Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 8


Starting this week, we have Karma editing the translation, but she’s actually a native speaker, so we are lucky to have footnotes to the chapter. We are going to collaborate on this project, hopefully this will increase the fun.

The picture has nothing to do with this chapter (bummer!), albeit they’re getting there, this is Long San and Feng Ning being lovey dovey in my imagination.

So, our couple are getting to know each other, and even being partners in “crime”. They are so cute together………

Mrs. Long San the Hired Assassin


Long San followed Feng Ning running all the way out the door, Feng Ning suddenly said, “Oops, I do not need to run, I have a patron. “ Long San replied:” Food heist patron? That is definitely not me. ”

Feng Ning grumpily glared at him, Long San said: ” A patron for buying something to eat, that I’m more than willing to be.”

“Hmph.” Feng Ning said,” then I’m forced to rely on you then . ”

Long San smiled, then took Feng Ning along towards the east of the downtown area. Feng Ning had never shopped here before, she looked curiously at everything she saw along the way, one moment taking a liking to a fancy clay figurine, saying to Long San: “I want that.” Another moment, fancying a wooden doll, saying,” I want to buy this one. ” Otherwise it was after very confidently picking out a kite, then telling Long San: “Fish out the money.”

Long San actually felt awkward, it’s not that he was stingy with money, but this woman is really taking him to be her husband. Thinking back when they would both stay at home and only exchange a few words, now she didn’t have any memory, and is completely unaffected by the past, she has entirely changed. But he cannot, ah, he remembers her clearly, he holds no ill feelings,  but he is afraid it’s impossible.

This completely different Feng Ning laughs so happily, simple and candid, like a child. Most importantly, she kept a secret, now she has lost her memory, it’s a good opportunity to dig it out, and he had set out to get this from her.

As he was thinking this, he suddenly heard Feng Ning ask:” Husband, where did I enjoy  to go play before?”

“I don’t know, I had never gone out with you.”

Feng Ning was stunned for a bit: “Didn’t you say it’s almost been three years? Not even once?”

Long San quietly replied “mm”,  he said: “You would always go with your dowry maid.”

Feng Ning coming to a realization, tightly hugged the toys she just bought, forced a smile and said: “Then we can conveniently count this as a make-up for that.”

They fell into an awkward silence, after walking a while, Long San saw a restaurant, feeling somewhat relieved, he tugged Feng Ning and said: “This ZhenWei Lou is the most famous in the city, let’s go there.” Feng Ning was not one to refuse and followed behind him.

Long San was obviously very well acquainted with the place, the waiters and shopkeeper all knew him, when they saw him, they immediately came up and greeted: “San Ye.”

Long San asked for a private dining on the second floor, with a window overlooking Qingyang Lake, the scenery was quite good. Feng Ning put her belongings down, circled the room, listening to Long San praising the beautiful landscape, she went to the window and saw the clear lake, boats rowing on it, it was very enjoyable. Feng Ning looked at the Lake, but all at once felt dizzy, she held her head and then suddenly crouched down.

Long San was startled, he hurriedly held out a hand to support her, “What’s wrong with you?” Feng Ning stayed in silence for a while, then finally propped back up and leaned on the table, intentionally choosing a position with her back against the window: “When I see water, I feel like I am going to pass out. ”

Long San remembered the time he was with her at the cold river, she was also looking down at the river when she suddenly squatted down, presumably because of the same problem.

At this point, the waiter came in, poured hot tea, brought hot towels to wipe their hands, he glanced at Feng Ning, then smiled at Long San prying for gossip: “San Ye, this young lady is-?”

Long San took the menu from his hand, naturally changing the topic: “I haven’t been here for many days, do you have any new dishes?”

The waiter was someone who understood implications, when he did not get an answer, he hurriedly named the dishes. Feng Ning naturally could also tell from the conversation, she was a unsuitable-to- be-shown-in-public ‘Mrs. Long San’ . Feeling angry, she interrupted the waiter and said: “No need to read out the menu, just pick ten of the most fresh and expensive dishes, six meat and four vegetarian, if it’s not expensive, I don’t want it.”

The waiter, dumbfounded, looked at Long San. Feng Ning said: “what are you looking at, are you afraid San Ye can’t afford it?”

“No, no, I’m going right now, right now.” The waiter figured this lady was not one to be provoked, Long San also seemed to be fine with it, so he quickly withdrew.

Feng Ning let out a “hmph” sound, and unhappily scratched the table. Long San sighed: “This marriage between you and I was never made public, I have many friends in the city, if our marriage was talked of today, it is unavoidable that others would start questioning, which would naturally lead to having to explain, furthermore, you don’t remember anything, and throughout all this, there are many troublesome matters, therefore not saying anything is better than saying anything at all. ”

Feng Ning turned away, and “hmph”ed another sound, she’s not happy, who cares about stinking logic. Long San upon seeing this, paid her no heed, thankfully the appetizers arrived quickly, only now Feng Ning’s expression eased up, she picked up her chopsticks, and began to have a smiling expression.

Long San, seeing her happily eating, placed the second dish in front of her. He looked at her and said: “A starving ghost reborn.”

Feng Ning without looking at him, “Hmph”ed again, and then continued to stuff the food into her mouth. Long San looked at her and said: “You ‘hmph’ one more time, forget about the other dishes.”

“That won’t do, you already agreed to take me here to eat. “Feng Ning hearing that, finally responded.

“Do you know how much this meal of yours costs? You still dare to ‘ Hmph ‘ me. ”

“If you don’t want me to ‘hmph’, I won’t ‘hmph’!” Feng Ning partially emphasized the “hmph”; actually it counted as her “hmph”ing an extra two times. Afterwards, she felt she had taken advantage of him, so she secretly felt happy. Then she suddenly thought of it and quickly laid out his faults: “You’ve never taken me out to eat before, so now eating a good meal for the first time, it’s making up for that. What money? Stingy! ”

He said he had never been out with her before, therefore naturally never brought her out to eat, even without her memories, she can still grasp his weak point and threaten him, thus she was immensely pleased with herself, her raised eyebrows and pouting mouth expression was so rich, Long San couldn’t help but reach out and knock her on her head.

Feng Ning clutched her head, glared at him, then continued eating. Actually, this Wei Zhen Lou’s food indeed tasted good, dishes were also served quickly, Feng Ning, bite after bite, felt happier and happier.

After tasting each dish, she began to get down to business: “Long San, are you sincere in helping me to find the truth?”

“Long San?”

“You don’t recognize me as your wife,  and if I call you Husband I would be at a huge disadvantage. Furthermore, didn’t you want to conceal the truth? If I call you Husband, isn’t that just giving it away? And I’m not your servant, so I wouldn’t call you master. ”

Long San choked, and could only answer: “Alright, it’s up to you.”

Feng Ning asked again: “You’re genuinely helping me right? There’s no hidden intentions*?”

“What hidden intentions?”

“I don’t remember anything, who knows what you guys are plotting. So far, you are the only one from the Long Family who is nice to me. Even though you are my husband, but everyone said that we don’t have a good relationship, therefore, you suddenly being kind to me, leading me to have some doubts is normal right?”

“True enough, just like how we suspect you.”

Feng Ning seriously looked into his eyes, Long San calmly returned her gaze, Feng Ning asked “You say that I stole something, what is it?”

“My grandfather’s left behind treasure, a map, placed in a small box. His dying wish was to pass it on from generation to generation, and never lose it. ”

“A map?”Feng Ning eyes lit up: “Is there a very valuable treasure hidden? ”

“Really, there are all kinds of rumors out there, some say it is a treasure, some say it is weapons, there are also those who say it is a book of secrets**. ”

“Then what exactly is this treasured object? ”

“We do not know, and do not intend to dig it out. Somehow it spread to the streets, so it attracted some people’s desire to obtain it. ”

“Then this period of time, did it correspond with when I married you? What I mean is, did I marry you to steal the treasure? ”

“The rumors started about a year ago, at that time you had already married into the family.”

Feng Ning said, “Then when did I start to show interest in the treasure? Or maybe you didn’t notice, so I was able to get my hands on it? ”

“From the day we married, you were already interested in the Long Family’s power and wealth, or should I say, the Feng family was interested in these things.”

Feng Ning, although prepared, still sighed: “So that’s why you guys did not like me.”Long San didn’t say anything, because the matter was indeed like this.

Feng Ning thought for a while and said “Long San, I may have had an accomplice. The day I fled and got injured, I woke up on the shore of the river, at that time a man ran over and asked me where the thing was, he even rummaged through my body looking for it, later people from the Long Family came, and he escaped. ”

“We also thought you must have had help.”

“But I didn’t see his face clearly,  and what I can’t figure out is, if he was my accomplice, why didn’t he come and save me, that day the Long Family had not yet arrived, he could have taken me away. But he didn’t, he just ran away by himself. ”

Long San furrowed his brows, it was certainly strange. After Feng Ning was brought back, her body as well as anywhere near the river had been searched, but the stolen item was not found, they think it fell into the river and had been washed away. But if the perpetrator behind the scenes is not found, they found it hard to feel at ease.

Feng Ning then added: “Another point, whether it was my family who sent me to steal it, or an outsider who sent me,  the item was not obtained, therefore they should have a next move, right? “ She suddenly felt a sense of anticipation:” Or maybe they don’t know that I have lost my memory, so they will try to contact me, at that time, won’t we catch them red-handed? ”

“But what if they already obtained it, or already know that you do not remember?” Long San reminded her, “Then wouldn’t they want to silence you? ” This was not an impossibility, at that time, the person by the river could abandon Feng Ning without a care, then of course, now, there is also the possibility of them harming her.

Long San looked at Feng Ning’s round-eyed look of surprise, he was about to speak, when suddenly they heard footsteps outside coming towards the private dining, Long San quickly said: “We’ll continue talking after we get back.”

His voice had just dropped when someone pushed open the door and walked in, a man with a clear voice said: “Long San, you despicable fellow, this is too much. Back in Beijing, and not even a hello.” As they heard the voice, a pair of young man and woman came in.

Feng Ning took a look, brocade robes, jade belt, adorned in jewels, these two were clearly from a wealthy family. The girl came in, upon seeing Long San, her eyes fixated on him, she delicately called: “San GongZi*.” Her sweet and soft voice, bashful tone, matched with a red face, even an idiot could see her intentions.

Feng Ning’s heart immediately felt uncomfortable, no matter how distant they were said to be, he is still her husband, when did it become okay for another woman to look at him with those kinds of intentions.

Feng Ning shot daggers at Long San, mentally cursing this capricious flower boy. Long San patted her hand under the table in order to calm her, then got up to greet the two: “Brother Qin, Miss Qin, what a coincidence.”

“It really is, this little sister of mine was longing to see a certain person, and insisted on coming here to eat, to our surprise the waiter told us that that certain person was also here today, tell me if this is truly not a coincidence, our fate should not be taken lightly.” The young man finished and laughed, prompting the girl to pout and playfully stomp her feet.

Long San lightly smiled but did not continue on the subject, instead he introduced both parties: “Qin Chang and Qin Yayin, this is Feng Ning.”

The Qin siblings sat down, exchanged a few pleasantries with Long San, one could tell from the exchange that they were all very familiar with each other, Feng Ning naturally could not take part in the conversation, so she just minded her own business and continued to eat. Unexpectedly after a while, Qin Yayin turned the conversation to her: “Miss Feng you look very unfamiliar, I have never seen you before.”

Long San was about to answer, but Feng Ning beat him to it: “Miss has never seen me, I’ve only just arrived at the Long Family residence. ”

“Oh?  Then Miss Feng and San GongZi’s … ” the word ‘relationship’ was omitted, but Qin YaYin’s meaning was obvious. Feng Ning rushed to answer again: “I am Long SanYe’s hired bodyguard, an assassin.”

The word killer is a heavy one, Qin Chang almost sprayed his tea out, Long San’s hired assassin? He looked at Long San, Long San calmly watched Feng Ning, Feng Ning flashed a smiled at him and continued to take a bite of food.

Qin YaYin was frightened by this answer for a moment, not knowing how to react, she blankly repeated: “Assassin? ”

“Uh-huh. “Feng Ning wiped her mouth with a cloth and stared at Qin Yayin, then mysteriously said:” San Ye worries too much, there are things that he can’t solve, so he could only, at a costly price, request me to…… “she turned to Long San, smiled sweetly, turned back to stare at a Qin YaYin and said:” To kill all the women that pester him! ”


*阴谋诡计 – Crafty plots and machinations; to be secretly scheming something. The author actually uses this phrase three times throughout the text, but it’s been changed to make translations smoother.

**秘籍 – The word used here can be translated differently as it could be ‘rare collections’, ‘secret book’, etc. I wasn’t too sure of what it was referring to, so I took some creative liberties.

***三公子 San GongZi – Just another way to refer to Long San in a respectful way, similar to 三爷 SanYe.

“Go out to play” here refers to hanging out.

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  1. Thank you so much for the translation! This is such a wonderful story, I’m deeply hooked. I would be one of your silent followers as don’t comment all the time, talk about being lazy. Nonetheless, I thank you all the time inside my heart. Keep it up, and we welcome you Karma! ^^

  2. “San Ye worries too much, there are things that he can’t solve, so he could only, at a costly price, request me to……to kill all the women that pester him!” – I love Feng Ning wits. I have a weakness for strong witty female heroines.

    As always thank you for the chapter afaasun! 😉

  3. the last sentence…lol…that would put the qin girl backing down if she’clever 🙂

    i love that feng ning, despite losing her memory, is witty n has a sharp logic. i suspect she’s always been like this before the memory loss cos a person’s personality just doesn’t change drastically.

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