Ba Ai Mou Qin by Xin Xin Xiang Rong Chapter 15 Part 2

Jincheng lifted his cup and drank the liquid down to the last drop. His smiled for a while, then his face became gloomy again, frustrated that she only allowed him to kiss her the other night and nothing more. He felt played with, she brought his hopes up and left him hanging.

Jincheng suddenly laughed at himself, she wanted to break up with him, and his worried about not getting any?

Jincheng put his hand on Ye Chi’s shoulder, with an unusually depressed voice he said, “Ye Chi, I found out that women are incomprehensible creatures, for example, look at her, she wals into the bar and checks you out from left to right, then what happens if you try to walk up and talk to her? She disappears into thin air. You can’t let yourself get affected by them.”

Ye Chi looked down at his friend’s wedding ring, “What’s wrong? Didn’t Ji Qing ask you to come back?”

Jincheng gave a wry smile, “She’s determined to have a divorce and even go to court with me. Ye Chi, do you think I’m too easy? I waited for two years, but until this very day, I don’t understand a single thing about what she’s really thinking.”

Ye Chi frowned, “Jincheng, when you ordered flowers for her, didn’t your wife get it?”

Jincheng shook his head, “When we were newlywed, this were different, I used to go out once in a while to find entertainment, but then I changed, I became serious with her, I wanted to live with her, but what did she Say? She refused! Then I wanted it to last forever, but she wanted to end it, that’s what happened…..”

Ye Chi laughed softly, “Jincheng, buddy, let me tell you! Women’s heart is not much bigger than a needle, they are unreasonable and spiteful, and that includes your Ji Qing. At my home, it requires a soft balance to maintain the peace. Women are capable to remember bad things that you did to her 800 years ago. Another thing you should remember is that you always have to avoid other women, whether at work or any other place. You may be the head of the family, but she’s the one who makes the decisions. If you do all that, it would guarantee the long term stability of your relationship. And that my friend is the science of marriage!”

The wine had caused Ye Chi to open up, Jincheng looked at him with astonishment, but his friend was right, even though a man wears the pants in the family, but if his wife shuts the door on him, he won’t look at all good.

“Ahem … …” Ye Chi gently coughed twice before saying: “with that being said, t marriage takes work, it takes work … …”

Jincheng suddenly burst into laughter, Ye Chi’s word was deep and serious, “Ye Chi, to tell you the truth, I think you’re a real piece of work.”

Ye Chi  nodded to acknowledge, but laughed: “a piece of work, buddy you’re right … …”

Jincheng and Ye Chi stumbled out of the bar, they should have done this sooner, who knew, a lot of good would come out of it.


20 thoughts on “Ba Ai Mou Qin by Xin Xin Xiang Rong Chapter 15 Part 2

  1. Well, I enjoyed your translation up to here. Are there a lot of chapters still to go in this novel? I hope you get a chance to complete it if there is not too much left. In any case I will just assume that they finally learned to communicate and made a real marriage for their child to also enjoy.

  2. I apreciate the translations. The fact that you took this challenge, I cannot begin to thank you as someone who cannot read or speak chinese, yet loves the novels. I’m wondering whether you dropped this project, which is understanable since life happens, but I would still like to read the rest of the story. Eitherway, thank you for taking me this far on this journey.

  3. Did it drop? This novel is not updating for a long years… I’m hoping someone will pick it up!! 😣😣😣

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