Beloved Fictional Character: Hercule Poirot by Agatha Christie


This Belgian, retired police officer, is one of my favorite and endearing characters. Appearing in more than 30 novels, and several short stories,  Monsieur Poirot with his signature curled upward moustache, is also very loved by fans young or old, countless small screen adaptations attest to that. He is very much egocentric , keeping crucial and important information about the cases that they are investigating from his beloved sidekick Captain Hastings, I think this is because he doesn’t like people stealing his thunder. Well, who would?

I did enjoy the TV series where Poirot was portrayed by David Suchet, but again, I am more of a book person than a TV person, so M. Poirot for me will always be the one I visualize from my years of being an Agatha Christie Fan.

Link to read some of Agatha Christie’s books

6 thoughts on “Beloved Fictional Character: Hercule Poirot by Agatha Christie

  1. Love Agatha Cristie’s books but prefer Conan Doyle’s mysteries.

    I do not know why but I loved Holmes character whereas Poirot was not someone I loved to read…
    But do admit some books are enjoyable ( have not read all ). 🙂

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