Putri: Love in Borneo


 Book cover photo is a courtesy of Vienna Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

Princess: Nuance of Love

Called home by her estranged father the Sultan of Jothar, Paramita didn’t know what to expect. The only thing she knew was she is betrothed to be married to His Excellency Raden Burhanuddin Ali. Handsome, smart, ambitious, but with a sense of humor to match his elegance. How could a girl not fall in love?

But things are not going to be easy, with her uncle plotting to destroy the monarchy and killing her for revenge, she not only has to use her martial arts abilities to protect herself, but also she will have to learn to rely on her Ali and trust him as an ally.

A romantic action packed adventure with a strong heroin, a lovable hero, and a lot of fun.

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Chapter 1 p1 p2 | 2 p1 p2 | 3 p1 p2 | 4 p1 p2 | 5 p1 p2 | 6 p1 p2 | 7 p1 p2 | 8 p1 p2 | 9 p1 p2 | 10 p1  ps | 11 p1 p2 | 12  p1 p2 | 13 p1 p2 | 14 p1  p2 | 15 p1 p2 | 16 p1 p2  | 17 p1 p2 | 18 p1 p2 | 19 p1 p2 | 20 p1 p2 | 21 p1 p2 | 22 p1 p2 | 23 p1 p2 | 24 p1 p2 | 25 p1 p2 | 26 p1

27 thoughts on “Putri: Love in Borneo

  1. Hi Afaasan, i like this novel so much that i read it twice already in four days. once here and another on goodreads. and i can’t wait for the second volume to come out. i would like to read all your novels. where do i request for my free copy?
    i don’t know how to write a good review so the only thing i can do is give you a five star.

  2. my third time reading this novel (volume I) and won’t be my last! may i ask for a big favor? would you please send me the episodes right after the fire?? at first i don’t understand why she left him after saving him. but after i read it a second/third time i understood. i probably would have done the same thing.
    i enjoy reading your novels. thank you!!

  3. I just loved reading the book .I could relate to the story a lot perhaps because I have the same Name as the puteri. THE way u put up Indonesian culture made me anxious to know more about it.

  4. Evida, can you please share the working link to read your “love your borneo” and translation of fah jarod sai.Pretty please…..I want to read both of it to death….please…thanks

  5. Evida,pls when can I get the volume too I just read d book yesterday and I love it,u r a fantastic writer,where and when do I get d volume two pls

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