December Sunshine Part 24

Guntoro slowly lifted her head and pulled out his arm from under it, then he gently put her head down again on the pillow. He fixed the blanket covering her body before sitting up and climbing down from the bed. She mumbled in her sleep and turned her body around facing the other side, making him smile and shake his head to see her like that. He put on his sarong and t-shirt before walking slowly to the door and quietly opened and closed it to not wake her up. Guntoro walked down the stairs and out to the front porch.

“Yu, I didn’t know you were here.” He said seeing the three men sitting on the porch.
“Gun, I’m checking up on these guys.” Wahyu replied.
“Pak Gun, would you like some coffee?” Rahmat asked.
“Sure, that would be great,” Guntoro said while sitting with them on the porch.
“Gun, this is Agus he’s replacing Wanto who was assigned here before, he will be working the night shift here. The one on the day shift will still be Galih.”
“Hi thanks for your service.” Guntoro shook his hand.
“Yu, do you know anything else about the case on Dini’s attack?” Guntoro asked.
Wahyu took a deep breath and nodded, “I spoke to my friend who is the officer in charge of this case. She was beaten with a metal pipe. It looks like the attack was targeted towards her, because her husband only had defense wounds on his arms, and it happened when he tried to protect her. Additionally the assailant didn’t take anything from them, she had three million rupiahs in her purse.”
“And how is she?” Guntoro asked feeling bad for her.
“She’s bruised badly, but she’ll recover, luckily they didn’t hit her head or any part that would make it dangerous for her.”
Guntoro nodded.
“Gun, their identification of the man who attacked them, seems similar to the man who tried to break in here the other night. He was in his early twenties, tall, slim, short hair, and light skin. They couldn’t really take a good look at his face because he was wearing a cap.” Wahyu paused, “But the interesting part was Dini’s testimony. She said that the young man shouted that it was all her fault that he lost somebody.”
“What was all her fault? Lost who?” Guntoro asked finding it strange.
Wahyu shook his head, “That’s what we need to find out.”


He peered from behind the tree, angry seeing the men sitting on the porch. “Apparently Guntoro had put people there to guard the house.” He thought.  He knew that it wouldn’t be a good idea to try to enter the house again. He looked at Guntoro with extreme hate as Guntoro stood up, shook the men’s hand and entered the house again, “Typical two faced rich guy. Using his influence and money to lure women. How could I ever compete with him? She’s just like those women, who open their legs for money. She needs to be straightened out, so she won’t do this again.” He looked up at the second floor, the curtain was closed but the lights turned on. After several minutes, he could see the lights turned off again. Leaning his head on the trunk he punched the tree several times, biting his lips, his eyes were wet with tears.


Endang woke up as she heard the sound of the bedroom door opened and turned on her table lamp. Guntoro walked inside, “Did I wake you up?” He whispered.
“Where did you go?” She asked in a sleepy voice.
“Downstairs to talk to Agus the new guard. Wahyu was here so we talked a bit.” He walked to the bed and sat on the side. “Wahyu thinks that the man who attacked Dini is the same person who tried to break in here.”
“What’s going on Mas? Why is this happening?” Endang’s voice was worried.
Guntoro turned his head and smiled, “Don’t worry we’ll get through this.” He stood up, and entered the bed pulling the blanket over himself, he kissed her forehead affectionately, “I won’t let anything happen to you.”
“Promise me that you’ll take good care of yourself too, I can’t live if anything would happen to you.” She said while putting her head on his chest.
Guntoro smiled, “Of course.” He took off his shirt and sarong, kissed her and caressed her bare back. He reached for the lamp turning the light off.
“Mas Gun, I love you…” Endang whispered as she closed her eyes in total surrender as her senses dissolved into every part of his being.


“Why does it take you so long to arrest the person who did this to my wife?” Brian almost shouting.
“Calm down, Mister!” Lieutenant Cahyono warned him. “You should behave or I’ll put you in the cell so you can calm down.”
“I already told you who was behind this. It’s her ex-husband. Why don’t you arrest him?” Brian asked while throwing himself on the chair.
“There is no evidence that he was the one who was behind her attack. We can’t arrest someone, just because you think he’s guilty, maybe in your country it works that way, but not in this one, here we the police actually earn our salary!”
“But he used to hit her when they were married.” Brian insisted.
“There are no records to support that claim. We questioned the neighbors where they used to live before their divorce, and according to them, it wasn’t Pak Guntoro who was holding the cane in the family.” The police officer explained.
“What does that mean?” Brian asked.
“According to the neighbors it was your wife who would scratch him and hit him, they usually see him in the morning with the marks on his face. She humiliated and had fired many female employees in her father’s factory, accusing them to be her husband’s lover. They even said that one time they saw him run out of the house with his clothes ripped and barefooted before disappearing for a few months. There were even rumours at the time, that she murdered him and buried his corpse in the garden.”
“How could that be?” Brian said in shock.
“You see why we don’t think it was Pak Guntoro who was behind the attack? What motives does he have? Especially that he recently married the woman who he left Bu Dini for.”
“What do you mean? I don’t understand.”
“According to the court records, five years ago Bu Dini alleged that her husband was cheating on her with Endang Suryati, obviously he denied it claiming his relationship with her to be completely platonic. But this is the same Endang Suryati who Pak Guntoro married a few months ago.” Lieutenant Chayono looked at him, “Pak Guntoro’s lawyer even sent us copies of the witness report stating that Bu Dini caused a scandal at his grandfather’s house causing his grandfather to suffer a heart attack and Miss Endang to be chastised by the community.”
Brian could feel his stomach turn. The woman the officer was talking about was a complete stranger to him.
“Mister Brian, I’m sorry to say this, but from the history of your wife’s behavior, we think that she had gained many enemies in the past, either one of them could be the person responsible for the attack.”
Brian arrived back in the hospital room dispirited. He looked at her who was lying on the bed. Her eyes were swollen and her body was full of bruises from the metal pipe that was struck several times on her flesh. He locked the door, not wanting anyone to disturb him at this moment.
She shrugged, “Mas Gun….” She called out in her sleep.
Brian felt his blood boil, his face became red with anger. He shook her body waking her up violently, “Dini….Dini….” His voice was cold and venomous.
She opened her eyes slightly, “Brian….” She whispered.
“You evil bitch. How long did you think you could continue making a fool out of me?” He grabbed her by the hair with his left hand.
“Brian….let me go, you’re hurting me…” Her voice was weak.
He held her face between his right index finger and thumb, “Listen to me you bitch, you are the one who is hurting me. Do you think that I wouldn’t find out about your past and about what’s going on in your head? You used me to get back at your ex, or was it to get back with your ex? Just because I look like him, it doesn’t mean I’m as stupid as he is. Do you think I’ll just roll over like him and let you trample all over me? You’re messing with the wrong guy.”
“……” She tried to get away, but her body was hurting and weak.
“As soon as you’re released from this hospital, we’re going back to Medellin, forget about returning to Brisbane, I’ll call my people to sell the apartment there, and you’re not ever coming back to this country again.” He said.
“Brian…..” She gasped, trying to make him release her.
He threw her back on the bed. “Dini, you’re my woman, don’t think that you can turn me into a laughing stock….”
He climbed on the bed, released his belt and pulled down his zipper, then he pulled up her hospital gown.
Dini cried, “Brian, don’t do this to me….” She barely had any strength to speak.
“I’ll show you how to respect your husband!” He growled.


“nDang, lend me your notes for Bu Nunik’s subject.” Riski ran up to her in the hall.
“Ris, I have something better! Come here…” Endang whispered to her best friend’s ear.
Riski laughed, “You’re pure evil.” She said, “And I’m saying it as a complement.” The two girls lifted their hands for a high five.
“Ndang, the tall guy from finance is looking for you. He’s waiting for you at the side of the building.” Arif walked up to them and said to Endang.
Endang looked at Riski, then pulled out her cell phone, texting Guntoro to let him know about Widodo. A few minutes later they saw him running down the stairs from the second floor of the faculty building. Guntoro glanced at her as he passed by and headed to the door.
Guntoro headed straight to the side of the faculty building, he saw Widodo standing there alone. He approached the young man. “Mas Widodo,” He addressed him politely, “I think you and I need to talk, let’s go to the shop, I’ll buy you something to drink.”
Widodo took a deep breath but nodded and followed behind him. They entered the shop and ordered some soft drinks.
“How have you been Mas Wododo?” Guntoro asked breaking the ice.
“I’m good Pak Gun.” The young man replied.
“Endang told me that you have been looking for her lately.”
“I just wanted to talk to her, to apologize about my previous behavior. I don’t have her new cell phone number and she blocked my email address.” Widodo explained.
Guntoro nodded, “That’s very noble of you. I think I also owe you an apology.”
“What for?” Widodo asked.
“For the way I separated you from Endang.”
Widodo smiled, “She was just a dream for me, although we were dating, but I always knew that she wasn’t a hundred percent mine. Her heart was always reserved…….For you.” He paused, “I actually knew it from the beginning that it was you who she liked. I just chose to ignore it and pretend not to know.”
“And what made you think that her heart was reserved for me?” Guntoro asked.
“Well she accepted to be my girlfriend after running home crying because of seeing you hugging Bu Nunik, what could be more obvious than that?”
“But you decided to date her anyway?”
“I thought that I could make her forget you, but apparently not.” Widodo smiled.
“Mas Widodo, don’t feel bad, Endang and I go way back, even before she entered to study here.”
Widodo nodded, “I can imagine, the two of you grew up together.”
Guntoro smiled, “We’ve been through a lot to be together, and now she’s finally my wife.”
Widodo looked up at him in surprise, “Then I suppose I should congratulate the two of you.”
“Thank you,” Guntoro said.
“Could you please send her my congratulations and regards? Also let her know that my application for an apprenticeship in a company in Surabaya has been accepted, so I will be leaving Malang very soon.”
“Then I suppose I should congratulate you also, what company are you going to do your apprenticeship?” He asked with a smile.
“In PT Arta Waskita,” He replied.
Guntoro’s smile disappeared “I wish you all the luck in the world, young man.” He said with all his sympathy.
“Pak Guntoro, thank you for the drink, I think I’ll be heading back to my boarding house now. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.” He said while shaking Guntoro’s hand
“Like wise,” Guntoro replied.
Guntoro watched until Widodo left the shop before standing up and paying for the drinks.
He walked out the door, heading back to the faculty. At the front of the faculty building he saw one of Endang’s friends hop off a motorcycle, he remembered her as one of the girls who came to their house on her house warming party. She was with a young man who was driving the motorcycle. They smiled to each other affectionately. “Ah, young love” Guntoro smiled.
The young man started the motorcycle and passed a few meters in front of him, Guntoro observed him until he disappeared into the distance. The young man looked very familiar to him, but he couldn’t remember where he’d seen him before.  He tried to search his memory but he couldn’t seem to find the answer. Guntoro shook his head, “I’ll remember it sooner or later.” He thought.
“Did you talk to him?” Endang asked when they were in the car.
Guntoro nodded.
“And how did it go?”
“It went well. He sent you his congratulations and regards, and he wanted me to tell you that he’s leaving Malang to start his apprenticeship in Surabaya, in PT Arta Waskita, the factory belonging to Dini’s father.” Guntoro laughed, “Poor guy!”
“Don’t be mean!” She scold, “I’m happy for him for the apprenticeship. By any chance does your ex-father in law have any other daughters you’re not aware of?” Endang laughed.
“Now who’s being mean?”
They arrived at the house and the guard opened the gate for them. Endang entered the house immediately as Guntoro stayed for a while to talk with the guard. She put her bag down in the room, and headed for the kitchen to make some tea, she put her cell phone down on the kitchen table.
She filled the pot with water and put it on the stove to boil. Her cell phone suddenly buzzed letting her know that a text message came in. She picked up her phone and checked the screen, her face was pale in surprise reading the content of the message from an unknown number. She quickly ran out to find Guntoro.
“Mas Gun, Mas Gun, somebody sent me a weird text message…” She said.
“Let me see,” Guntoro said while taking the phone from her.
“I punished that witch for you. You should realize by now that no one can love you more than me. Endang, I’ll forgive all your misbehavior if you leave Guntoro immediately.”

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