Dan Brown: Inferno


I am an avid fan of Dan Brown, especially the Robert Langdon series, ever since I read The Davinci Code back in 2004, although, I must say back then, in my imagination, Langdon does not look like Tom Hanks, by the way. I like to stick to my personal portrayal of him. So I’m saving my money on cinema tickets for the upcoming movie adaptation.

Any way  last year when I heard that a new book to this series was coming out, I had my finger on my mouse ready to click the purchase button. I enjoyed it so much, a doomsday conspiracy story with a twist.

As per the cover picture of the book and the title, the story revolves around the first cantica of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alghieri. (There are mixed opinions on how this book influenced major world religions. I’m keeping my opinion on this to myself).


The story starts with Langdon waking up in a hospital in Florence with no recollection of what happened in the past day and a half. Thus beginning his adventure accompanied by a beautiful yet genius physician, and strangely being pursued by a sinister underground organization and the police. Such as the Da Vinci Code, he must use his expertise in Symbology to decipher the trail left by the villain that is mapped out in the contents of The Divine Comedy. His mission is to stop the leashing of a new genetically engineered plague to the world.


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