Short Story: Unexpected Love

Hafiz….Hafiz….Hafiz……is here.

So as promised, I’m going to put Hafiz in a positive light. These chain of stories are going to be very brief as I’m trying to write them during my short lunch break, so bear with me as I upload them, hopefully daily……

Now enjoy this first part, for those of you who could come up with a title to put on it, please feel free to drop me a comment.

Update: Thanks for the title ❤ ❤ ❤

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One Shot: Last Kiss At The Cross Road

This is kind of different from my usual themes. I wanted to experiment with an anti heroine. After wiki-ing Marvel the idea just got stuck in my head. So after pondering about how to apply the theme in a romance story, I came up with this idea.

Feel free to tell me what you think guys…….

When a woman makes love, how can she not fall in love? Or maybe it should be called by what it actually is. Sex. Lust. Moments of burning passion so intense that it fills all my senses and shutters the very core of my being.

For me it goes beyond a few moments of uncontrollable desire, the need to complement an empty soul, a thirst that demands quenching for the arms that offers a promise of comfort and care. It was a crime committed by my heart who was yearning for affection and tenderness.

“Are you feelng better now?” He asked caressing my head. His warm embrace always has the soothing affect on me. The heart that opened up to receive my sorrow, the ear that patiently listens to my rant, the words that tries to bring up my spirit.

I nodded, “Thank you for always being there for me…. ”

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One-Shot: Voice Of My Heart

I’m back…….

I know that I’ve promised a lot of things and haven’t seen them through. I used to work from home in a small town in Colombia. A very beautiful city, very laid back and relaxing, but the company decided that every staff should work from a central office, so I had to move to the capital and alone, because my kids stayed behind. So I travel back and forwards every weekend. Not to mention that as the Asian person at work, I’m  seen as the computer geek, so besides my actual job, I have to do the tech support stuff. Needless to say, I get home very bushed and tired.

I try to steal time during lunch break to update Putri and Smaradahana. Well, with a help from my friend who sits on his chair, takes his eyes off the novel he was reading, points his finger at me and says, “Write your chapter!”. But it has been slow with all the distractions. I bounced this idea off him, all he said was, “Interesting….”. Sigh! ~_~

In a sentimental mood, I write this story, experimenting with a short fiction in a first person POV as I brew up the next action-packed chapter of Putri.

This one-shot story I dedicate to you the one who inspires me and fills my days with smiles and swoons.  I don’t expect anything more than a hope that you hear this voice of my <3.

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Smaradahana Chapter 14

“Hey did you have fun?” She asked as soon as Samantha stepped in.

Samantha nodded and handed her a cup of ice cream, “Kak Panji took me to buy some ice cream in our favorite place at BM Mall, I bought some for you, it’s your favorite flavor, pistachio.”

“Wow, thank you…..” She looked up at her fiance who was standing behind their daughter, “Did you say thank you?”

Samantha turned around, “Thank you, Kak!”

“Thank you for going with me!” He replied with a wide smile. “Pistachio, I would have never guessed.”

“I’m going to put my bag in the room, ” Samantha said, “Kak Panji has something to talk to you about.”

“Is that so?”She asked she put the ice cream cup on the dining table, “Why don’t you come in and sit down, can I get you something to drink? By the way, I hate Pistachio flavored ice cream.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it, I’m sorry that we got you one that you don’t like,” Panji’s voice was disappointed, he walked in and sat on the couch in the living room.

She followed behind him and sat on the couch across him as she carefully observed his concerned face, “What is it?”

“Samantha is a very mature little girl, for someone who is born of very young parents,”

“I’ve noticed that,” She agreed.

“When we were driving towards the mall, she expressed her concerns about……you….”

“About me? Could it be about our wedding plans?”

“No, not at all! Gosh, I hope not……do you think she doesn’t like me? Could it be?” He began side tracking from his initial intentions.

She shook her head vigorously, “No, not at all. That’s not what I meant.”

“Don’t scare me, you can’t begin to imagine how important it is for me that she likes me,” He exclaimed.

She smiled slightly, a light flashed in her eyes, “On the contrary, I understand perfectly well…..”

“Samantha is worried about your health. She said that you used to be hospitalized often, and she’s worried that whatever you had is back again.”

She sneered, “She said that, did she? I don’t see any reason why Samantha should be talking about my personal condition to just anyone.”

Panji didn’t expect her reaction, “But Luna. I’m your fiance, I’m not just anyone.”

“Ah…you’re right. You are Luna’s fiance,” She nodded after looking at him sharply. She leaned closer then said in a very low menacing voice, “And you’re also Anggraeni’s husband, it turns out, she’s not so dead afterall, is she? You’ve been busy haven’t you, Panji Asmarabangun?”

“Luna, what are you saying?” He was dumbfounded.

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Smaradahana Chapter 13

Cultural Trivia: In the original story written in the 12th century by Empu Dharmaja, Dewi Kamaratih’s soul was torn in two when she was sent to be reborn. One part reincarnated to Dewi Anggraeni, and another part reincarnated into Dewi Chandra Kirana, both women were married to Raden Panji Amsarabangun. Dewi Anggraeni was killed by the order of his Queen mother to make way for him to marry Dewi Chandra Kirana. To stay loyal to the story, I will keep part of this plot, obviously following the 21st-century twist that I have added……

“I sense that something is wrong!” Bathara Brahma furrowed.

“What is it?” Bathara Narada asked, “They are about to be married now. What could be wrong?”

“I don’t know for sure, but I sense something sinister,” Bathara Brahma said pensively.

“You are right to be concerned, Bathara Brahma,” A sweet voice rang behind them.

“Bathari Parwati, greetings to you…”  Bathara Brahma and Bathara Narada exclaimed simultaneously.

“Parwati greets both Bathara Brahma and Bathara Narada….” She replied kindly.

“You were saying, My Lady…?” Bathara Narada asked.

“Ah yes, Bathara Brahma is right to be concerned. Before this incarnation cycle, the Demon King attempted to taint Dewa Kamajaya’s soul with evil, Dewi Kamaratih and I arrived just in time to save him before he was defiled by malice. But when Dewi Kamaratih and I tried to purify, we found that the Demon King’s power was too strong for us. Dewi Kamaratih sacrificed herself by giving him all her power, we were able to purge the darkness from him. But, as a result her soul shattered. Even though I had succeeded in gathering the pieces and sent her to earth to be reborn,  I don’t know what effect this has on their relationship,” Her voice was alarmed.

“How could this be? I have to do something to help them!” Bathara Brahma exclaimed

Bathara Narada considered this information for a while, “We should let fate take its course.”

“But we are Gods, we are the ones who write fate!” Bathara Brahma argued.

* * *

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Smaradahana Chapter 12

“I feel like wiping that big smirk off your face,” Roni said as Panji opened the door and stepped into the apartment.

“Roni, there’s something I have to tell you…” Panji hesitated a while, “We should sit down.”

“You look so serious, I’m getting worried, ” Roni joked.

“Cousin,” Panji sat down on the couch, he gestured Roni to sit in front of him, He waited until Roni was seated before continuing, “Look, my parents and my wife to be’s parents have agreed on a wedding date. We are going to get married in two months. ”

“Congratulations!” Roni said, “But why the serious face?”

“I’m marrying Luna….” Panji held his breath.

Roni opened his eyes in surprise, he looked at his cousin sharply, leaned back on the couch and swallowed his spit, “Lu…Luna…? But, how….how could you? You know that I have …”

“Cousin, you know that I have feelings for her, why did you ..”

“Roni….Luna and I, we knew each other from before she met you, we were friends, in the States. She…”

“It was you, her boyfriend…”

Panji nodded, “That’s not the only thing. I hope you won’t tell anybody about this, for her sake.” He exhaled, “Samantha is not really her sister, she’s our daughter. It happened when we were younger, it was my fault, she doubted and tried to refuse, but I wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

Panji was taken by surprise when suddenly Roni launched forward and punched him on the face, “You son of a bitch!” He shouted.

“What are you doing?” Panji covered himself with his arm to block in case Roni decided to attack again.

“I’m embarrassed to be related to you, I didn’t know that my cousin was such an irresponsible coward.” He fumed.

“I know…look, I told her that I’m really sorry about what happened in the past…I…”

Roni grabbed Panji by the collar of his shirt and pulled him up off the couch, “Sorry? Sorry isn’t enough. Sorry doesn’t cover what you did to her! You almost destroyed her!”

“Roni, what do you mean?” Panji was caught by surprise, “What do you mean I almost destroyed her?”

“You and her are the same age, but she graduated high school after you did, do you know why?”

“Because of the baby….. ”

“Not only that, when I was in high school, I heard talk, gossips around the school, about a girl, a transfer student from the US. The kids at school said that she was treated for a while in the psychiatric ward. Only after I got to know her, did I know that she wasn’t crazy like the kids say she was. She was very sad and depressed.”

“What?” Panji opened his eyes in disbelief.

“Now I think I know the real reason.” He released Panji’s collar and threw him against the couch.

“It must have been post-partum depression, but she didn’t tell me anything. She seemed so…. so calm and understanding about everything. Roni, I know you care for her, but by the way she’s taking this matter, I think she’s moved on and she has forgiven me.”

“I hope you’re right…. For her sake, I hope you’re right.”

“I love her, I want to make her happy, to cure her pain and take care of her for the rest of her life. I want to make it up to her for what happened in the past,” Panji said firmly.

“What about your late wife, how do you feel about her right now?” Roni arched his eyebrow.

“Anggraeni? She’s…..although she looked a lot like Luna and I can even go so far as saying that they might be twins, but for me she could never really take Luna’s place and vice versa, each woman holds a special place in my heart.” He replied solemnly.

* * *

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