Pick on somebody your own size

The little girl cried alone while sitting in the corner of the front porch. Koeswanto walked to her and heaved her up in his arm. “What’s wrong with my little princess? Why are you crying?” He asked affectionately.
“Mas Koes, Dik Guntoro is mean to me. He wouldn’t let me watch cartoons on the TV….” The little girl sulked.
Koeswanto smiled, “Huh, the two of you are always fighting. I don’t understand that Guntoro, he’s already twenty years old, but he still acts like a kid. That’s all because his mother keeps treating him like a baby.”
Koeswanto carried the little girl to the living room, “Gun, why are you making Endang cry over the television?” He scolded his son.
“Ah, Pak. That little kid is so intense, she was hogging the TV since this morning. I’ve been watching her cartoons all day, I want to watch other things too.” Guntoro rebuked.
“You’re already an adult now, but you still pick fights with babies! When are you going to act like a grown man?”Koeswanto said while putting Endang down on the couch. Then turned on the VCD, the screen changed to images of a gray cat chasing after a brown mouse.
The little girl laughed gleefully, she climbed down from the couch and hugged his leg, “Mas Koes, you’re the kindest and most handsome person in the whole world. I want to marry you when I grow up!” She said.
Koeswanto laughed whole heartedly, “My precious girl, when you do grow up, I will be the one to make sure that we’ll find you a nice guy who will dote on you and treat you like the princess you are.” He said while pinching her nose. “Now, go back to the couch and watch TV.”
Koewanto left the living room to continue with his gardening.
“I want to marry you when I grow up.” Guntoro mocked, he moved closer to Endang, “Hey you, manipulative little brat! Get that stupid idea out of your head about marrying my father!” He grumbled.
Endang looked at him and poked her tongue, “You only gave me one candy, if you want to watch TV longer, you shouldn’t be so stingy!”
“I can’t believe this, she’s just five years old, and she’s so manipulative and scheming, I can’t imagine what would happen when she grows up to be an adult woman, people usually become worse  with time. I feel sorry for the guy who’s going to marry her in the future!” He mumbled to himself.
“Dik Gun, I’m thirsty, Can you get me a glass of tea?” Endang said.
“You lazy little kid, why don’t you go to the kitchen and ask my mother for it, you’ve been bossing me around all day, and you won’t even let me watch TV, I’m not my father who is more than happy to surrender to all your capricious.” He said to her while grabbing the remote control from the table. Guntoro changed the channel then leaned back on the couch.
Endang looked at him upset and teary eyed. “You’re a horrible person. I can’t believe that you’re Mas Koes’s son. You’re mean and stingy.”
Guntoro ignored her tantrum, “Little girls should behave properly and do what their elders tell them to do!”
Endang looked at him with an angry face then began to cry loudly, “MBak Yun, Dik Gun is being mean to me again.” She shouted.
“Guntoro!” His mother shouted from the kitchen, “Are you disturbing the little girl again? I don’t care how big you’ve grown and I don’t even care that you’re already an adult, if you don’t act like one, I’m going to get the broom stick and hit you with it.”
“Rotten kid!” Guntoro said while getting up to leave, he quickly pulled small strand of her hair before running out of the living room.
Endang cried louder.
“Guntoro……. ” Yuni and Koeswanto simultaneously yelled.

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