Ricochet Part 13

My goodness, and here I thought I was going to spend the rest of my day streaming Supernatural, but I end up opening my WP and typing away…..have a good day guys, enjoy the chapter…


Tia heard her cell phone ringing again. She threw it into her drawer and stacked her clothes on top of it. She closed the drawer and jumped on to her bed.

He had been calling her since the day after the party, but she wasn’t ready to speak to him. Tia was feeling unsure about herself and about her relationship with Ahmed.

She spent the whole day in her bedroom, she didn’t feel like talking to anyone, much less her crazy cousin who seemed to magically appear in front of her door every time her cellphone would ring persuading her to answer her phone and talk to Ahmed.

“Don’t be stupid. All you need to do is talk to him and be nice to him. Let him see you but don’t give him anything more than a smile. If you keep avoiding him, he’ll get bored and depressed, and then he might try to find consolation in his fiance…” Hafiz told her.

“Get out and stay out.” She threw the pillow at him.

“Remember what I told you, fly him like a kite…” He shouted threw the door.

Tia covered her head with her pillow to keep his voice from invading her ears.

* * *

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Ricochet Part 12

Usually, I prefer to drop a personal project when it doesn’t get many interests like this story or September Moon that way I can dedicate my time to pick up other projects. I’m thinking that this probably will be the last part published on the blog. When I get around to finish it, I will publish it through other medias.

“Hafiz, how are you enjoying the party?” Princess Latifa asked when they passed by her near the buffet table.

“It’s very nice. The food is delicious. Congratulations, on Ahmed’s engagement, I haven’t had a chance to speak to him, I think he’s still busy receiving all the well wishes from the guests.” He replied.

She glanced at Tia, “How do you know Miss Chang? I think she started working long after you left the company.”

“Tia is my….my childhood friend.”

“Ah, I see.” She nodded, “It was nice of you to dress your date up in exquisite clothes.” She looked at Tia from head to toe.

“Madame, thank you for your compliment, the dress was a gift from my aunt, and the diamond necklace was a gift from my cousin,” Tia told the truth.

“Tia has some well off family members.” Hafiz bragged subtly.

“I suppose so…” She mumbled displeased, “I’m going to greet the other guests.”

“That went well,” Hafiz said after Princess Latifa left, “At least she knows she’s not the only person with money in town.”

“I need to go to the restroom.” She replied, “Hey, remember that you’re supposed to be my date, cousin. So don’t go around hunting for skirts. It’s bad enough that Madame Al Rashid invited me here to see my boyfriend get engaged, I don’t want her to laugh at me when she sees my date hitting on other girls.”

“I know…I know, don’t you trust me?”

“Of course I don’t!”

* * *

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Ricochet Part 11

Tia observed the dress that her aunt had bought for her. Her eyebrows crunched in the middle of her forehead. She picked it up delicately observing it carefully. It was a white backless mermaid dress.

The door opened as her aunt stepped in. “What are you waiting for? Put it on!” She ordered.

“I don’t know, auntie, it looks very expensive. And the shoes too, it looks pricey.” Tia doubted.

“They are expensive!” Raden Nabila said. “The dress is a creation of the favorite designer of Latifa, I want to make sure she notices it and Hafiz was the one who suggested the style. The shoes, well I’m sure any woman would know what brand it is just by looking at the sole”

“Auntie, why did you spend so much money on these things?”

Raden Nabila smiled, “This is a matter of my pride. I hate the idea of that woman looking down on my family and humiliating them with money.”

“Umm…..isn’t it a little too sexy, especially if I’m trying to win her over? She already sees me a an easy woman because…..” Tia remembered who she was talking to and stopped.

Raden Nabila looked at her, “Why does she see you as an easy woman?”

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Ricochet Part 10

Ahmed bounced the ball against the ground and launched forward, seeing Jason stood in front of him with his legs wide apart trying to grab the ball from his hand. Ahmed stopped and turned his upper body to the left and threw the ball at Hafiz.

Hafiz dribbled the ball, alternating between his right and left hand, he propelled himself passing Ahmed and making a jump towards the ring, he extended his arm and slammed the ball as hard as he could, making it move through the hoop and drop to the ground.

Ahmed and Hafiz jumped for a high ten celebrating the minute victory.

Tia clapped her hands above her head as she cheered for them. “What do you mean, you’re not surprised? Don’t tell me you were the type of girlfriend who is jealous of every woman around her boyfriend.” She asked picking up on their conversation.

“You have him out of the house and playing basketball on a Saturday, when we were dating, he never had time for anything other than golf with the client or activities at the country club.I remember that I worked at the company for two years before he started noticing me, and that was because his sister in law invited me to a dinner so I could catch his attention. Can you imagine how I felt? And he’s like that to everyone, cold, nonchalant, and indifferent. Only thinking about work, work and work.”

“Oh really? He didn’t come across me as someone like that. From the first day that I arrived at the company, he had always been a kind, supportive and cordial boss. Especially about work, I mean he always followed up on my progress and he was always available to answer any questions.”

“Exactly! Do you know that he has Dodi reporting to him, what time you arrive and leave the office? ” Daniyati continued.

“Oh, come on! He asks that about everybody from my department.”

“Only from your department and it started after you joined the company….”

“Look, Daniyati. You’re already married to Jason, and Ahmed is my boyfriend now. Don’t you think it’s time to let go of your past jealousy? I know that when I started at the company you were his girlfriend, but that’s changed now. It was you who married someone else, remember? Also, I want you to know that there was nothing between us before we went to your wedding in Bali. In fact, for your information, he was in Bali because of you, he wanted to stop you from marrying Jason.”

“But he didn’t, even though he had the chance to, even though I…..I asked him to stop me from getting married. Because in two days he was already fixated in someone else. Think about it, is that even possible? Nobody falls in love in two days.”

“That’s enough!” Tia was getting angry and didn’t want to hear anymore. “Jason is my best friend, he has been since elementary school. I hope you’ll be a good and faithful wife for him. Forget about my boyfriend, and focus on your own husband.”

“But why are you such a hot head?” Daniyati was puzzled.

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Ricochet Part 9

Tia peeked through the curtains as the car drove up and parked in front of the gate. She saw Readen Nabila get down from the car, Hafiz remained seated in the front passenger’s seat. He waved to his mother who waved back at them before they both drove away.

“How’s the dinner?” Tia asked when she saw her aunt entering the house.

“It was nice, Ahmed brought us to a lovely restaurant near the bay,” Raden Nabila said.

“Ah, he’s a very good host.” Tia brooded.

“Mmm” Raden Nabila looked at her perceptively. “If you wanted to see him, why didn’t you come with us?”

Tia suspired, “I wish I could, but I think it’s in everybody’s interest if I stay away from him.”

“Everybody’s interest?” Raden Nabila looked at her inquisitively.

“Can I speak openly to you?” Tia was hesitating.

“You should, maybe I can help you!” Raden Nabila kissed her on both cheeks.

“Today Madame Al Rashid called me to her office. She pointed out a very painful fact to me. The company is having financial issues. One of their investors is thinking about withdrawing their investment.” She exhaled.

“Yes, I heard that from Ahmed.” Raden Nabila nodded.

“So you know that his mother wants him to marry the daughter of that investor so her father won’t continue with his plans.”

“He told me that too. But she can’t force him to marry if he doesn’t want to.” Raden Nabila smiled.

“That’s what confuses me. I know how Ahmed feels about me, and I know that he’s very sincere. And I can’t begin to describe my feelings for him. But today, Madame Al Rashid interviewed several employees in front of me, and all of them felt that the company plays a very important role in their lives. How working there helps provide for their family, how pays for their children’s education. These are people who have worked there for years, from the time the company started, people who are about to retire. They are my friends, my companions. I can’t let them lose their jobs because of me.” Tia bowed her head an looked at the floor.

“Hmm…..How slick, she’s using psychology to put pressure on her opponent.” Raden Nabila thought. Then she asked, “Tia, when did you start to hear about this financial issue?”

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Ricochet Part 8

Honestly, I don’t know why I still haven’t finished writing about Ahmed and Tia. Maybe this is the sign of my sloppiness and lack of structure, I really have to learn to make my story telling more efficient. Anyway, please bear with me, yet another installment…..

“Who would be ringing at the door this early in the morning?” Tia’s mother grumbled as she took huge steps to the door. She arched her brow in surprise when she saw Ahmed at the door, “Good morning, Ahmed. Why are you here?”

“Good morning, Mrs. Chang. I came here to take you and Tia to the airport.” Ahmed greeted.

“You are? Oh…..I wonder why Tia didn’t mention it?” Mrs. Chang furrowed, “Come in and sit down, we’ll be ready in a few minutes.”

She walked to her daughter’s room, “Tia, Ahmed is here, he said that he’s going to drive us to the airport.”

Tia hit her forehead with the palm of her hand, “That’s right, I forgot. Well, actually I thought he wasn’t really serious last night when he told me that he’ll take us to the airport.”

“Tia, you’ve been spending so much time with Ahmed, how serious are you two?” Mrs. Chang asked her daughter.

Tia shook her head, “I don’t dare to hope too much. His mother wants him to marry someone else, plus she hates me.”

“And how do you feel about him?” Mrs. Chang chased.

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