Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 16

The Mrs. Long San Who Causes Others to Worry

This question didn’t bother Long San for very long, as he was unable to figure it out, naturally he was temporarily not impatient. He could always accommodate matters, thus he fell asleep. His hand was still being held by Feng Ning, just under the blanket, one big one small, two hands holding each other in one place. He ignored this, and quickly fell into the land of dreams.

This night, he was awaken from sleep twice by Feng Ning’s nightmares, however, when he woke up early the next morning, he still felt like he slept very well. Feng Ning was in even greater spirits, laughing very cheerfully. But she was about to leave with Yu Mama to the spiritual temple at the outskirts of the city, to let an elder monk perform exorcism. As this was arranged by Yu Mama, she was unable to refuse.

Unexpectedly, Long San could sense her unease. He didn’t point it out, but he did a few things to distract her.

He accompanied her to eat breakfast, and also drew a simple drawing of the man she spoke of last night. Feng Ning looked at it, furrowed her brows, and thought for a while and said it should be more or less the same. But she also recalled another question: “Say, Long San, that colored silk rope, it couldn’t also be his, could it?”

Long San said: “At that time, that guy had his face covered, I didn’t actually see his appearance.”

Feng Ning opened her mouth, but didn’t say anything. Long San asked: “What, did you think of something again?”

Feng Ning shook her head, Long San stared at her, staring until she felt guilty, and quietly stammered: “I was just thinking, I couldn’t have had any relationship with him right? He’s so ugly.” Mentioning the matter of relationships with other men, Feng Ning still felt ashamed and uneasy, but the truth was indeed laid out there, that man’s appearance was repulsive, one look and one could tell he was not a good person. She couldn’t have been that unperceptive and fooled around with him, right? Just thinking of this possibility made her feel quite disgusted. She curled her lip, with an expression of being unable to bear the thought.

Long San couldn’t help touching his face, fortunately he didn’t lack in looks, moreover, seeing his considerable popularity with women, and having enjoyed many admiring gazes, he should be the very good looking type.

He lifted his eyes, and met Feng Ning’s clear gaze, he hurriedly put on a stern expression, and insincerely rubbed his chin, pondering: “It seems he may not be, moreover, that silk rope, since you cannot remember clearly anymore, it also may not necessarily have anything to do with that kind of relationship.”

Feng Ning drooped her head: “Long San, you’re a good person, you’re comforting me.” This kind of situation for a man is incredibly insulting, she felt extremely sorry towards him.

Actually, she did use all her strength to try to remember, hoping she could know exactly what had happened a little faster, but when she exerted too much effort trying to remember, she would get a headache, but she was also scared people would say she was pretending. As a result, every time she got a headache, she would endure it. Fortunately, this headache problem didn’t happen too often, and also wasn’t too hard to bear.

“This matter, leave it to me to investigate. Just feel at ease and go with Yu Mama.” After Long San said this, Feng Ning nodded her head, went back to her room, fetched her things, and prepare to set off with Yu Mama. Before she left, she handed Long San a letter, telling him not to look, and only said to wait until she came back, and then return the letter to her. Long San failed to understand the reason why, but nevertheless nodded his head and agreed.

Yu Mama was calling people to hurry, Long San sent Feng Ning to the gate. Surely enough, the carriage was already parked over there waiting, maids were carrying while Yu Mama was on one side waiting.

Long San told Feng Ning, once she was there, she should do as she was told, must not be unruly and get angry, that place was an important Buddhist location, and Yu Mama was very serious. Feng Ning fiercely nodded her head. Long San said, Yu Mama is already very old, don’t be naughty and cause trouble while over there and cause her to worry and get angry. Feng Ning responded okay again.

And then Feng Ning asked: “Then after three days, will you come pick me up?”

Long San blanked, he subconsciously resisted, and rapidly said: “I’m very busy, you and Yu Mama will come back together.” These last two days, he was overly close to her, this really should not be.

Feng Ning was somewhat disappointed, and gloomily replied a single “Oh.” And then turned around and climbed into the carriage with Yu Mama. Long San was about to turn and return to the house, when he suddenly saw Feng Ning open the carriage door and rush down again.

“Long San, Long San, could you help me tell Yu Mama, that the few days that I’m in the temple, I want to sleep with her in the same room.”  Indeed, she was still concerned about the nightmares. Long San helplessly could only go forward and tell Yu Mama. Yu Mama was astonished, looked at Long San, and then looked at Feng Ning, ultimately still agreeing.

Feng Ning once more mounted the carriage, Long San stood at the door watching, waiting for them to be on their way. In the end, the coachman had just raised the whip, when Feng Ning pushed open the doors once again, and came down.

“Long San, Long San, if the temple’s food can’t satiate my hunger, what do I do? Can you help me tell them, to have the monks give me some more food.”

Long San sighed, and called: “Feng Ning.”

“Mm.” Feng Ning answered, her expression very innocent; she really wasn’t trying to cause trouble.

“It’s only three days, you won’t go hungry, and will also be able to sleep well, it’s only trying some methods, doing some exorcism, just a ritual, that’s all. That temple also doesn’t have any rivers surrounding it, and there are also bodyguards going with you, you’re not in the least bit of danger. You must not make any more disturbances, obediently go with Yu Mama.”

“Oh.” The disappointment in Feng Ning’s voice was very obvious. She silently walked towards the chariot, taking a few steps, and turned around again: “Long San, if I’m exorcised away, don’t blame me, I didn’t go willingly.”

“Mm, I won’t blame you.” Long San answered, mentally thinking, it’s not like you’re a demon, how would you be exorcised away.

Feng Ning pursed her lips, turned around preparing to walk towards the carriage. Before even lifting her foot, she turned around again:“Long San, it’s only three days that’s all, can’t you come with us?”

“Feng Ning……” Long San’s dragged the sound, warning her.

Feng Ning rapidly turned around, and rushed towards the chariot: “I got it, I got it!” She jumped onto the carriage, and waved goodbye very hard to Long San. This time the carriage finally started moving without a hitch, speeding up, and gradually disappearing before Long San’s eyes.

Long San entered the residence, thought for a bit, then went to Feng Ning’s room. The maid who was left behind to take care of things seeing him come, was very surprised. Long San waved his hand and said it’s nothing, sending her away.

He stretched out his hand and picked up that jewelry box, felt around it, opened that interval layer, and discovered that this time, there was unexpectedly a paper filled with words hidden inside, resembling a letter.

Long San’s heart stirred, could it be another mysterious person who did it, in order to pass information to Feng Ning? He opened the letter, took one look, and was unexpectedly shocked. This was actually a letter Feng Ning wrote to Feng Ning.

As it turns out, she was actually really afraid, afraid that after this trip to get exorcised, she didn’t know what would happen, after all, this time, her experience was unimaginable. She feared, going this time, she would lose this present her. So she wrote a letter of reminder.

The letter said, if she couldn’t remember what happened during this period of time, but still remembered that this box has a hidden interval layer, then she definitely returned to being the past Feng Ning. She hoped that the past Feng Ning would listen well to the words of the present Feng Ning.

She said she didn’t know what had happened in the past, but staying at the Long Residence during this period of time, she can confirm that the Long residents were all good people, she hoped the past Feng Ning, no matter what she did, or planned to do, would have a clear conscience, and not make any mistakes.

She said, she felt that she herself shouldn’t have been a bad woman, so she believed that no matter what the past Feng Ning did, she must have had some reason, some difficulties. She urged herself, if she really had difficulties, then it would be better if after she takes care of relationship with all parties, she sincerely had a talk with the Long Family, because she believed it would definitely be possible to properly talk things over and resolve everything.

She even wrote down, that Long San treated her very well, it was only because she could completely rely on him, that she could find a sense of security and a bit of happiness in this unfamiliar place where she was loathed. She said, although Long Er is very petty, but he isn’t a malicious person. Yu Mama is strict, but also isn’t really horribly mean. There was also that untalkative and not often seen steward Tie, actually, he is also an honest and considerate person. She said after she lost her memory, she was instead able to look at these matters from another perspective, hoping her past self would could also let go of her prejudices, and properly assess and handle matters.

The letter even wrote, she had already agreed to divorce Long San, and give him freedom, hoping her past self wouldn’t rescind her own promise, and at the appropriate time, talk it over with her family, and clearly settle it with the Long Family.

At the end of the letter, she wrote: if there is sincere treatment, there must be some in return. Since you are me, you will definitely know my intentions, you musn’t make mistakes, if you treat people well, people will treat you well.

And at the very bottom was a small line: to prove the legitimacy of this letter, I will leave my fingerprint here. If you doubt the source of this letter, please press your fingerprint and compare the two, and then you will know the truth. To the side of this line of words, there really was a distinct fingerprint.

After Long San finished reading this letter, he really didn’t know what this feeling in his heart was. This Feng Ning; this seemingly carefree, simple-minded, trouble making, Feng Ning who only cares to eat, was actually this scrupulous.

He sat in her room for a long time, thinking, then also taking out the letter she handed to him, deciding to open and secretly take a look. This letter’s content was more or less the same as the one of the letter in the box, only in the beginning she explained that she was worried that she would forget the things that happened during this period of time, so she wrote a letter to Long San to pass on to her.

Long San suddenly felt like he knew what Feng Ning would do. He set about rummaging through Feng Ning’s room. In her closet, in her chest, as well as beneath her bedding; sure enough, all hid a letter with the exact same content.

“Don’t blame me, I didn’t go willingly.” Long San thought of Feng Ning’s words, his heart somewhat feeling tenderness towards her.

As he returned the letters back to their original places, he thought, thankfully this person was Feng Ning, if it was someone else, in this sort of situation, he feared if it wasn’t weeping to death, she would have bothered the surrounding people to death. But Feng Ning, in his mind what he remembered the most was actually her arrogant, proud, and mischievous laughter.

Long San’s heart started to feel jittery, this woman wouldn’t really go one trip to the temple, and return as the previous her right? He unexpectedly didn’t want her to return to her old self.

Long San paced back and forth, no longer calm, one moment thinking, Yu Mama handles matters well, she wouldn’t let Feng Ning meet with any accidents, another moment thinking, it’s still not clear who the assassin is, could this trip have leaked some news and put her in danger? And another moment thinking, if Feng Ning really returns to her former self, how should he treat her? He even thought, maybe he should simply just go to the temple and accompany her?

In the end, he felt that Feng Ning was indeed an expert in blindly disturbing people, she’s not even here, but she can still make him extremely nervous. He still had a lot of important matters to attend to, he definitely couldn’t stay disorderly and with no propriety.

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    • Lol, I find it cute too, I often write letters to my self when I’m feeling either totally sad or happy, either way, and I don’t really want others to read it. It’s like uncovering one’s soul.

      Go and follow her Long San, don’t leave her alone, I’m feeling something bad for their departure.

  1. Thank you very much!
    Ah, i have the feels again—-! feng ning, you showing your vulnerability really pains my heart—-! Yes, long san, see how sincere she is!

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