Smaradahana: Prologue Part 1



The earth quaked in tremor as the sky flashed wildly with bolts of lightning. The inhabitants of Jonggringsalaka the heavenly planes trembled in fear and panic not knowing what was in store for them if the demons succeed at knocking down the protective barrier that safeguard Heaven from the outside realms.

“Batara Indra, what can we do to counter the aggressors moving towards our territory, our barriers are strong, but with the constant attack towards it , there is a chance that it becomes weaker, and could finally fall.” Batara Brahma consulted.

“Batara Brahma, I understand your concern, it is said through  prophecy that the only person who can defeat the Demon King Nilarudraka, is a male child born out of the union of Batara Guru, The Supreme Teacher, Batara Siwa and his Consort Batari Parwati, however it has been centuries since we’ve last seen Batara Siwa, no one knows where he is. The only thing that we know is that he went to complete his sacred meditation.” Batara Indra replied.

“There must be something we can do or someone we can ask, we cannot stand here and do nothing, the fate of Heaven and every God and Goddesses who live here depends on our actions.” Batara Brahma insisted.

Batara Indra closed his eyes, concentrating on the situation at hand, “Batara Narada…….if anyone was to know where The Supreme Teacher’s meditation location is, it would be him!” He finally announce.

“Batara Narada? But of course,  Batara Narada is Batara Siwa’s confidant, with his wisdom and knowledge, he can advise us what to do in this situation,” Batara Brahma nodded. “We should consult him immediately.”

* * *

“To what do I owe the honor of this visit?” Batara Narada greeted them, with his short and rounded body, he struggled to walk out of his place of residence, “It’s not everyday the High Level Gods come to my humble abode to visit me.”

“Batara Narada, I’m sure you are aware of the dire condition we are facing here in Heaven.” Batara Brahma said.

Batara Narada nodded his head pensively, “Yes, The Demon King doesn’t seem to be giving up his attack anytime soon. In fact I hear that he has increased his activities on our Southern Barriers.”

“We need to do something.” Batara Indra explained, “We can’t be sure that our defense barriers will resist the constant assault.”

Batara Narada shook his head, “Before he left to complete his meditation, Batara Siwa warned us that he should not be disturbed under any circumstances. Not even his wife Batari Parwati was permitted to follow him to his confinement.”

“Batara Narada, please….”

“That’s enough! The Supreme Teacher gave me clear orders not to disturb his meditation, and I intend to comply with the mandate he gave me.”

“But, the fate of Heaven depends on that information….” Batara Indra insisted.

“Leave! I am tired, I do not want to continue with this conversation!” Batara Narada waved them away.

Batara Indra looked at Batara Brahma, “The best thing we can do right now is double our defensive line at the Southern Wall.”

Batara Brahma nodded.

* * *

The heavenly soldier ran through the main road as fast as he could, he reached the Palace of the Higher Level Gods, prostrating on the floor he requested an audience with Batara Indra.

“A soldier from the front line?” Batara Indra jumped out of his seat, “Tell him to enter and see me at once! And you, inform Batara Brahma about the situation and request him to come here.”

“My Lord, we have a big problem,” The soldier said, his voice was trembling and his face pale.

Batara Brahma rushed into the hall, the edge of his clothing wave in the air behind him as he flew to Batara Indra’s side.

“The protective barrier, it has cracked. The demon army are becoming more spirited now that they can see their efforts coming back with results.” The soldier continued to report, “We can hear their cheers and and trumpets from miles away. Our troops are highly out numbered.”

Batara Brahma shook his head. “Demons, they are like snakes, all we have to do is cut the head and the whole body will seize to fight. But cutting the head is a big problem. Nilarudraka is immortal, for every time we strike him down, his power multiplies. If we engage in war with him, we are the ones who stand to loose.”

“I don’t see any other way than trying to make true the prophecy. We need to make the the effort for Batara Siwa and his consort to reunite and procreate, we have to ensure the birth of our champion.” Batar Indra said

“We should go to talk to Batari Parwati, we should tell her our reasons. She is a very kind and merciful Goddess, I’m sure she would help us.”  Batara Brahma suggested.

The two Gods headed to the residence of Batari Parwati, they requested to talk to her, “Batari….” Batara Brahma exclaimed when he saw her, “Please, we need your help.”

“Batara Brahma, Batara Indra, why do you come to seek me?” She asked.

“Batari, our land is facing a great disaster, the demon army who have been trying to break down our defensive wall, have succeeded to crack it. It won’t be long before they will be able to break through the wall and enter our territory. We have all the Heavenly Army ready to face them, but we are greatly outnumbered, and i fear that if we do not take action fast, Jonggringsalaka will fall into the hands of these demons, and the fate of the Universe will be in danger.” Batara Indra explained.

“Batara Indra, what can I a mere Goddess do to help the King of Heaven?” She was willing ton help

“Batari, it is foretold that upon the attack of the demon army, a champion will be born. This champion will be the product of the union of Batara Siwa and Batari Parwati.” Batara Brahma said.

The Goddess blushed, she hid her lips behind her arm, “Batara Brahma, Batara Indra. How can a child be born if my husband has confined himself to his meditation for several centuries. I haven’t seen him in a long time, I do not know where he is, let alone share our time together. As a wife, I am pained and saddened, with my yearning for the presence of my husband. Alas, I have to obey his will and his order.”

“I will bring you to him…” Out of the blue, Batara Narada appeared behind them, “I think the situation has reached such an extent that we need to take extreme measures.”

“Batara Narada, we thank you….” Batara Indra exhaled in relief.

They flew behind Batara Narada, who lead them to the peak of Mount Mahameru. There in a small cave, they could feel the holy aura of The Supreme Teacher. As they came closer to the mouth of the cave, they could see him sitting in the lotus position, his eyes were closed and his lips moving as he repeatedly recited his mantra.

They urged Batari Parwati to approach her husband and tell him of the situation in Jonggringsalaka. She entered the cave, carefully she sat beside him and tried to talk to him, “My husband, I deeply long for you. It has been a sometime since we have seen each other, we haven’t spoken or shared our moments together…” She whispers, “My husband, the High Gods, have came to me for help. Jonggringsalaka has been attacked by the demon army. They tell me that the only person who can defeat the Demon King is our future child. My husband, that is why I am here, will you not open your eyes and converse with this wife of yours?”

Batara Guru remained unmoved, it was as if he did not hear her pleas. He remained in his state of trans. Batari Parwati looked at the three Gods standing at the mouth of the cage and sadly shook her head.

“There must be something we can do to awake Batara Guru from his state of trans.” Batara Brahma said.

“It is not only enough to wake him, we must convince him to take his wife in conception.” Batara Narada added.

Batara Indra’s eyes lit up as an idea sprung in his mind, “Wait for me here. I have an idea. Keep trying to wake him in the mean time.”

“Where are you going?” Batara Brahma asked.

“To bring somebody with the ability to incite the senses.” Batara Indra took off as fast as he could.

* * *


“My husband, look at the blooming flowers in our garden, it is very beautiful under the light of Batara Surya.” Dewi Kamaratih picked a red plumeria flower then pointed to her husband who was sitting in the gazebo reading a sutra, his handsome face was serious in deep concentration.

Dewa Kamajaya looked up, he glanced at the flowers, but his eyes stuck at the sight of his beautiful wife, her feminine willowy figure moving lightly among the grass. Her skin was light and smooth, her face beautifully adorned with natural red lips which moved in harmony as she spoke, “My wife, I cannot see anything here in Jonggringsalaka that can compete with the beauty you posses. Your voice, your face and your body, all create a feast for my every senses. Come to me so I may enjoy your loveliness.”

She shyly walked to him, she skilfully slipped the pink plumeria in the holster of his bow. He held her by her small slim waist and pulled her nearer, gently he caressed her slender arm with the palm of his hand, he could feel her gently quivering when he put his nose on the crease of her neck. He held her by the chin to pull her face towards him, “You are the only one in this Universe who can make my heart flutter. My love for you will forever fill my every being, I am not complete if not for your presence beside me.”

“My husband, you say such pleasing words. I cannot imagine an existence without you. I will follow you to the ends of time and space, for without you I am lost.”

“Kamajaya….” he heard the familiar sound of his lord brought by the wind.

“Batara Indra,” Dewa Kamajaya and his wife stood up and kneeled on the ground.

“Kamajaya,” Batara Indra landed before them, “I  have a very important task for you to complete, the fate of Heaven lies in your hands.”

“I am at your bidding, my lord.” He replied.

“I need you to awaken Batara Siwa from his deep meditation, you must incite the longing in his heart of his Consort Batari Parwati. We are under attack by the demon army, and the only way to defeat their King is if a child is born from Batara Siwa and his wife.” Batara Indra explained shortly.

Dewa Kamajaya looked at his wife before, putting both palms together and lifting it in front of his face, “I will go at once, My Lord.”

“Come, Kamajaya, make haste, we must depart to Mount Mahameru at once.”

The two Gods flew together towards the mountain. Kamaratih had a bad feeling about the whole situation. Her husband had gone for countless missions for his lord, but she had never felt a strong sense of angst like she felt at this moment. She hardened her heart and put aside her fear, Dewi Kamaratih, followed towards the direction where the two Gods left.

* * *

“Kamajaya, my son, how are you fairing?” Batara Brahma greeted.

“Kamajaya is well, Father.” He replied.

“Kamajaya, we need you to awake Batara Guru from his meditation. We have tried talking to him, and shaking him, but he did not react. I want you to use your pancawisesa arrow to bring back his senses and revive his yearning for Batari Parwati. A child must be born, otherwise the fate of Jonggringsalaka will come to an end.”

Dewa Kamajaya nodded, “I suggest we all make a distance between us and Batara Siwa, we must not be seen by him, otherwise he will realize what had happened and he may shake off the feelings brought forward by my arrow.”

“We will leave you to your task,” Batara Narada said. “Bateri Parwati, you should go back to your residence and wait for your husband there, I think Batara Indra can escort you back.”

Dewa Kamajaya waited until the High Gods left the vicinity, he took a position  behind a big rock, but with a clear view at Batara Siwa. He aimed his arrow carefully before releasing the bow string. The arrow shot forward towards Batara Siwa, it magically disappeared as it entered his chest and pierced his heart.

* * *

Batara Siwa became restless in his meditation. His heart began pumping and his skin tingled at the blow of the wind. His forehead began to crease when a vision of his wife began to materialize in his mind. She was bathing in the clear stream water, her clothes were tidily folded atop of a rock. Through the crystal clear water he could see her white skin. The arch of her back narrowing as her waist meets her rounded hips. She turned to face him, and he can see her full bosoms  subtly covered by the clear water, it did not do much to hide her brown nipples from his view. His heart stirred as he looked down to see her long  legs, covering the warm moist treasure that was hidden from his sight by the folds of her thighs.

The Supreme Teacher opened his eyes. He didn’t understand how it could be possible that after successfully meditating for so long, he is now tempted by images of his wife. The wife that he hadn’t involved in congress for too long.

Batara Guru got up from his sitting position, he walked out of the cave, it was quiet, not a soul to be seen. His body slowly levitated to the air. He furrowed as he saw a strange sight, it appeared to be a plumeria flower moving fast a midst the treas. He brushed off what he saw, and headed home.

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