Drama: Binbir Gece

Following the long and angsty  love story of Sehrazat Evliyauglo a widow with one son and Onur Aksal  a successful businessman, owner of the construction company where our heroine is the star architect.

So it happens that the son of Sehrazat had leukemia and she needed to find a big sum of money to pay for his surgery. Upon requesting a loan from her boss, he gave her an indecent proposal to spend one night with him, and he will give her the money. Sehrazat accepted for her son’s sake.

Of course, the story then explores her angst and anger for having to do such an act, and we also get to see how Onur, who is madly in love with her try to win her over .

I actually dropped out after the 59th episode, my attention span isn’t that good. But today I’m on my PTO, I’m sitting here in front of my computer staring at a blank word document, trying to write up the next chapter of my story, and this drama is blasting in the background. My hubby loves it. Thank goodness the TV station dropped it from a 3 hour run to a 1 hour. I can’t imagine spending the next 2.5 hours with soap (opera) in my ears.

Despite the dragging and repeating plot line, I think that this drama is worth watching, mostly because of the beautiful Istanbul backdrop that can’t be ignored. Our OTP who in real life are married, they are definitely a sight for sore eyes. Another valuable experience from watching foreign drama is that we get a sneak peak of cultures on other parts of the world, which for me is priceless. I mean if I can’t hop on a plane to Turkey, I can at least let my imagination fly, right?

Okay done with my complaining, time to get back to the next chapter of DS.


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