Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 11



Feng Ning is burdened with angst and guilt, but still striving to solve the mystery of her past. A lot of questions and self doubt begin to arise from her recent discovery. Hidden thoughts and an outburst that may well be a signs of  her blooming emotions.

The Mrs. Long San Who Unreasonably Makes a Scene to Vent

The rope’s thickness and color was indeed the same as the one she saw in Long San’s room that day. Feng Ning stared at those threads as if she saw a ghost, her heart beating wildly.

She couldn’t have, how could she have been capable of doing this kind of thing? But those silk ropes were undeniably vivid, very clearly right before her eyes, so many ropes, and all of them weaved into that fancy knot, seemingly the result of practice.

Feng Ning’s legs in a moment went weak, falling onto the chair. How could this be, how could she have an illicit affair with someone? How could she have planned to assassinate her husband? How could she be such a fierce and malicious woman?

Feng Ning could only feel cold sweat coming down, and spurts of chills down her spine. Yu Mama was right, she had a woman’s intuition as well as an elderly person’s insight, that’s why the disgust and loathing towards her,  the coldness and severity, there was a reason behind it all.

Feng Ning tried hard to recall, Long San had said that she had liked to take her dowry maid out to play, Xiao Qing said her dowry maid had died of illness a while ago, just before her accident. In other words, if her outings were secret trysts with her lover, then her maid must have been a witness, and it just so happened that right before she went to steal the treasure and flee, the single attestant happened to die.

Could it really be this timely? So awfully coincidental.

Feng Ning did not dare to think about it, it couldn’t be that that maid’s death had something to do with her, right? Xiao Qing had clearly said that that maid definitely died of an illness, Doctor Chen also had examined her, this must be the fact, and it couldn’t have anything to do with her, right?

Feng Ning covered her face, only feeling like she had suddenly been hit by a bolt of thunder, it was even more shocking than when she found out she had lost her memories, she stared at those silk ropes until the horizon began to suffuse with white.

Today was Long San’s first time seeing Feng Ning eat with such low spirit, he looked at the dishes, they were clearly all her favorite foods, wasn’t she so happy eating these the past few days that her eyes were all curved? But today, it was as if she didn’t know flavor, and only cared about stuffing her mouth with food.

“What’s wrong? Feeling unwell again?” She would sometimes have nightmares and come to him to complain, but that had never affected her appetite in the least, he feared today there was some sort of plight, Long San pondered, but his expression remained unchanged.

Feng Ning put her chopsticks down, suddenly conveying her thoughts: “Long San, you said that when you injured your head and fell unconscious last time, you became right again when you hit your head a second time, then how about me, can I recover if I am struck again?” She wanted badly to know what kinds of things she had done before, wanted badly to know that she wasn’t such a bad person.

Long San also put his chopsticks down, and said: “I don’t mind if you want to go and try, but before you do, please write a suicide note, clarify that it was you who wanted to be struck, this way, if you don’t come back, I can justify myself in front of your family.”  (afaasun: ha ha ha….)

Feng Ning’s mouth twitched, and stood up with a clatter: “How can you act like this, whatever the case, you should at least try to persuade me, show some concern for me.”

“Then just don’t do it, if you become stupid after injuring your head, I would have to tell you the story again, and that would be rather tiring.”

Feng Ning didn’t say anything, exerting all her strength to glare at him.

Long San sighed and spread his hands out: “Then you tell me, what exactly is it that you want to do?”

Of course Feng Ning was unable to say anything, for a while she could only glare: “When I think of it, I’ll tell you.” And then she turned around and left.

Long San looked at the leftover dishes in front of him, and found that he had actually been wondering if that crazy woman had eaten her fill.

Feng Ning’s thoughts were completely filled with those silk ropes, and had not noticed that she had eaten less than usual during this meal. She was both ashamed and confused; so this is what doing something worth feeling guilty over felt like. She didn’t dare tell Long San about her finding the silk ropes, there was finally someone who treated her well, if she said it just like that, wasn’t she just asking to be loathed?

The more she thought about it, the sadder she got, she still couldn’t believe it, how could she be such a bad person? But this method of injuring her head again was indeed very dangerous, and inconvenient, Yu Mama the capable person in deciding the course of action in these matters, was also unreliable. But she ate the medicine, she also visited her former haunts, yet there was still no progress to be seen.

Feng Ning was extremely depressed, wandering around the entire residence, suspecting everything she saw. Those servants who evaded her gaze, could they possibly have some inside information? Those maids who turned and ran at the sight of her, could they possibly know some secret?

Feng Ning’s eyes suddenly narrowed, and that maid really turned and ran after seeing her, this person, she had never seen before.

“Stop right there.” Feng Ning shouted, causing the flustered and panicking maid to stop in her tracks. Feng Ning walked over with big strides: “Which staff are you part of?”

“This -this lowly servant is a maid of the clothes bureau.”

“Clothes bureau?” The clothes bureau takes care of the family’s tailoring, sewing, mending, and laundry, for no reason Feng Ning’s heart thumped, in a stern voice she asked: “Why were you so flustered after seeing me?”

“This- this lowly servant had only suddenly remembered that there was still some work to be done, I was anxious to get back, it was not at all because I saw Furen and got flustered.”

“What’s your name?”

“Xia Er.”

Feng Ning stared at her, not speaking anymore; Xia Er also did not dare to lift her head, agitatedly she said: “If Furen doesn’t need anything else, this servant will be going back to the yard to work.” Feng Ning steadily made an “mm” sound, Xia Er anxiously bowed, turned, and ran away.

Feng Ning went back to her own residence, and called Xiao Qing over: “I want two new set of clothes made, who is responsible for handling these matters?”

“In the past, Furen’s new clothes were all handled by Ping Er who would find a tailor from outside to make them, the money was allotted by Yu Mama.”

Feng Ning had heard before from Xiao Qing that Ping Er was that dowry maid who died of illness. She sighed inwardly, it seems that this household in terms of clothing and living accommodations indeed did not mistreat her. Seeing that she did not say anything, Xiao Qing asked: “Does Furen want new clothes made?”

“Mm, I would like to look at the new style, do you know where I used to have them made in the past?”

“I do, it was made at the eastside of town, Jade Clothes Pavilion, that place is one of the most well-known.”

“Oh.” Feng Ning replied: “Then where do you guys get your clothes made?”

“All servants have their clothes made by the family’s clothes bureau.”

“Including Ping Er’s, right?”

Xiao Qing did not understand why she brought this up, but she still replied: “Yes, at that time, Ping Er’s clothes were all made by the clothes bureau, there was also the matter of embroidery, cleaning clothes, cleaning blankets; these were all done by the clothes bureau.”

Feng Ning thought about it, then that being said, the clothes bureau’s maids must have pretty good relations with the other residents’ maids, who wouldn’t want nice clothes, at the very least, they had the opportunity to come into contact with each other.

The next day, Feng Ning took out a set of clothes, tore a button off, cut the threads of the lapel, and personally went to the clothes bureau. The clothes bureau’s yard wasn’t very big, hanging bamboo poles to dry clothes with, in one room, several maids were busy working, seeing Feng Ning come, they were all taken aback. Feng Ning looked closely, that one named Xia Er was also there, when she saw her, a look of frenzy flashed through her eyes.

Feng Ning laughed, and walked directly towards her: “You’re called Xia Er, right? We met yesterday, I remembered I had a set of clothes that needed mending, and Xiao Qing isn’t around, so I personally came to send it over, and could you mend it for me?”

That Xia Er composed herself, took the clothes, and agreed. Feng Ning, as if nothing had happened, looked around touching things here and there, exchanged some idle gossip with some maids, the lady who managed the bureau came in to receive her, Feng Ning politely greeted her, asked about the temperature, if the work was exhausting, the entire room awkwardly and timidly responded to her questions.

Xia Er had very quickly mended both the lapel and the buttons, Feng Ning laughed and praised her skills, after giving thanks, she took her clothes and left. When she got to the door, she suddenly turned around and said: “Oh right, Xia Er, there’s still another matter.” She very clearly saw Xia Er’s expression quickly change from relief to being defensive, she lightly laughed: “I want two new sets of clothes made, before it should have been Ping Er who picked for me, but you and her were close, I assume you must know my tastes, moreover you’re very skilled, you would know good workmanship, why don’t you accompany me?”

Xia Er’s face drained of color, Feng Ning said: “Tomorrow then?”, she looked towards the managing lady who nodded her head in a flurry and replied yes, Feng Ning only now was satisfied, and with a laugh, she left.

After walking out the clothes bureau, Feng Ning’s face dropped. Excellent, when she said that Ping Er and she were close, no one expressed any surprise at that, seems like that it was true. Judging from this, she might really be able to dig some secrets out from this Xia Er.

But the next day, Feng Ning wasn’t able to drag Xia Er out, the reason for this was that she fell ill. This illness of hers was menacing, only yesterday she had been healthy not doing over half a day’s work, but she actually came down with such a high fever.

Sick servants have a separate room to recuperate in, in order to avoid infecting the others. So Xia Er was put in a small room, and with Feng Ning’s position, it was not convenient for her to enter, she entrusted Xiao Qing to visit and look around. Xiao Qing reported back, the fever was quite high, even after drinking herbal medicine the fever didn’t go down, Yu Mama already sent Doctor Chen over to examine her.

Feng Ning felt that this incident was very odd, did Xia Er get herself sick on purpose, so that she could avoid her? The meaning behind this supposition made Feng Ning depressed, could she have really resorted to murder?

She was in low spirit, thinking about this matter while going with Xiao Qing to the Jade Clothes Pavilion that she had often gone to get her clothes done. Jade Clothes Pavilion was indeed a top quality shop, a variety of cloth colors, and many different styles of clothing, it was a feast for the eyes, and there were even cabinets full of handkerchiefs and small ornaments. Those madams and young ladies in the shop were extremely excited.

Feng Ning stood at the doorway, not having much of an impression of the place, seeing how crowded the shop was, she also lost any interest in entering, just as she was about to return to the house, she heard a woman’s voice: “Oh, what a coincidence, lady assassin is also here.”

Feng Ning had just turned her head, saw Qin Ya Yin, and nodded her head in greetings: “Hello Ms. Qin.”

Qin Ya Yin smiled brilliantly, and lifted up her wrist: “Look, Long San GongZi’s gift to me.” It was a jasper bracelet, Feng Ning could not tell if it was well made, but Qin Ya Yin’s attitude put Feng Ning in a rotten mood. She roughly pulled her wrist over to take a closer look, Qin Ya Yin laughed, was about to say something, but was interrupted by Feng Ning’s lift of the eyes, and she spoke emphasizing every word: “Miss, wear this plaything well, I’ve received San Ye’s order to murder according to this item. Miss, look forward to it, don’t worry, I’ll give you an enjoyable one.”

After she finished talking, she gave a cold laugh, and without a single glance at Qin Ya Yin’s rigid and contorted expression, she turned around and arrogantly walked out.

The moment Feng Ning returned to the Long Residence, the first thing she did was rush straight to Long San’s courtyard. Long San was in the middle of giving orders to two servants, when they saw her coming, everyone stopped speaking, Feng Ning didn’t care at all whether they were guarding against her or not, she just rushed straight to Long San, stretched her leg out and gave him a kick, while also berating him: “wasteful squanderer……….”

She moved quickly, her actions completely went beyond Long San’s expectations, this time being kicked head on, before he could even understand what was going on, Feng Ning had already finished the deed and ran for it. She ran out the room, passing by the small round table, as she was passing, she also flipped the table, by the time the sound of the table falling to floor rang out, she had already disappeared out the courtyard.

Long San with a dark expression, loudly roared: “Feng Ning!” Unfortunately, she didn’t even leave him a shadow to scold.

Xiao Qing’s pace was slow, by the time she ran back she already saw Feng Ning walking towards her own small courtyard, she worriedly stepped forward to console her: “Furen……” But when Feng Ning turned around to face her, she actually excitedly made a fist: “That was a good vent.”

After making such an unreasonable scene, she was in a great mood!


10 thoughts on “Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 11

  1. Xia Er definitely knows something, just when Feng Ning thinks she went get somewhere.. her tracks are block with no way to advance besides retreating.

    Feng Ning you jealous tough women, surely gutsy as ever hahaha love it.

    • Yep, unfortunately for Feng Ning, someone is stopping her from going forward with her search.
      I agree, she’s really gutsy, but she gets jealous and angry way too easily haha.

  2. so…somebody in long’s household aside from feng ning is involved in the mistery…will xia er recover or meet her death just like ping er?

    lol at feng ning’s antics at the end of the story…she’s hilarious lol

  3. wow feng ning is so fast haha but i still love the pig husband jokes the most. thanks for translating this novel. your translations are a thousand times better and funnier than google translate.

  4. lol when I read the phase “when Feng Ning turned around to face her, she actually excitedly made a fist: “That was a good vent.””.

    No tortured love triangle here.

    Poor Long San. – it seems he is likely to get more beating in the future to pacify his wife’s temper. Hehehe

    • Hahha, that’s true, something I should look forward to. The last part made me smile. Glad she’s not depressed forever.

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