Happy Saturday………

My blog has a new home now, instead of afaasun.wordpress.com, you can type in http://www.indoromance.com. I am committed into finishing my translation of BAMQ, but slowly, lately every time I work on it, it stresses me out trying to understand it. For example the last part of Chapter 154 had so many word “fart” in it, it provoked gasses……..

Any who….. I’ve been uploading my original work these pass few days, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. On my original work, I want to thank the following readers for their constant support;

  • cathdeary thanks for all your precious input
  • pinkylily  thanks for your kind attention
  • SM thank you for reading my story
  • Luna thank you for showing your interest

For everyone who liked my post I also thank you very much. For my friends who read my original work and like it, I would appreciate some show of love, by rating, liking or commenting, this fuels the creative flow….


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