Ba Ai Mou Qin by Xin Xin Xiang Rong Chapter 14 Part 2

After calming down, Ji Qing gave herself a chance to reflect, what Jin Cheng said was true, as a mother she was somewhat to blame for Xue’s condition, she led her daughter to suffer sickness, Ji Qing felt a streak of regret in her heart. The apology from Jin Cheng, made her realize that maybe given a chance he can be more understanding. Her chain of thoughts was interrupted by the sound of Xiao Xue’s coughing.

The child is too young, she will not endure so many sickness. Crying endlessly while coughing, with phlegm stuck on her lungs, she tried to cough it out, but her face turned flushed red, almost purple.

This really scared Jin Cheng, he felt a panic not knowing what to do. Ji Qing hel her child and coaxed her gently, patting her back and coaxing her to spit out the phlem.

After coughing and crying for some time, Xue, fell asleep, all spent. Ji Qing carefully place her in the bed, a drop of sweat was beading her brow, she shrugged seemingly to wake up again, Ji Qing held her again to cradle her to sleep.

“Let me hold her, while you rest….” Ji Qing turned her head, she placed Xue in Jin Cheng’s arms, to her the sight seemed somewhat strange, and he was still awkward making a very unnatural posture. Unexpectedly Xue didn’t wake up though, she remained asleep comfortably.

After ensuring that the child was sleeping better, he gently put her on the bed and looked up at Ji Qing,”When Xiao Xue gets better, let’s go home…”

Ji Qing’s eyes lighted up, lowered her head in silence, it’s obvious he did not want to divorce her, and he wants her to come back and live with him, she can see that he feels happy and proud about the child, and now he is offering the three of them to live together as a family.

Ji Qing felt really moved by this man, and today in just a few hours, Ji Qing had discovered a hidden part of him, an attentive, unobtrusive and sweet.

Between a man and a woman as long as there is love, you can lose all rational judgment, even if it’s a mistake and you can see it clearly in front of your very eyes, you’ll always make justifications. And she is definitely foolishly in love with him.

Ji Qing wanted so badly to go back with Jin Cheng, to continue her life beside him, even though she’s not sure if he love her or not. Perhaps love is not of that importance.

Then suddenly she Zhang Lu’s smiley face flashed before her eyes, she was shining and elegant, how Jin Cheng looks at her,  these two Jin Cheng and Zhang Lu are perfect for each other, just like if they were born to be a pair. Now she can see herself stuck in the middle, so poor and pathetic.

She did not want to be that kind of woman, dying of sadness. The constant struggle to see a smile on Jin Cheng’s face, she doesn’t want to go through that again, but at this point of time, she was to tired to argue.

Jin Cheng never knew, how this idea crossed Ji Qing’s mind over 100 times. Ji Qing was always able to change his moods, and now their child will be discharged from the hospital. Seeing that she didn’t respond he held the child fearing that she might take her away and disappear without a trace.

Squinting his eyes giving a cold look at the woman, gnashing of teeth and asked: “Are you really going to court with me to divorce? ”

12 thoughts on “Ba Ai Mou Qin by Xin Xin Xiang Rong Chapter 14 Part 2

  1. Hi! I really enjoy reading this story. Is it finished? Because I think it’s such a cliff hanger here. Anyway, really enjoyed it!! Many many thanks!!

  2. Hi

    I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for translating. Just wondering if there is any audio tape or radio drama on this novel. If there is can you please provide the link? I can understand a bit of Mandarin but cannot really read Chinese.

    • If any readers can help with this question, it would be greatly appreciated……

      I have a not so good solution for you, if you find the raw file, you can copy it to a text to speech application, so it can be read out loud, don’t know about the quality though. Since the webpage for the raw that I usually access is no longer available, you would need to find it yourself, and if you can please share with me, so I can continue the translation he he he…..

    • Unfortunately the webpage where I get the raw has been blocked, if somebody can send me an alternative link for the raws, I will be more than happy to continue the translation.

  3. hey. i recently start reading this novel and really appreciate that your hardwork. i may have this novel in Chinese language. i can email it you if you want?

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