and why? Also, I would like to role play as each respective heroine’s BFF, what would be your advise to them?