Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 10

Karma: I’m sorry for the late update everyone, hopefully I’ll be getting back on schedule starting next week!

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In this chapter, Long San struggles with keeping his proximity with Feng Ning, while Feng Ning discovers new things about the past, and becomes one step closer to the truth.


Mrs. Long San Finds a Clue

Long San glared at Feng Ning, and Feng Ning glared back.

Long San said: “Do you actually still want to listen? ”

“I do. ” She replied grinding her teeth.

Long San was just about to continue speaking, when Feng Ning interrupted again and asked, “Then did my swine husband sleep in the same room as you afterwards?”

“Feng Ning! “Long San cried.

Feng Ning swiftly stood up and loudly said: “Why don’t you just hang a plaque on this yard door of yours, with the two words ‘pig pen’ written on it?” She was unable to control her tone of voice.

Long San anxiously hit the table and stood up: “Who was it earlier that agreed they wouldn’t continue pressing after the past? ”

“It was the pig’s wife, that’s who.  If you’re not satisfied, you can go and find the pig to reason with.” Feng Ning’s voice was unusually loud: “Who would have thought that this old score would be so great? Fortunately I’ve lost my memories, otherwise I would have been rolled into a ball and kneaded and pinched around by you guys, do you guys take me as someone who is easily bullied? If I had done something wrong, I am willing to own up to it, but you guys on the other hand, still act the victim. I now realize, everything I did, I did for a reason, you guys treating me like this, don’t tell me I can’t retaliate even a little bit? ”

“Can you be reasonable at all? ”

“I can. “Feng Ning fiercely nodded, then she really began to reason with him: “You said it yourself, after taking me as your wife, forget about whether you liked me or not, or whether you were willing, after we married, did you treat me well? ”

“……” Long San was stunned in a moment, then vaguely muttered for a long time, “You ate and lived well, weren’t mistreated, also had servants to wait on you……”

Feng Ning with a wave of her hand, interrupted him, continued to ask: “Do you know what color clothes I like to wear? ”

“……” He looked at what she was wearing right now, it was aquamarine.

“Do you know what dishes I like to eat?”

The dishes that appeared in Long San’s mind were the ones at Zhen Wei Lou where they were a moment ago, before when he was in the residence, he indeed did not pay any attention to her.

Seeing that he could not say anything, Feng Ning sounded a “hmph”, then continued to ask, “Do you know what I like to play with? ”

Long San cast his eyes down, and saw the kite and small wooden doll that she had placed on the table, Feng Ning shouted loudly at him: “You don’t know anything, you’re still my husband, how exactly are you acting like one? And you still have the nerve, I’m ashamed for you. ”

The more she thought about it, the angrier she got, with a turn of her head she ran. As she was coming out the doorway, she happened to run into Long Er, she gave him a ferocious glare, making Long Er  completely bewildered.

After entering through the door, Long Er asked: “What’s wrong with that crazy woman? ”

Long San had still not come around, clearly it was she who had done him wrong, how come she was embarrassed for him, most importantly, the things she said, to think he felt he was unable to refute. He lifted his eyes and looked at Long Er, shrugged his shoulders, and with some helplessness: “She’s throwing a tantrum. ”

“I know she lost her temper, her voice that loud, we can hear it even in the distance. ”

“I told her about the wedding ceremony, she was angry.” Long San picked up the wooden doll from the table, and pondered, what kind of illness could change a person’s character completely?

Long Er was unhappy: “This method of yours, is it really okay? That woman is really weird now, and we have no idea what exactly is going on. Yu Mama told me today, she thinks it’s still better to have someone come and do some exorcism, who knows, it might actually be some demonic possession. You keep worming your way to be friends with her, but while disclosing your thoughts, you should still be cautious, don’t ultimately end up being hoodwinked by her. ”

“I know.” Long San had traveled throughout Jiang Hu* and had seen countless people, he could read people’s hearts clearly. He pushed the wooden doll around, watched its head sway on the table, he said, “When she didn’t know who I was, she told me more than what she mentioned to you and Yu Mama. You didn’t see her expression at that time, she said if there is sincere treatment, there must be some reciprocation, I can see that she genuinely wants to get along well with our family.” He thought for a bit, furrowed his brows, and poked the wooden doll again: “At the very least, this Feng Ning is sincere. ”

Long Er reminded him: “I’m just afraid that she’ll remember the past and have bad intentions again. Anyway, in short, just be more careful, and maintain some distance. ”

“That’s natural, don’t we all maintain distance ourselves?. ”

Long Er nodded, the three brothers each have their own strengths, Long San has traveled all over Jiang Hu and has had dealings with all kinds of people. There are times when he is better at taking care of such strange occurrences. He said to Long San: “Then I’ll leave this matter in your hands, tomorrow I will be going on a trip, I reckon it will take about ten days to half a month and then I’ll be back, I’m letting you know first, if there are any disturbances, you should first keep an eye out. ”

Long San complied, the brothers chatted for a while, and then Long Er left. Long San looked at the wooden doll, then summoned a servant: “Go tell San FuRen’s** residence, from now on when I’m home, have San FuRen come to my place to eat. The kitchen staff doesn’t need to send any food over to her residence.”

The servant accepted the order and left, Long San poked the wooden doll, clenched his teeth and said: “If you’re that fierce again, no food for you. ”

The next morning, Long San was in the middle of practicing Martial arts when Feng Ning arrived. He was surprised: “Here so early?” Feng Ning angrily pouted and sat on a stone bench in the yard: “Didn’t you say I had to come here to eat? ”

Long San looked at her astounded, he kept looking and looking,  and then began to laugh loudly, indeed, food is the most effective method for dealing with her.

“What are you laughing at?” Feng Ning was very unhappy.

“Still angry?” Long San put his sword down, went back into his room and changed clothes, when he came out she still had a stern expression.

“Why don’t you try marrying a pig? ”

Long San kneaded his temples: “Alright, I’ll apologize to you. ”

Feng Ning made a “hmph” sound,  she asked: “When is the food coming?” With this turn of conversation, Long San couldn’t help but laugh again, Feng Ning glared at him, “Laughing again? Let me tell you, if it weren’t for the fact that there are more dishes when we both eat together, I wouldn’t be willing to eat on the same table as you.”

“Yes, yes, thank you for this honor, I’ll make sure to let them know to make some more tasty ones, plenty more dishes.”

Feng Ning muttered: “That’s more like it. ”

Today’s breakfast under Long San’s urging was quickly served, as suspected, the food here was better and more plentiful, once Feng Ning ate her fill, her mood also distinctly improved, she told Long San: “Let me tell you, from now on, you should stay at home every day. ”

Long San having now already adapted to her train of thought, began laughing without thinking, sure enough, Feng Ning went on to say: “If you’re are at home, I’ll be able to eat with you. ”

“Yes, yes. “Long San agreed, he could not help but be provoked to keep laughing by her satisfied expression.

The two sat together after eating, and continued the unfinished conversation from yesterday. Turns out, after Feng Ning was married, the Feng family head lived there for one more month and left. Feng Ning stayed at the Long Residence, she would frequently take her dowry maid out to play, and often inquired about inside information as well as their family property, but because of the mess involving the two families, Long San hid from her, Long Er guarded against her, and Long Da took his wife to live elsewhere.

Feng Ning ate small snacks while assessing the situation: “The restlessness must have been your guys’ own perception, who knows, I may not have been that bad. “After a little bit, she said again: “You see, you guys ignored me, do you think I would be okay? Maybe it was in order to get your attention, and I was sincerely concerned about your family. ”

Long San took her snack box away: “Do you still want to listen?” Even food is unable to shut her up, he truly bought it in vain.

“I want to listen, keep going.” Feng Ning snatched the box back and hugged it, but decided instead to attack a plate of grapes on the side.

So Long San continued speaking. As time dragged on, Feng Ning lost patience, Long San was often not at home,  so she began to befriend Long Er, she would even personally make pastries for him, she also made tea and sent it over to him, and also invited him to go out and play, but no Long Er didn’t fall for it, Feng Ning understanding her place,  then went back home for half a year.

During this time, the Long Family held onto some hope that the unpleasant things she went through in the past half year would dismiss any thought of returning, but to their surprise, the Feng Ning who was raised nice and healthy at the Feng Residence, came back again.

This time when she came back, her behavior was evidently restrained a bit, but she began to show interest in the Long Family’s business and their family secrets. At that time, rumors began to circulate about the Long Family’s treasure, Long San also began to run into troubles outside, everyone’s attention were focused on the bad things outside of Jiang Hu, ignoring the situation at home. So one night, Feng Ning ran off with the Long Family’s treasure, fortunately the Long Family noticed early on, and tracked her all the way, finding her outside the city at the Liang River.

The rest, Feng Ning already knows. The Long Family found her at the Liang River bank and saved her, she had hit her head and lost her memory. She thought and thought, and then asked, “Long San, according to your guys’ suspicion, it was my family that sent me here to steal the treasure? ”

Long San muttered ambiguously for a bit: “The probability of that is high. You married into the family, but you didn’t receive benefits, your family was most likely disappointed. You went home for such a long time, after coming back, the news about the Long Family treasure was spread out, the timing coincided. ”

“From then on, did you start running into trouble? ”

Long San nodded.

“What kind of troubles? ”

“Assassination. I was attacked several times, but it didn’t always relate to this.”After all, he was a master of drawing trouble, this much he knew very well.

“Oh.” Feng Ning remembered Xiao Qing saying that San Ye had been attacked and struck on the head. “The matter of you being attacked, do you have any leads? ”

“Actually there is.” Long San took out a box, opened it and drew from it a knotted rope: “This is from one time when I was in the middle of fighting and cut it from the head assassin’s wrist. On that occasion, I think it was directed at the Long Family. ”

Feng Ning pulled it closer to examine it carefully, the knotted rope was weaved together using many brightly colored threads, could it possibly be an identification? As if reading her thoughts,  Long San said: “The other assassins didn’t have this on their wrists, only that one person. It probably wasn’t some kind of organization identification. ”

Feng Ning nodded, in her opinion, it was more like a small keepsake weaved by a woman sending it to her lover. Long San said: “I’m not going to keep it from you, Yu Mama kept thinking the matter of my injury had to do with you, she went through all the things in your room, but could not find any evidence, only then did she give up. ”

“It’s no wonder she hated me so much. “Feng Ning’s mouth twitched, she felt very upset. How could she do such horrible things, to have an illicit affair as well as conspiring to kill her husband, these types of malicious things, she definitely would not be able to do.

But that night, Feng Ning did not sleep, she thought about one thing. It wasn’t why or for whom she stole it, buthow?

The more she thought about it, the more she felt there was something wrong, if she had secretly inquired about the whereabouts of the treasure, shouldn’t she have had a map or tools or something, she knows martial arts, then where’s her weapon? This room, even a knife was scarce, it was clean, just like a normal madam of a house.

She turned over and sat up, and started rummaging around the room, she who had already plotted by herself for a long time, it was impossible that there were no clues left behind. Although that Yu Mama did not find anything, it may have been that she hid it too well. She quietly looked through every nook and cranny, the cabinets, the table, beneath the bed,  she looked through all of them, but there was nothing.

Feng Ning looked over everything, her eyes fell upon a jewelry box, she walked over, opened it, it was only a simple square box, inside were several pieces of jewelry, Feng Ning weighed it in her hand, there wasn’t anything wrong with its weight, but she had looked through the entire room, only this box she had not examined carefully. So she poured everything out, she felt around, looked it over up and down, and noticed something wrong with the color at the bottom of the box. She reached and dug, unexpectedly, the bottom could actually be removed. Inside, some rope lightly slipped out.

Feng Ning was stunned.


*江湖Jiang Hu: The pugilist world

** 三夫人San FuRen: Third madam


14 thoughts on “Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 10

  1. I always love Feng Ning sense of humor and the things that comes out of her mouth.

    Omg the mystery is getting so exciting. One step closer. Can’t wait for the next chapter to find out more.

    Thanks Karma & Afaasun.

    • I know haha. Feng Ning has such snappy replies, and her logic is always so weird.

      I think you asked in the last post when it’ll start to unravel? Well, it’s quite some way ahead because between now and then, a lot of the story starts to focus more on the feelings between Feng Ning and Long San. The clues are laid throughout, but they only really get stronger leads later on.

  2. Oh oh, why does she have the rope, could she really be the culprit? But…. why???? This lead is crazy. What deep grudge does she have against Long San to actually attempt assassinating him…

    • Haha, Feng Ning is just as confused as you are at this point.
      But if you think about it, the way everyone treated her during her previous stay, she probably didn’t have any good feelings towards any of them, which would explain why everyone believes that she planned the assassination.
      Wait and see what happens!

      • Guess just patiently wait for the great revelation then. Good job picking what’s best to translate. Hehe 😀

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