Give and Take

Doing fictional writing is time-consuming and takes emotional toll on the writer. Although I love to do it and hope to take my writing seriously, but for now I’m seeing it as a hobby, that’s why I make it available for free in my blog. But it doesn’t mean I don’t expect payment, what I hope to gain is a little “love” from the 50 something readers that follow my story. Rate, like or comment, please. Your feedback is precious to me be it positive to inflate my ego or negative to improve my posts. At this point, I’m so frustrated at the lack of feedback that I think I should just give up already.

I hope that someone out there will help me is to be the moderator for the comments section of the post. Unlike translations, since I write the story and it’s all in my crazy fat head, I usually respond with generic comments mostly “Thank you” to not leak any spoilers and ruin it for everyone, so if anybody with a kind heart finds it in them to promote a dialogue, I will be greatly indebted to you. Please know that your comments influence the flow of the story (Someone wanted Dini to be punished?) so by commenting you actually participate the lives of our hero.

Do you miss Gun and Endang? Cute bonus chapters are in the oven.

8 thoughts on “Give and Take

  1. as a writer, I feel the same way. feedbacks are essentials as we grow. it’s really distressing when we submit something all we get in return is a like or a polite thank you. what we want to know is why you like it? do you agree with characters action? etc. etc. haha. don’t give up yet. I believe most readers are naturally quiet. just because they are not commenting does not mean they are not reading. even I have a tendency to just click that like button despite having a lot to say about a chapter. LOL.

    • Exactly! I consider myself a stalker reader at times, just reading post and follow in silence, but it’s true, many times I don’t comment because I’m not confident that I won’t offend someone.

      • that is really true. i read many novels and i hate writing reviews because sometime what i have to say about it don’t agree with others. it happened to me on goodreads a few times, lol. as you say, it’s a give and take. hence, i think as long as we do out part and make our own comments, no matter how small or objective, readers will do the same. 😀

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