September Moon Excerpt0

“Here he comes….,” One girl from the group of young fan girls screamed hysterically. “Mas Koes….Mas Koes….over here……..”

Koeswanto shook his head, he was tired and sore, the only thing he wanted to do right now is to clean off his makeup and change into his regular clothes. But still an artist’s lively hood depends on happy fans. He forced a sweet smile and waved his right hand at them. He continued to walk towards the small temporary huts that they erected in the field for the dancers to use as a changing room. The group turned walking pass a line of tall trees growing at the edge of the field.

“You’re pretty popular with the girls aren’t you, Koes.” Budi said while elbowing him.

Koeswanto just smiled.

“If I was as popular as you, i would have two or three girlfriends by now.”

Koeswanto thought about his friend’s word for a while, “It’s never too late to find true love, I’m sure if she is out there, then the heavens will send her straight into my arms.”

There was a sudden scream coming from above, Koeswanto looked up in surprise and quickly moved to catch the girl who was falling from the tree top, he stepped forward twice, just in time to catch her in his arms.

Yuni was surprised to find herself being carried by a man in ancient clothing. By his make up she guessed that he was one of the dancers with the troupe that they hired to perform in the field.

“There she is….” A man shouted in the distance. “Stop there you little mango thief!”

Yuni jumped down from the man’s arm, “Thank you.” She said, then turned around to the man who was shouting in the distance, she jumped up and down and poked her tongue out to him, “You’re mango was delicious Pak Dahlan.” She shouted, then laughed loudly as she ran towards the other direction

Koeswanto looked at her with his mouth wide opened. His face blushed inadvertently, “What the hell was that?” He exclaimed.

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