Currently Watching: Golden Time (Umechazuke)


Well I confess, as a mother of 4 and almost in my 40-s I still can’t let go of my love of Manga and Anime. This is my watch list for this weekend Umechazuke or Golden Time, I actually read the manga, since my favorite sites it’s still ongoing, I went and searched the Anime. And I tell you the anime, to me is drama grade. I personally think this would make a better live action adaptation than Hana Yori Dango and all it’s versions.


Tada Banri is a freshman in a the Faculty of Law in a private University. There he met Kaga Koko who entered the University to pursue her childhood love Yanagisawa Mitsuo, who she was determine to marry. The story follows Tada Banri’s love life and experience through his college days, as well as rediscovering himself as he was in an accident upon graduating high school which left him with amnesia. (I picked up another memory loss theme).


This is the link to my favorite anime site.


4 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Golden Time (Umechazuke)

  1. are already a mother of 4.

    I am a mother of 2 girls and full time working mother plus pursuing masters. I really take my hat off to you for managing to find time to do translation.

    Way to go!

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