Smaradahana: Prologue Part 2

“Why are you here?” Dewa Kamajaya asked when he saw his wife hiding amongst the bushes.

“My husband, that was Batara Guru, who you just shot with your arrow. Why did you do that? If he finds out he would never forgive you…” She cried.

“Ratih, my wife. I had to do it, for the good of all Jonggringsalaka. The demon army has already cracked our defense system. This was my obligation to our people and to our kind.” He replied.

“And what about me? What about your obligations to me as your wife?”

“We should go back,” He sighed in dismay.

“What’s that sound?” She jumped up.

There was a large crashing sound and the mountain trembled, Dewa Kamajaya signed for his wife to be quiet as he slowly crept to check out the situation. Dewi Kamaratih followed closely behind him, holding on firmly to his  arm. They slowly moved forward amongst the tree approaching the source of the loud noise. Dewa Kamajaya was struck with awe when he saw the vision before him. A giant was walking, in his steps the trees tumbled and crashed to the ground. Dewa Kamajaya looked up to observe him, he could see the giant large fangs reaching under his chin. His huge arms swept from left to right to remove the trees from in front of him.

“It’s Nilarudraka, the Demon King…” He whispered to his wife. “He must have put his troops as a decoy, so that the heavenly army would concentrate their men at the Southern Wall, while he breaches Jonggringsalaka from Mount Mahameru.”

“What should we do?” She gasped.

“Neither you or I have enough power to face him, we must hurry back to Indraloka to report this situation to Batara Indra.” He reasoned, “Come on, let’s retreat, be careful not to make any noise.”

They both walked slowly trying to hide themselves under the protective shades of the bushes. Dewi Kamaratih rushed behind him, when she accidently stepped on a branch provoking a loud cracking noise.

Nilarudraka stopped when he heard the sound, he looked to his surrounding, “Come out!” He boomed, “I know you’re there!”

Dewa Kamajaya ducked under a large branch, covering his wife’s head with his body.

“You should go, quickly and inform the High Gods,” She whispered.

“But what about you?” He protested.

“I cannot travel as fast as you, so I will only slow you down. I’ll distract him from you so you can escape.”She said firmly.

“But what if he catches you?” He asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll divert his attention, and once I’ve considered that you’ve gained a good distance, I’ll follow.” She paused, “As you said, this is for our people and our kind.”

He sighed, he caressed her cheeks, “Be careful…” He whispered.

“You be careful too…”

He kissed her lips, before jumping back and taking flight.

Dewi Kamaratih sat on the ground in a lotus position, she recited mantra. A blue light shone from her body transcended into the air and shot down before Nilarudraka’s feet.

“Ha…ha…ha….” He laughed, “Did the rulers of heaven decide to send a beautiful angel to appease me, so I won’t attack?

“You ugly abomination!” She shouted, “We heavenly beings are not afraid of you…”

“Harsh words coming out of that beautiful mouth….” His voice made the ground shake, “I like that, I think I will enjoy your beauty before I move onto conquer Jonggringsalaka. You can chose to be submissive and surrender yourself to me, or I can take you by force.”

“Only if you can catch me…” She dared him before running towards the direction away from Indraloka.

‘Ha…ha…ha…” Nilarudraka laughed again, “I’m going to enjoy ripping your clothes off and touching your white silky skin. I’ll give you time to change your mind, come here and give yourself to me, and I’ll make you my queen.”

Dewi Kamaratih continued running away, she jumped sideways and disappeared under the trees.”

Nilarudraka became upset. He chased after her, she was going to be his entertainment, and he wasn’t going to let her escape. He swept his arms to knock the trees out off their roots, to clear his way. She tried to hide from him, but he could see the edge of her waist cloth flowing in the air. He laughed at her silliness and hurried after her.

Dewi Kamaratih opened her eyes and smiled. She stood up from her sitting position and quickly flew towards Indraloka, she knew that it won’t be long before the Demon King realizes that what he was chasing  was only an astral projection of her. And when he does, he’ll be twice as angry. But she was sure that she would be safe by the time he catches up to her decoy because she was flying and he was running while knocking down trees.

* * *

Batara Guru reached the door of his residence. He opened the door and entered. His heart was beating profusely for some strange reason.

“My husband?”Batari Parwati’s eyes shined, “You’re home….”

“Come….” He took her hand and led her to the divan, “It’s been too long…..”

He lifted my chin with his hand, pressing his lips against hers, he sucked her lips gently. Her heart began to jump as if it came alive beating out of control pumping the heated blood throughout her body. His tongue pried open her mouth, pushing, sensing, and exploring. She responded by greeting him with hers, welcoming him in complete submission.

He groaned holding back his eagerness he wet kissed her neck, biting gently and licking her skin. She quivered overwhelmed by sensation that had been deprived from her for a long time. He cupped her breast and began kneading it gently, she couldn’t help but moan as she yearned the feeling that invaded her senses. He slowly loosened the fabric that covered her body exposing her bare chest to the air. He lowered his head kissing her bosom then putting her nipple into his mouth and slowly sucking it. She felt a tingle at the excitement he awoke in her.

She couldn’t help but sigh as his tongue circled her left nipple, caressing it then pulling it softly with his mouth. He pushed her down gently to the divan, standing only a few inches away from her, he began to take off his clothing. The sight of his arousal made her blush but her longing for him was too strong. He crawled slowly on the bed, his strong hands slowly grasping her body. She could hear him groan as he pushed himself, becoming one with her, melting away the centuries of separation, distance, and isolation.

* * *

“Batara Guru, we are glad to see you finally back here in Indraloka,” Batara Indra took his arm. “Please, sit, there is something we need to consult you about.”

Batara Guru took his seat as his wife sat on the lower chair by his side, he looked at the other Gods surrounding him, ready to listen.

“During the time you were meditating at Mount Mahameru the Demon Army attacked, lead by Nilarudraka the Demon King. As of today they have succeeded in breaking the protective wall, our army is holding them back as much as we can, but we don’t know how long we can hold them back, they have more soldiers than us.”

Batara Guru nodded his head while rubbing his chin, “Hm..that is a dire situation…” He muttered.

“Batara Guru, there is a way to defeat the demon king…” Batara Brahma said carefully, “According to the prophecy, the child born of you and Batari Parwati can destroy him.”

Batara Guru nodded, “I have consummated my marriage with her, today. As my seed is in her womb, I will transfer my force to her so that the fetus will grow and develop fast.”

* * *

“Hyang Narada….Batara Narada…” Dewa Kamajaya called out to the stout old man.

“Dewa Kamajaya, why are you out of breath?” He asked.

Dewa Kamajaya dropped to the ground, clasping his hands in front of his chest and saluting the higher God, “I report that I have just returned from Mount Mahameru, there was a ruckus there, and when my wife and I went to check it out, we found that the Demon King Nilarudraka had stolen inside Jonggringsalaka. She stayed behind to distract him, so I can warn the rulers of heaven about this situation.”

“My word, the two of you have done such a great deed to save us. We are forever indebted to you.” He exclaimed, “Come, we must go quickly to the Palace of the High Gods, so you can report this situation.”

Dewa Kamajaya rushed behind Batara Narada, they headed to the Palace, the guards recognized the right-hand man of Batara Guru and let him in immediately.

‘Trouble…trouble…” Batara Narada cried out as he reached the hall.

Batara Guru was sitting behind his wife, his hands pressed against her back, there was a red light radiating from his palm. Batari Parwati’,s face was soaked in sweat from the heat that was flowing into her body. Dewa Kamajaya could see that Her stomach seem to be bulging as if she was a few months pregnant, unlike the way she was when he saw her earlier today.

“There is trouble in Jonggringsalaka…” Batara Narada repeated.

The Rulers of heaven turned their heads to look at him.

“Dewa Kamajaya has reported that he saw Nilarudraka at Mount Mahameru a few moments ago, he has sneaked into our territory and he is creating havoc as we speak…”

“Is this true my son?” Batara Brahma asked.

“It is, father,” Dewa Kamajaya replied.

Batara Guru opened his eyes, “At Mount Mahameru?” He repeated, he looked at Dewa Kamajaya sharply, then his brows began to crinkle. “It was you!” He barked, “I saw that plumeria flower when I was awakened from my meditation. You were the one who did it. You shot me with your pancawisesa arrow to incite sexual passion and desire in my heart. How dare you a lesser God play tricks on me, The Supreme Teacher?”

“Forgive me, my divine lord,” Dewa Kamajaya dropped to the ground, “I did it so you would procreate with your divine wife, to bear the champion who can save us from Nilarudraka…”

Batara Guru couldn’t hear what Dewa Kamajaya was saying, he was in rage, he felt that he had been humiliated and played with by a lesser God. His form began to change, he grew bigger, his other arms came out of his body. He stood tall above the other Gods, his face red with anger. Suddenly his third eye, which was always closed began to open. From it’s pupil a red light came charging out towards Dewa Kamajaya.

Dewa Kamajaya screamed as his body combusted, his clothes and skin began to catch fire and burn, the floor that surrounded him also flamed up.

“My husband…” Dewi Kamaratih who had succeeded in escaping from Nilarudraka and had gain permission to enter the Palace screamed out as she saw her husband bursting into a blaze. His screams of pain shattered her heart, she could see his body jerking as his life left it.

“No…..I can never live without you, wait for me…” She cried and screamed in sorrow, jumping into the fire after him, she held his scorched dead body as the flames began to consume her skin and take her life away.

“Batara Guru, he was only doing my bidding. If you have to punish someone, it should be me. It was I who ordered him to shoot his arrow at you.” Batara Indra said sorrowfully.

“My husband, please have mercy…” Batari Parwati pleaded her huge belly made it difficult for her to kneel, “Please restore their lives, they were just trying to save us from the Demons.”

Batara guru had already calmed down. His third eye had closed again, and he was in his normal form, he took a deep breath and said, “I will not restore them to life. Let it be known that whoever dares to disturb my meditation again  will be severely punished. I do recognize Dewa Kamajaya’s heroism to Jonggringsalaka and his noble efforts to protect the heavenly plains. I also recognize his wife’s loyalty and love towards him. For his merit, I will grant him an opportunity to repent for his sins and be reborn in the realm of man and be reunited with his wife. But for his trickery, he will have to pay and since he is the God of Love, he will have to suffer the perils of love in every incarnation, until the thousandth rebirth.”

The other Gods bowed their heads and remained silent not daring to upset him again.

“We should get back to our problem…..” He said taking place behind his wife and continuing to flow his force to her.


Excerpt from Chapter 1

Los Angeles, California 2004 CE

“Hey Luna, the principle is looking for you,” Justin said as he nudged her on the back.

“Stop joking around, Justin!” Luna didn’t want to take her eyes off the computer, she was too busy typing in codes to try and break the lunch room administrator’s password. All the kids were tired of drinking the same lousy juice every week, so she decided to hack the menu and make a little change to it.

“I’m serious, there’s this new kid who just transferred in, he’s a foreigner he comes from your country and he doesn’t speak English. The Principle wants you to be his buddy until he adapts,” Justin explained.

“What? Now you see any old Asian person and you assume that he’s from my country, they have a name for that, you know. Racist!” She sassed.

“Stop being so prickly. He’s from Indonesia. That’s where you’re from, isn’t it?” Justin refuted.

Luna raised her head and looked at him, “Wow, you finally grew a brain…”

“Oh, shut up and get going!” He growled.

To be continued………


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  1. At first I thought the male lead and the female lead would be Batara Guru and Batari Parwati respectively.

    Is the heroine name Luna? Same with my online name 😃

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