BAMQ Chapter 15 Notice

Hi Guys,

This week you will have to bear with me a bit for the translation. You see, for somebody like me whose Chinese vocabulary is limited to “Wo Ai Ni” translating Chinese novels chapters at a time can be frustrating. There are a lot of gray matter and imagination involved, and sometimes it just gets overwhelming. To give you an example I have to turn this:

That cold cold of blamed tone, makes Ji Qing full grievance rushed up, is around find not to vent export, abruptly hold has back, she not knows the how with seal Jincheng explained these, too trivial, say, even she explained has, doubted seal Jincheng will think she in sophistry, and children sick is facts, facts before, she said what are extra, only this unit grievance hard hold has back, can orbital is couldn’t help began some Misty, that share moisture, fundamental cannot control.

Into this:

Hearing him blaming her, Ji Qing filled up with grievance, she looked around to find a way not to vent her anger, trying hard to hold herself back. She didn’t know how to start explaining the situation to Jin Cheng. And even if she tried, she doubted that Jin Cheng will believe her. The fact is the child is lying there sick. She felt a misty haze building in her eyes, she was losing her self-control.

As you see I do not literally translate, I paraphrase the paragraph, so you would need to excuse the deviation from the original author’s writing style, but I do my utmost to keep the content intact. Just think of me as a script writer adapting your favorite book into a drama :P.

Why am I writing this? Because the translation of Chapter 15 on the engines is somewhat screwed, so I have to pick deeply into my “right side of the brain” to make sense of it.

Okay, back to my Word Document now, wish me luck…………….

5 thoughts on “BAMQ Chapter 15 Notice

  1. Evida, just to say thank you for doing what you do, for me who can’t read or speak chinese despite both my grandfathers and grandmother in my father side, were born and rise in china, so take your time to do your magic to give us a nice translate story. Just please don’t give up on us. 😀
    Again thank you!!! Take care and see you around, or read you.

  2. I echo shiningmoon’s comment. Your example above reflects your amazing translating skills. It’s not easy translating Chinese to English because the syntax is quite different and there are many idioms and sayings that are difficult to explain. Thank you so much for your time and patience. We look forward to your next post.

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