Another one of Evida’s bla bla….

When exploring a new hobby, in my case writing a story, we don’t always get it right the first time. December Sunshine is so far from perfection, but at least I was able to get the story a little bit more coherent and less far fetched from my first attempt.

The premise of this story is a fantasy Monarchy in, where else but The Land of The Malay people. Why a fantasy Royalty Romance? Well, browsing Kindle, Wattpad, and even Harlequin there are thousand of nobility stories that take place in Europe, Latin America, Arabia, with counts, earls, dukes, sheikhs, desert princes, etc. but I have yet to find in SE Asia, (except from Thai Lakorns) and more specifically Melayu, (Maybe there’s a reason for that? Who Knows. Do send me threats before dispatching the assassins please!).

I had this first story hidden in my archives of archives, and even moved it to the recycle bin. I felt the story very embarrassing and cheesy. But now I see it from a different point of view. Writing a story is a learning process, full of trial and error, so I decided to thicken my skin and share the story on my blog why not, it’s free……….. 😀

A lot of the cultural references are tutti fruity of different Melayu Subculture. Why? My universe my rules, right?

So I invite you to embark on a voyage with me to a fantasy modern Melayu kingdom of Jothar in Borneo to get to know the story of Ali and Mita.

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