September Moon Part 13

Yen Ing Tawang Ono Lintang

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Yen ing tawang ono lintang, cah ayu
When the sky is full of stars, my lovely
Aku ngenteni tekamu
I await you
Marang mego ing angkoso, nimas
To the clouds in the sky, my love
Sun takokke pawartamu
I ask for you

Janji-janji aku eling, cah ayu
Remembering the promises, my lovely
Sumedhot rasaning ati
My heart wants to cry
Lintang-lintang ngiwi-iwi, nimas
The stars seem to wave to me, my love
Tresnaku sundhul wiyati
My love for you reaches the sky

Dek semono janjimu disekseni
That day you promised before…..
mego kartiko kairing roso tresno asih
The clouds and stars with all your love

Yen ing tawang ono lintang, cah ayu
When the sky is full of stars, my lovely
Rungokno tangis ing ati
Hear my heart cry
Binarung swaraning ratri, nimas
Listen to the sound of my heart tonight, my love
Ngenteni mbulan ndadari
Awating  the full moon up on high

Koeswanto arrived home heart broken, he searched the train station in and out, but Yuni was nowhere to be found. He didn’t understand why she left without saying anything. Could it be that she heard his conversation with his mother? That must be the reason, why else would she leave? Koeswanto thought carefully, she really had no place to go but to her village. Tomorrow first thing in the morning he had to go there to look for her.
He walked out to the field behind the house. Twenty three years of living here, but it had never felt as empty as it did tonight. He looked around him left and right hoping that this was all a joke that she would show up from inside the kitchen or from behind a tree to surprise him, but there was only silence.

Sitting on his favorite tree stump he lit a cigarette, looking up at the sky, Koeswanto could see the full moon peeking behind thin layer clouds. He wondered where she was at this moment, worrying that she might get lost as she had never travelled alone before and he foolishly never allowed her to.
“God knows what that woman is thinking.” Koeswanto thought to himself. He feared the worst, he knew that she was stubborn and head strong, the last thing he was going to permit is for Yuni to separate him with his unborn child. He knew that he had to move fast before she could do anything.

Yuni discovered that the bus ride from Jember to her village was faster than the train. In fact, it dropped her off right in front of her house. She smiled realizing her knew found independence. These few months she discovered a side of her that she never realized before she left her village, she was more capable than she had ever let herself believe. The only problem was that she left her village with Koeswanto and now she´s back without him but with his child in her belly.
She quietly entered the front yard, her heart beating wildly not knowing what to expect, she wasn´t sure if she was ready to face her father right now. She walked to the door of their house, slowly opening it, the living room was empty she sighed in relief. She entered the house quickly, smelling the smoke from the stove she could tell that her mother was in the kitchen.
She quickly entered, knocking at the door to so that her mother wouldn´t be caught off guard. Bu Nining turned her head surprised to see her daughter standing there. “Yuni?” She called.
“Buk…” Yuni entered the kitchen hugging her mother.
“Why are you at this hour? Did you come home alone?” She asked
Yuni nodded her head. “Buk, I left their house, I´m not going to work with them anymore.”
“You left their house? Did you run away? Why would you do something like that? That´s not right. What would Nak Koes think?” Her mother scolded.
“Buk, uhhh…it´s that…I….I something happened, and I can´t stay there anymore, it´s that….”
“Yun, what did you do?” Bu Nining knew her daughter very well, and if she was talking that way then she must have done something that she shouldn´t have.
“Buk, I´m …preg…..nant…”Yuni said softly.
“Huh?” Bu Nining looked at her with her eyes and mouth wide opened, “Yun? Wh…how…who….? It’s him, isn’t it? It’s Nak Koes!”
Yuni nodded.
“Did he force himself on you?” She asked.
Yuni shook her head.
“Oh, I had a bad feeling when I saw the two of you the last time you were here. You were too comfortable with each other.” Bu Nining looked at her daughter, her eyes was becoming wet “Yun, how could you do something like that? You know that he´s your patron and you´re just his worker. Yun, the woman always lose if she can´t maintain her dignity.”
“Buk, I didn´t know what else to do….”
“What did he say? Did he reject your child? Did he deny taking responsibility?”
Yuni shook her head again, “No, he wants to marry me.”
Bu Nining looked at her daughter curiously, “Then what´s the problem? Yuni it’s too late for you to doubt now.”
“Buk, His mother doesn´t approve of us she wants him to marry somebody else, the woman who Bapak mentioned before, the prima donna of the paguyuban. I overheard when Mas Koes and his mother were talking. She called me a free woman, she accused me of sleeping around with many men and that my child isn´t the child of Mas Koes.”
“Yun, that´s the price you have to pay for your irresponsible action. Now you can´t think about yourself or your pride. You have to think about the future of that child in your stomach. Do you want your child to grow without a father and be shunned by society? Do you think it would be easy for the child to grow up with people calling it a bastard? Do you want your child to not be able to study or have a good future? Is that what you want?”
Yuni shook her head her tears were falling down her face. “Buk, I don´t know what would be worse, being humiliated as a bastard by the whole world, or being humiliated by its own grandmother for the rest of its life? Buk, his mother called my baby a disgusting creature. She swore that she´d never acknowledge it. And who knows how the rest of his family will react towards my baby.”
Bu Nining pulled her daughter hugging her tightly, “Yun, I want to be angry at you for what you´ve done to yourself, but what good would that do now?”
“Buk, I don´t know what to do, if Bapak found out about this, he would be very angry. I was thinking of asking Pak Lurah and Bu Lurah to help me talk to Bapak, and maybe find a solution for this problem.”

“Why is Yuni here?” Pak Bakrie asked when he arrived and saw his daughter in the house.
“She came to visit, Pak. She said that she missed me. Luckily Nak Koes was kind enough to give her permission to visit us.” Bu Nining smiled while caressing her daughter´s hair.
Pak Bakrie looked at them not convinced. But he nodded anyway.
“Pak, tonight I´m going to sleep with Yuni.” Bu Nining continued.
Pak Bakrie sighed, “Okay.” He replied curtly.

“Buk, Bapak has gone to the field. Let’s go.” Yuni whispered.
“Yun, what are you thinking?” Her mother asked.
Yuni shook her head, “I’m not thinking anything, Buk. I need to talk to someone who can give me a good advice on what to do.”
They walked quickly to the front door. Almost in a sprint they hurried to Pak Lurah’s house. They knocked on the door. A woman opened it she smiled at them kindly.
“Good morning Bu Lurah.” Bu Nining greeted. “We apologize for disturbing you so early in the morning, but we have something to talk to Pak Lurah about.”
“Of course,” Bu Lurah said, “Come in, you can take a seat while I call Mas Wibowo.”
It wasn’t long before Pak Lurah walked to the living room followed by his wife. “Bu Bakrie, Good morning.” He smiled. “Yuni, what are you doing here? I thought you were in Jember.”
“Eh, Pak Lurah, we have something to consult you about. It is about my daughter Yuni.” Bu Nining explained, “This is very embarrassing, but my daughter is currently pregnant, even though she is unmarried. We don’t know how to tell my husband about this.”
Pak Lurah took a deep breath and glanced at his wife. “Yuni, nDuk. Who’s the father of your baby?” Bu Lurah asked.
“It’s my patron, Buk.” She replied looking down at the floor.
“The dancer in my brother’s paguyuban? The one who’s said to be engaged to marry the prima donna?” Pak Lurah asked.
Yuni nodded.
“And what does he think about your pregnancy?”
“He wants to take responsibility, but his mother doesn’t approve.”
Pak Lurah scratched his chin, while nodding his head.
“Eh Pak Lurah,” Bu Nining added, “We haven’t told my husband yet. We’re afraid of how he might react to this news.”
“Bu Nining. You have to tell your husband. You can’t keep this from him forever. But what’s important is to manage his reaction so he doesn’t do anything to harm Yuni or her baby. Buk, we have to go to their house and talk to Pk Bakrie.” He said while looking at his wife.
She nodded. “Yes, Mas Wibowo is right, we have to solve this one at a time. And the first step is to talk to Yuni’s father.”
“Bu Bakrie, let’s go to your house and talk to your husband.”
Bu Nining and Yuni looked at each other. Yuni’s face was pale with anxiety and dread. They followed the pair of husband and wife out of the house, heading towards their own house.

“Pak Lurah, it’s him. He’s here!” Bu Nining whispered.
“Bapak?” Yuni asked.
“What Bapak? Nak Koes, he’s here. He’s speaking to your father in the yard.”
“Buk, we have to go out there and prevent him from saying anything to Bapak,” Yuni said.
Bu Nining looked out to the yard, “I think it’s too late now.” Bu Nining said when she saw Koeswanto curling on the ground and her husband kicking his stomach several times. Pak Lurah ran towards them, he pulled Pak Bakrie back and restrained him from attempting to kick Koeswanto again.
Yuni hastily helped Koeswanto up from the ground, “Mas, are you hurt badly?” She asked her voice was distressed.
“Yuni…………….” They heard Pak Bakrie yell.
Yuni jumped hiding behind Koeswanto. “Buk…” She cried.
“What’s with that daughter of yours?” Pak Bakrie pointed at Yuni.
“Pak, calm down, don’t be upset,” Bu Nining said.
“Buk, so you already know about this. And you didn’t say anything to me?” He shouted at his wife.
“Pak, we should talk about this. Please, don’t do anything that you might regret.”
“Yuni, how can you do this to your parents? What did I do wrong to deserve a daughter like you?” He grabbed his head with both hands.
Koeswanto tried to keep his balance, he was limping and grimacing in pain while holding his stomach. He was bleeding from the corner of his mouth.
“Mas Koes.” Yuni gasped seeing his condition, reflexively she hugged him, “Mas, are you alright?”
“Yuni! I forbid you to go near him, come here, right now!” Pak Bakrie yelled.
“But, Pak he’s hurt!” She ignored him.
“He deserves it. Who told him to take advantage of somebody’s daughter? I thought you were an honorable and noble man, but it turns out your nothing but a wolf in a sheep’s skin. You pretend to be proper and correct, but you ruined my daughter.”
‘Pak Bakrie, calm down! If you keep yelling like that the whole village will hear you, and that would be embarrassing for your daughter.” Pak Lurah intervened.
“Pak Bakrie, I came here because I intend to take responsibility,” Koeswanto explained, “I’m going to marry Yuni.”
“That’s right! You are going to marry her. I’m going to the mosque to find someone to marry you today. I’ll have to go to find two trust-worthy people to be the witness for the marriage contract. And after you’ve married Yuni, you have to go back from where you came from, and forget about ever seeing my daughter again!”
“But Pak Bakrie, you can’t do this. Yuni is having my baby.” Koeswanto argued.
“Do you think I’ll let my grandchild be raised by someone with no morals like you? Someone who could take advantage of naïve girls and make her pregnant? Huh!”
“Let’s talk about this inside the house. Look, people are beginning to stop and look this way.” Pak Lurah said.
They all headed to the house, Yuni helped Koeswanto to walk. “Why did you come here?” She asked.
“You left the house without saying anything, what else was I supposed to do?” He replied.
When they arrived at the living room, Bu Nining took out some more chairs from inside so that everybody could sit.
“Pak Bakrie, I understand that you are very upset with what happened to your daughter. But I don’t think being violent is the answer. We have to talk about this calmly so we can find a proper solution for this. Pak Bakrie, if you would think about this clearly, you have to be grateful that Mas Koeswanto came all the way here to take responsibility or your daughter.” Pak Lurah opined.
“Oh, so do I have to thank this pervert for cuddling my daughter before marrying her?”
‘Pak Bakrie, that’s not what I meant. Of course, what Mas Koeswanto did, was very wrong. But there’s nothing to do about it at this moment. What is done is done, what we have to think about is the child in Yuni’s stomach.”
“Like I said, he’ll marry Yuni so that the child won’t be born a bastard. But I don’t want him anywhere near my daughter or her baby.”
Koeswanto was about to argue, but Pak Lurah cut him, “Fair enough Pak Bakrie. If that’s what you want. I think they should be married religiously and not civically, that way we don’t get delayed by the paper works. I will go to the mosque and talk to Kyai Ahmad. Jeng[1] Wiwin will wait here. I hope you will respect my wife enough to not act violently in front of her.”
Pak Bakrie looked away without answering.
“Pak, at least let me help Mas Koes to clean his face and put something on his wounds,” Yuni said to her father after Pak Lurah had left.
Pak Bakrie stared at his daughter, “How can you be so shameless to say something like that.”
“Pak, Mas Koes is bleeding and hurt.” She insisted.
“And I’m not? My heart is bleeding and hurting because my only daughter was ruined by him.” Pak Bakrie replied.
“Pak….” Yuni said softly.
“Pak Bakrie, please let Yuni help Mas Koeswanto to clean himself and let her put medicine on him. “ Bu Wiwin said. “He is after all the father of your grandchild, you should at least do it for the baby.”
Pak Bakrie frowned but gestured Yuni to go ahead.
She helped him enter the house and lead him to the well, getting some water in the bucket, she cleaned his face, and his hand.
“Yun, why did you leave the house?” He asked.
Yuni shook her head, “Mas, I’m used to people humiliating and mocking me, but I won’t accept anybody doing that to my child. Your mother was humiliating my baby even before it’s born. I can’t take that.”
“Yun, come back with me to Jember, let’s start a family, okay?”
Yuni looked at him she shook her head, “Mas Koes, your mother will never accept me and my child. I think we should do what Bapak said.”

[1] Jeng honorifics to call a younger respectable woman

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