Evida’s Questions…………….

So on both of the stories we’re following we’ve reached enough chapters each to know our respective heroine. We have Feng Ning, who goes around kicking Long San’s head just to take some steam off and then we have Ji Qing, who is such an introvert that she barely can speak up to Feng Jin Cheng, even to tell him about his daughter. I would like to know your opinion about these woman, what do you think about them and why? Also, I would like to role play as each respective heroine’s BFF, what would be your advise to them?

7 thoughts on “Evida’s Questions…………….

  1. If i’ll be JQ’s bff, i’ll pinch the sense out of her 😉 a guy like JC is never the type who’ll marry just out of filial duty or etc, esp she got nothing to offer for his gain. They got married coz he did Like her in his own twisted way. He is controlling or chauvinistic in his ways but, it’ll be up to JQ to win.him over like by using.her feminine wiles or even that thing between her legs *eherm* why.should she even be insecure? He.married her.for.God’s sake….She left.him.and send him divorce papers…if he is.shallow, narrow and doesnt really care…..JC will sign it in.a jiff! So pls gf, take a deep breath and give the guy a break…after 2 yrs of seperation, he still wana stick around and still.have.the.Hots.for U not to that dependable and talented Zhang woman ( can u believe, she’s not.his type? A trophy.wife! ). Also, you owe it much to your lovely daughter.to have.a.father. U just.dont know how much hard it’ll gonna be to raise a daugter without a father.figure. jQ dear, ur hurting urself much wt your.fears and insecurities… talk it out wt.him. He is not God, dont treat him one. U are his only legal goddess, make your.daughter.a real princess pls.

    If a guy like JC is a chauvinist, i’d stick wt.him like a glue…rather than be.with an.Opportunist who depends to women for emotional and.financial support…even how much yummy or good looking he is…coz, in the.long.run…its.gonna be tiresome and draining to be wt.such a.guy.

    JQ, assert yourself not only as woman but as a wife and mother. *hugs wt pinch in the side*

    Looking.forward for more *wink*

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. Ps,

    The guy can cook! He can feed the family when you got sick, instead of eating take outs. *sigh* such an ideal man…..

    What ive.learn wt JC pov, its ok for women to be simple & silly. Women are not Men.

    • You said everything that I wanted to say. I’m sorry but JQ but you really ticked me off my limit of liking an introverted character, I’m all about Feng Ning, that girl does what she needs to do to get messages across.

  3. To be fair to Ji Qing, I had to first rush over to read ch 10 before commenting … but … I’m actually already completely biased. Feng Ning won me over with her first stolen batch of dumplings. Huhuhu. She’s quirky and feisty and, even though both girls are in sticky situations, my sympathies lie with Feng Ning. She’s so adorable. How can you not love her? Dragon house, I’m talking to you! Perhaps she does throw tantrums, but I think I might too if I were in her situation. Enduring memory/identity loss, a house full of animosity, and Long San – she’s so vulnerable, yet she doesn’t give up. As her bff, of course I’ll give her a whole bunch of dumplings… like a trail of bread crumbs, leading far away from the Dragon house. But, if Long San protests (which given more time, I think he will), I might be willing to give her back to him; we’ll see. But no more love tokens, except to Feng Ning, otherwise he can’t have her.

    I want to sympathize with Ji Qing. But her problems were largely created by herself and her own doubts. Jin Cheng isn’t my cup of tea. ES has it right: “grrr………this man should be burnt in the steaks”. I’m so very close to pitching in the firewood. If he’s a good father to the little one, then he can live, otherwise…. Ji Qing obviously saw something about him to make her crush him for so long. But to give up so easily and run away without discussing their marriage, their divorce, or their child— no, no, no— I just can’t get behind this kind of character in a novel. As her bff, I’d hope our friendship would give her some strength to overcome some of her insecurities. I’m certainly not a love guru, but even I know marriage takes work. After 2 years, I’d remind her of how she’s already proven herself as a capable worker and mother. It didn’t happen overnight, it took time. And so will her relationship with Jin Cheng. And since Jin Cheng didn’t sign the divorce, that means something. And it’s a huge clue that she didn’t fully understand Jin Cheng like she thought.

  4. Personally, I do not like Ji Qing, I feel she acts too much like the victim. If she doesn’t speak up for herself, how can she expect others to do so? She needs to grow a backbone. I have no patience for people like that, either in novels or real life. Feng Ning on the other hand, goes out and tries to solve her own problems, she is not afraid of stating her mind even though she has no support whatsoever in her husband’s household. She fights for what she believes in, but yet does compromise when the situation calls for it. ,

    • And I also agree with you Jane. Telling Jin Cheng why she did what she did won’t hurt. You need to tell that person what’s the problem to be able to fix it whether he listens or not, at least you got it out of the way to be able to say that you tried. Following your own thoughts and doubts isn’t exactly the best way to go. There’s always reason to why a person acts or does things the way he/she does. I personally think it’s wrong of Ji Qing to just base her doubts as assumptions on Jin Cheng’s part. Lastly Ji Qing should question herself regarding Jin Cheng’s feelings for her. Why didn’t he sign the divorce after two years of separation? Why does he refuse to divorce her? Jin Cheng doesn’t gain anything from their marriage, so why does he want her? Obviously the answer is quite evident, love. Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, but because Ji Qing let her own silly insecurities cloud her judgements it made the whole relationship complicated than it has to be.

  5. Feng Ning is modern version 🙂 dare to speak her mind whereas Ji Qing tends to form her twisted conclusions in her mind without clarifying with her other half. Ji Qing appears to be meek and domesticated whereas Feng Ning is working woman with her own mind. 🙂

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