My Childhood Favorite Part 1-The Magic Pudding:The Adventures Of Bunyip Bluegum

The Magic Pudding

I remember fondly the young me thinking how cool it would be to have a pudding that can never finish even if you chomp on it, giving a savory meal and dessert in one pot. Albeit a bare feet walking pudding must score low on the hygiene chart.

Anyhow, this is as the title sat the adventures of Bunyip Bluegum the Koala, which started off when he met Bill Barnacle the sailor and Sam Sawnoff the penguin. They are in constant effort to rid off the pudding thieves Possum and Wombat. Although Albert the Pudding never doubts in showing that he would rather be with the thieves than the members of the Noble Society of Pudding Owners, because of their insatiable appetites.

This book is a fun and adventurous classic, I highly recommend for your kids.

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