Short Story: Unexpected Love

Hafiz….Hafiz….Hafiz……is here.

So as promised, I’m going to put Hafiz in a positive light. These chain of stories are going to be very brief as I’m trying to write them during my short lunch break, so bear with me as I upload them, hopefully daily……

Now enjoy this first part, for those of you who could come up with a title to put on it, please feel free to drop me a comment.

Update: Thanks for the title ❤ ❤ ❤

“That’s my father’s car….” Raden Siti Aisha screeched as she quickly dragged Hafiz inside the kitchen and pushed him out the back door, she held out her arm across the door way to block him from approaching Ruminah her cousin who was looking with concern from inside the house, “If he finds out that I’m secretly allowing you to see my cousin, he’d kill me. She’s my mother’s favorite niece and he would never let her get involved with the likes of you!”
“I don’t understand why you’re acting this way. Why wouldn’t your father approve of your cousin and me? You and me, we’re distant relatives, third cousins from our father’s side, I have the same blood line as you, look who my brother is. I think I am a good candidate to be his nephew in law!” Hafiz insisted.
“Yeah, except you were almost a candidate for his nephew in law once before, remember? When you were dating my other cousin Raden Winati.” She sassed.
“My relationship with Winati ended because she married another man!” He argued.
“After you broke her heart by getting caught going on a weekend escape to Boracay with her best friend!” Aisha put both hands on her waist and pointed to his face, “Now go! This is the last time you’ll be seeing Ruminah, she’s leaving for the Netherlands to study next week, and along with her departure, so goes away my headache.”
“Cousin, thanks for letting me say goodbye to Bang Hafiz,” Ruminah thanked her sincerely, “I know that this was against your best judgement.”
“What thanks?” Hafiz huffed, “It was hard to have a decent conversation with this ogress lurking down our backs.”
“That’s it!” Aisha flexed her leg and kicked him on the belly making him stumble backward and slammed the door, “Goodbye, you clown!”
“Aisha….Aisha…..” He shouted as he banged on the door, “Hey cousin, there’s something I need to say to you….”
Hafiz continued banging several times until it finally opened and he felt a cold liquid hitting his face. Aisha stood at the door with a glass in her hand, “Stop meowing in front of the door like a stray cat, my father’s car is already parked and he’ll come in any minute. Get lost! Shoo! Shoo!”
Hafiz stood down, he wasn’t about to mess with Raden Sulaiman, the thought of his gigantic frame and his frowning moustache covered face somewhat scared him.
“Cousin, the only gate is at the front yard, and there’s no connection between this back yard and front one, since the path is covered with building materials,” He explained, his tone was softer.
“There’s a ladder at the left side of the yard under the palm tree, use it to climb over the gate, or are you that useless that you can’t even use a ladder?” Aisha replied nonchalantly.
“Are you kidding me? The wall must be three meters high…” Hafiz complained.
“Then be careful when you jump down! Have your cell phone handy just in case you break a leg or two!” She slammed the door again.
Hafiz stood dejected as he looked at the wooden door in front of him, “Mean girl!” He mumbled, “I hope you become a spinster all your life!”
He walked to the area indicated by Aisha, he searched around for the ladder, exhaling in relief when he found it hidden under the thick shrubs that grew around the palm tree. He pulled on it to drag it out when he found out that it was tied to the tree with a fixed knot. Hafiz mumbled in annoyance as he attempted to free the ladder. It took him several minutes when he finally was able to feel that the tight rope came loose. He quickly pried it apart and pulled the ladder out.
“Huh, see ogress!” He said turning his head towards the door, “I’m not so useless after all, am I?”
He dragged the ladder behind him and set it against the wall, after feeling sure that it was secured properly he began climbing it. His skipped a bit when he felt the ladder shaking. Hafiz stood still in his position, feeling sure that the ladder would not fall he quickly climbed up, he stretched out his arm and reached for the top of the wall. Pulling himself up he managed to sit on the wall. He looked down towards the other side of the wall, it turns out it wasn’t as high as the inner side. Apparently the house was built on the side of a slope, he observed the surrounding of the slope, there were a lot of shrubs and bushes, there didn’t appear to be any houses there. He had visited the house several times, but he never been to this part. There was a small footpath leading to the top of the slope. He could here cars driving past in the distance, his own car parked in front of a supermarket at the main road, he calculated which direction he had to take.
“Hmm…..she’s not that evil after all….” He murmured, “Wait a minute, does that mean she’s jumped the wall before? I have to find out, I could use the information to my benefit…” He slanted his eyes slightly.
He took a deep breath before putting his weight to the other side of the wall, before jumping down, he made sure to push the ladder down, having consideration towards the homeowners that nobody with bad intentions will take advantage of the situation. He extended his leg and jumped down. He easily landed on his two feet on the dry ground.
Hafiz was about to swagger away when he heard a gentle whimper coming from the bushes. He focused his sight to the source of the sound. He carefully approached it, taking one silent step after another. It came from the ground under the bushes, he bent down and pushed the leaves away with his hand, he opened his eyes wide in surprise when he saw what was hiding behind the perennial plants.


To be continued………………

2 thoughts on “Short Story: Unexpected Love

  1. Hi, its me again. Hafiz is one of my favourite character in Nuance of love.Happy that you writing a story about him. Keep the story coming……..

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