Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 15

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of DFPD update last week! I had to go take a break to study for finals, but I’m planning on getting as many DFPD and Eastern Palace chapters out as I can before school starts.

This chapter is shorter than the rest, but it’s still adorable because of Long San and Feng Ning (who already seem like a couple if you ask me), and also takes another step to solving the mystery.



The Mrs. Long San who wins an inch and wants a mile

Long San’s heart stopped a beat from hearing her soft words, but quickly fixed his expression, and very fiercely said: “You are this annoying, if you’re not thrown, what use are you if you’re kept?”

Feng Ning sitting on the ground, turned her head and longingly glanced inside the room, she said: “I know martial arts, I can be your bodyguard as well as assassin.”

The corner of Long San’s mouth hooked upwards: “To help kill all the women that bother me?”

“And the men too.” She even nodded.

Long San’s forehead creased, he really wanted to remind her, that there was only her bothering him right now. Feng Ning stood up, seeing that Long San didn’t seem to have the intention of exerting all his effort in blocking her, she bent over and squeezed into the house at lightning speed.

Like the night before, she rapidly shook off her cloak, arranged her pillow, and with a ‘whoosh’ slipped into the quilt. Long San closed the door and stood next to the bed with his arms crossed looking at her.

Feng Ning cajolingly smiled, wrapped herself well in the quilt while saying: “I’ll only sleep a while.”

“You said the same thing yesterday, and in the end you slept until daybreak.”

“Then why didn’t you wake me up?”

Long San choked on his words, why didn’t he wake her up? Really, can’t even be a good person; he put on a straight face: “Last night I couldn’t sleep an entire night because of your disturbance, today you’ve come again to disturb me, say, when will you stop having nightmares? If you’re always like this, how will I rest?

Feng Ning laid motionless, not speaking. Long San knew right away from seeing her that she was pondering over it; he waited to see how she would argue this, but saw that she seemed to have thought of something, her expression slowly beginning to look pained and bitter. Her being like this, he also started to get nervous, what’s wrong with her?

In the end Feng Ning asked: “Why can’t I sleep here?”

Long San carefully replied: “If you sleep here, what about me? I didn’t get to sleep yesterday.” He also knew how to act pitiful.

Who knew Feng Ning’s expression was even more pitiful than his, she asked again: “Then why can’t you sleep? Are you afraid that I will involve you? I said before that after we settled this whole affair, I would return home. You don’t like me, I know; you marrying me was also forced, but despite that, we are still husband and wife of almost three years, sharing a room, sharing a bed is reasonable. Why do you have to make it seem like I’m very filthy.”

The more she spoke, the quieter she got, speaking until finally she actually felt very wronged: “I know I had done wrong before, you are also only willing to be this close to me to find the treasure and the assassin. But I really was very scared these past two days, can’t you just take it as the obligation and responsibility of a husband?

Hearing those words, Long San was unable to respond, she lost her memory, but the fact was he still remembered all those matters that were difficult to mention. Even though the her today is certainly like a newborn, but the best course of action was for him to keep an appropriate distance from her.

Long San’s silence made Feng Ning even sadder, the atmosphere in the room was dense with awkwardness, no matter how shameless she was, she couldn’t endure this kind of treatment, if she kept lying down, it would be too self-degrading. She no longer spoke, she silently sat up, draped her cloak back on, put the hood on, held her bundle of clothes and pillow to her chest, and in just a moment, wrapped herself back into a sphere, then with her head drooped down, wordlessly walked out.

The door opened with a creek, and then it was a gentle sound. Long San rigidly stood there, not knowing what the feeling in his heart was, this woman really had guts, whenever she goes wild, she makes people want to throw her a distance away, when she’s pitiful, it makes them feel that even if their voice is just a little louder, it would be unfair to her.

Long San was unable to control his own limbs, by the time he came around, he realized he had opened the door, and gone out to look for Feng Ning. Under the serene moonlight, Feng Ning’s plump silhouette appeared especially pitiful. She walked all alone in the alleyway, but she wasn’t headed to her own yard.

Long San followed her from a distance, watching her walking, walking, and then sitting on a stone chair. He also stopped, wanting to see exactly what she was planning to do, in the end he waited for a very long time, she sat motionless, while he couldn’t hold it in any longer and walked over.

He walked to her side, she looked up in surprise, then lowered her head again. He asked: “Why aren’t you returning to your own courtyard?”

“I wanted to go find Yu Mama.” Just when he thought that she wouldn’t reply after waiting a long time, she spoke.

“Yu Mama?”

Feng Ning quietly replied: “Yu Mama is quite imposing, if I sleep with her, I’ll probably be less scared of nightmares.”

“Then why aren’t you going, what are you sitting here for?”

“Yu Mama also doesn’t like me, she is not as close to me as you are. I’m trying to think of a good way of saying it, otherwise she definitely won’t let me stay.” She hung her head and quietly mumbled: “I’ve thought for a long time, but still haven’t thought of anything, she’s probably sleeping by now, right? If I go knock on her door now, will she be angry?”

Long San gazed at the lustrous black hair exposed from the edge of her hood, wanting to heave a sigh, he softly called: “Feng Ning…..”

She stubbornly wouldn’t raise her head, and said with a tone of having been wronged: “I didn’t disturb you ah, my sitting here didn’t hinder your work did it.”

Long San really heaved a sigh, he crouched down, meeting her eyes, and they were black and moist, with feelings of sadness and injustice showing through them. Long San sighed again, and held out his hand to hold hers.

Her hands were withdrawn within her cloak, when he touched her, she suddenly pulled back, unwilling to let him lead her along. Long San didn’t need to use force, he spread out his palm in front of her, and softly said: “Yu Mama or me, who do you pick?”

Feng Ning bit her lip, looking at his large palm, hesitating, then hesitating again, finally she still grumpily said: “It was you who drove me away.”

“So stingy.” Long San imitated her complaining tone.

Feng Ning’s mouth twitched, having been teased, her eyes revealed a bit of a smiling expression, but her face was still making an effort to remain serious, she said again: “Then at this moment, it was definitely you yourself who came to find me.”

“Right.” Long San inwardly clenched his teeth.

Feng Ning finally raised her eyes and met his, she carefully looked at him, confirming that he wasn’t playing her, hesitated for a moment, and then at last, put her hand on his large palm.

Her seriousness about the matter let him suddenly experience a wonderful kind of feeling of having been entrusted, he pulled her up, and led her along towards his courtyard. Feng Ning’s mood was all at once better, once again having a lot of energy. She happily smiled with her eyes curving, turned to Long San and said: “Help me hold my pillow, okay?”

“Not okay.”

“Then hold the clothes.” With one of her hands being held, the other one was left holding two things; it indeed required some effort.

He glanced at her, and grumbled in a low voice: “Win an inch, wants a mile.” But still reached his hand out and took the bundle of clothes. Feng Ning seemingly didn’t hear, and only sweetly smiled, smiling all the way back to his room.

This time entering the room, she didn’t act as though she was going to war, she climbed onto the bed, seriously arranged the pillow, and then asked: “I don’t have to sleep an entire night sitting on a chair right? I can sleep on the bed right?”

“Mm.” He answered as he pulled out a new blanket from the cabinet, unfolded it, and threw it onto the bed, burying her under it just right. “Hurry up and sleep, don’t mess around.”

“There’s a blanket.” Feng Ning poked her head out from under the quilt cheerfully: “Great, I want the new, you use the old one.”

Long San ignored her childishness, minded his own business, and went off to rinse his face and mouth and tidy up. When he came back, he saw that Feng Ning had already divided the bed, she had her eyes shut, and was sleeping wrapped in the new blanket, leaving the outside half to him.

Long San took his outer robe off, let his hair down, blew out the candle, and went to bed, trying hard not to let himself feel uncomfortable. He also wrapped himself well with the blanket, not touching the person next to him. After lying down for a while, suddenly in the middle of the darkness he heard Feng Ning say: “Long San, you really are a good person, I will remember your kindness, and in the future will definitely repay you.”

Long San was not in a good mood: “I’m waiting.”

“Believe me, at the very least, I’ll agree to divorce, I won’t tie you down. I’ll properly talk with my family, at that time, you can go marry the woman you love, no need to stay with me for the rest of your life.”

Long San shut his eyes, and with a muffled sound said: “Hurry up and sleep.”

He heard Feng Ning softly laughing, heard her steady breathing, and then he also gradually sank into the land of dreams. Not knowing how much time passed, Long San suddenly woke up, somewhat absent-minded, but very quickly realizing what had roused him awake. The Feng Ning to his side was struggling and panting hard.

He turned over, and was about to call her, when Feng Ning suddenly loudly screamed, and sat up. It gave Long San a fright, he sat up and called her: “Feng Ning……”

Feng Ning blankly turned her head around, her breathing uneven, evidently not having awoken from the dream. Long San called her again, reached out his hand and touched her shoulder, Feng Ning conveniently snuggled over, leaning against his chest. Long San patted her back, and asked: “You drowned again?”

Feng Ning nodded her head, then shook her head: “I saw him.”


“The man who pushed me into the water.”

“Didn’t you say you only recognized the voice, and didn’t see his face?”

“Not that one, the one that hit and pushed me into the water the day I injured my head, I saw him in my dream. I was running past the shore, he caught up to me, and then we started fighting, the scene was scattered and in fragments, but I saw his face, he had a square face, triangular eyes, wide mouth……” She was seemingly worn out, her voice became quieter and quieter, Long San softly stroked her back, she relaxed, her eyelids fighting to stay open.

“What else was there?” Long San helped her lie back down, and covered her with the blanket.

Feng Ning blinked, finally couldn’t resist her sleepiness, closed her eyes, and quietly said: “He also had a huge nose, didn’t look as good as you.”

Long San tucked her in, and also lied down, listening to Feng Ning speaking in her sleep: “I know him, I should know him, but I don’t remember anymore.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Long San kneaded her creased forehead: “If you don’t remember, then you don’t remember, you’ll figure it out eventually.”

“Mm. I’m so tired.” Feng Ning felt herself almost falling asleep, she held his hand, not feeling afraid anymore, and she persevered to finish telling him her dream: “He’s very tall, he chased me all the way from the forest to the hill, and he took out a concealed weapon, as I avoided it, I stumbled on a stone, and he struck me. That hill was very high, I fell down……” As she spoke, she got quieter, finally falling asleep.

Long San meticulously went over everything she said, this person’s facial features were very characteristic, he should be able to release the information, make discreet inquiries to look for this person. He shut his eyes, intending on arranging this the minute he woke up.

But there was still something that was not quite right, he mulled over it for a moment, but couldn’t put his finger on it. Just as he was about to fall asleep, he suddenly had an epiphany, Feng Ning said she had run from the forest all the way to the hill, the forest was located at the lower reaches of the river, the high hill was on the upper reaches, this was not in the direction of coming out of the city, just the opposite, it was in the direction of going towards the city.

Long San felt the matter was now even harder to guess exactly what happened, that caused Feng Ning who ran out, decide to return?




14 thoughts on “Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 15

    • I agree, they still have a few bumps, but I think their romance is really endearing because of its pace and their interactions. The reason for Long San’s distance is also reasonable, so I can’t really complain /sigh.

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!
      I adore their relationship, and I especially love Feng Ning, who seems to be the one trying hardest to make the relationship work.

  1. Thank you very much!
    Ah, when feng ning showed her vulnerability, i felt really sad for her, my stomach was in knots! So cute, she remembered some things! Great!

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