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I’ve been away for some time, I think I wrote that I moved alone to a different town for work, well the downside to move was that I didn’t have my creative tools with me, or in this case, my laptop. But now I finally have it in my hot little hands, and my husband caved in and sent it to me by mail, arriving just a few minutes ago. So now, my baby and me, we are ready to get down and dirty.

Next chapters are coming guys…………………….


Short Story: Unexpected Love

Hafiz….Hafiz….Hafiz……is here.

So as promised, I’m going to put Hafiz in a positive light. These chain of stories are going to be very brief as I’m trying to write them during my short lunch break, so bear with me as I upload them, hopefully daily……

Now enjoy this first part, for those of you who could come up with a title to put on it, please feel free to drop me a comment.

Update: Thanks for the title ❤ ❤ ❤

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Experiment: Internal dialogue

As an expiring author, I try to follow the recommendation by more experienced indie authors out there. One recommendation that I took was to participate in author’s book review exchange. So I did an exchange with this young guy from the States the book that he reviewed was my Princess: Nuance of Love book. In a lengthy review (Was it 500? 700 words? Don’t you have other things to do?), he basically called it sucky, shallow and unrelatable to the average reader as my book is about a royalty and lacks of internal dialogue and emotions.

I basically wanted to tell him to take his review and insert it profoundly into his orifice of which has never been touched by the majestic rays of sunlight (Literally: Stick it up your A$$, buddy!). For the following reasons:

  • South East Asia DOES have monarchies (did you sleep during geography classes?)
  • You wrote a book about demons (NO! There is no scientific proof that they exist!)
  • I know that the written fiction industry has its standard guidelines, but hey, that’s the point of going indie. My words, my way!

So today I am going to attempt to write an emotion filled internal dialogue split into 200 words for each emotion to prove to myself that my works do have depth.

As always, drop me a message if you have any comments………

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