Smaradahana: Author’s Note

Balinese painting of Smaradahana in the Australian museum


Smaradahana is a combination of two words, smara or in modern Indonesian asmara which means love and dahana which means fire. Smaradahana can be roughly translated into burning love, which is more of the modern take of the word.

Smaradahana as it’s name describes the story which prologues to the story of the burning of Kamajaya by The Supreme Teacher (Batara Guru) or Shiva.

This story I’m writing is a fanfic, if you will, of a very popular East Javanese lore. The actual poem was written in the mid 12th century by a Mpu Darmajaya, as an eulogy to his king, King Kameçvara, of the Kediri Kingdom. King Kameçvara was said to be an incredibly handsome man, so much so that it is believed he is the incarnation of the God Kamajaya, the God of Love. the Smaradahana is the prologue for the Panji Asmarabangun – Galuh Chandra Kirana love  stories which is actually famous throughout Southeast Asia.

I’m quite certain a lot of people wouldn’t be interested to read about ancient Javanese people, and their love stories, so I’m going to set it in our actual time. Instead of a kingdom, it’s going to be set in a corporate environment (office romance yet again).


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