Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 9

Hi! I didn’t introduce myself in the last chapter, but I’m karma who will be collaborating in translating Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances with Evida! I have to praise her for doing such a great job with translating even without knowing how to read or speak Chinese, and I also want to thank her for letting me join the project! Aside from that, I also wanted to give a disclaimer that my Chinese is not perfect as I’m an American born Chinese and have only ever visited China once for a very brief period, so my Chinese is limited, as I do not know a lot of terms and phrases (and Chinese love their phrases), especially when it comes to ancient Chinese novels (AKA Classical Chinese). I only knew very basic colloquial spoken Mandarin Chinese and didn’t actually know how to write or read anything except the simplest of words until two years ago when I started taking classes in college, so please forgive me if there are mistakes in translation. I’m just lucky that Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances doesn’t really use Classical Chinese, otherwise it would be a lot harder to translate. I just hope everyone is enjoying the novel as much as I am, and without further ado: Enjoy!


The Mrs. Long San Who Performed Wedding Rites With a Pig

“Kill them all” these words were spoken very imposingly, Feng Ning even added a cutting gesture  to enhance the effect, Qin Ya Yin, dumbstruck, was unable to respond for a while. Qin Chang choked on his tea, coughing until he was almost out of breath.

Feng Ning was very satisfied with their response, she smiled sweetly and continued eating. Only Long San, who, not sure if he had been struck dumb by her ruckus or what, did not say anything, only looked at her.

Qin Ya Yin sitting on one side was dazed for a long time, finally she stammered: “Miss- Miss Feng really knows how to joke.” This could be considered as having tactfully mediated the situation.

Feng Ning’s mouth edged upward and flashed a mischievous smile towards her, impressed with her own imagination. Qin Chang seemingly regained his breath, only to find it more and more funny, looking at his sister, then looking at Feng Ning, he cheerfully laughed out loud: “Long San, where did you find such an interesting girl? ”

“Picked her up from the roadside.“ Long San answered seriously, eyeing Feng Ning scornfully.

Qin Chang laughed: “Where did you pick her up? I want one too.”

“Qin Gong Zi has many worries too? “ It was Feng Ning who asked.

Qin Chang moved to an upright sitting position, gave a light cough: “Look at me, these attractive looks, naturally I’m popular. ”

“Qin Gong Zi have you taken a wife yet?”

” I already have a wife.” Qin Chang found the question very interesting,  he raised the corners of his eyes, with a frivolous attitude, waited for Feng Ning to continue.

Feng Ning seriously said: “Then Qin Gong Zi does not need to exhaust himself over picking up an assassin from the roadside, this heavy responsibility can be entrusted to your wife, definitely more useful than us assassins.”

Qin Chang glanced at Long San, seeing that he was not at all displeased with the teasing between Feng Ning and him, he could guess that this woman and him are actually not very close, thus he reassuredly continued: “My wife is very delicate, cannot compare to the formidable Miss Feng, I fear she cannot handle so many. ”

Feng Ning lightly furrowed her brows, and held her chin pretending to ponder this dilemma: “Hahh, I originally didn’t want to teach you this trick, but since you are already in such a predicament, I had better tell you.” She slightly leaned over, in a very mysterious voice, she softly said,” Give Madame a large pair of scissors, if it is used appropriately, dealing with only one would suffice. ”

This time it was Qin Chang’s turn to be dumbstruck, unable to speak for long time, Qin Ya Yin sitting to one side did not understand, asked: “What does that mean?” Qin Chang at a loss to explain, finally stammered: “Miss- Miss Feng really knows how to joke.”

This time Long San could not remain unperturbed any longer, first he rubbed his forehead, then he began to eat, anything to keep him busy.

Although Qin Ya Yin did not understand the meaning of the joke, but seeing the situation, she knew it wasn’t anything good, at this point she had already recovered from her earlier shocked state, and started feeling indignant from being played with. “Brother, I think today is not a good time, let’s find another day to invite Long San alone, at that time there won’t be any undesirable people around so we can talk with ease.”

Feng Ning fiercely nodded her head: “These words are very true, only without unwanted people can we talk with ease. Well then, Qin Gong Zi and Miss Qin, take care.”Qin Ya Yin inwardly glared as she and Qin Chang bid farewell and left.

Just as the two people left, Feng Ning immediately stopped smiling, faced Long San and “hmph”ed three times, Long San said: “You still “hmph”, what kind of reckless words were you saying, what big pair of scissors? Is this something a woman should be saying? ”

Feng Ning loudly said: “Did you not see that he was flirting with me? You not only did not protect me, you’re even reproaching me.” Long San’s actual complaints hadn’t even been spoken yet, he only got one sentence in before Feng Ning made him choke it back, he was just about to start speaking, when Feng Ning threw her chopsticks: “I’m full, I want to go home. ”

Seeing her throw tantrums, Long San was also unhappy, he did not pay attention to her, the words he originally wanted to say were also left unsaid, and he continued to eat on his own. Feng Ning sat to one side glaring at him, and after a moment said, “Then I’m leaving.”

“Whatever you want. ”

Feng Ning stomped and stomped and really left, after a while she rushed back, said to Long San: “Give me some money. ”

“What for? ”

“To buy big scissors.”

“……” Long San was speechless, he has never met any woman who is this capable of letting people worry, he put down his chopsticks, was about to reprimand her, when Feng Ning made a face at him “I’m pissed at you.” Turned and left again.

Long San stared at the door, thought for a while, then decided to continue eating his food. After he finished eating and drinking his fill, he walked out of Zhen Wei Lou, and saw Feng Ning hanging around nearby, he acted as if he did not see her, minding his own business and just walked ahead, Feng Ning saw him come out, and followed behind him.

Neither of them said anything, one walking in front and the other at the back, they walked for a stretch of time, Long San asked: “Did you buy the big scissors? ”

Feng Ning pouted and didn’t answer, she stole a glance at the toys she had bought that he was holding in his hands, she had left in a hurry and had forgotten them.

Long San asked again: “Aren’t you someone with a very unyielding character? You get angry as you like, you leave when you want, how come after such a long time, you’re still hanging around here? ”

“Hmph.” Feng Ning replied: “Naturally for important business. ”

Long San stopped walking and turned to face her, “Next time if you make a scene like that again, I will not take you out anymore.” Feng Ning bit her lips and turned her head, a face full of obstinacy. Long San stared at her waiting for her to answer, she had no choice, finally she turned her head back and said fumingly: ” Then for every day that I am your wife, you must protect me for one more day. If in the future you and I divorce, whether I live or die, naturally there’s no need for you to care, but while I’m still residing in the Long Residence, you can’t just let people bully me. ”

She only asked for this much, the emotion in her eyes were straightforward, her stare caused Long San’s heartbeat to quicken, he couldn’t help but nod and answer “Alright.” Feng Ning looked to see that he wasn’t bluffing, then finally smiled. She reached out to grab the things in his hands, and happily said: “We can consider this as having temporarily reconciled then.”

Long San returned her things and led her in the direction of the Long Residence. Feng Ning walked for a while, then asked: “Long San, did I used to be afraid of water? ”

“Should not have been afraid.”

” Should not have been? But you’re not sure?” Feng Ning said: “I just went and stood by the lakeside for a while, I will still feel dizzy, my arms and legs go weak, my heartbeat accelerates, I’m really afraid of water. ”

Long San replied: “You used to invite people out to the lake, so I conclude that you are not actually afraid of the water. Your current state is most likely because you once nearly drowned.”

“Invite people out on the Lake? Who? ” Did she have friends here too?

Long San stopped walking, glanced at her, and replied: “My second brother. ”

Feng Ning was shocked, she stared wide-eyed, only after a long time finally stammered: “Er- Er Bo*?” Long San nodded: “Yes.” Feng Ning stupidly asked: “Why invite him?”

Long San patiently answered, “What you were thinking exactly, I do not know, I only know that second brother manages the household, and that your family was not willing to marry you off to me originally. ”

Feng Ning foolishly stood fixed on the spot. Long San continued to walk forward, she blankly stood for a bit, then silently followed behind him. Following that, both of them remained silent all the way back, after returning to the Long Residence, Long San returned to his courtyard, Feng Ning following behind him also went in.

“Long San, Long San ……” She went with him into his study room and sorrowfully asked: “Am I bad woman? ”

Long San sighed: “Feng Ning, if we can  just figure this out that would be enough, it’s useless to look into the past. I believe that the you right now holds no ill will towards my family, and I also promise you that once we settle this affair, I’ll let you return home. You only need to try to remember matters with relation to the stolen treasure, the rest only increases our worries, there’s no need to inquire.”

“Of course there’s a need to inquire, all of you know what the past me was like, but I don’t know, of course I have the right to know what kind of person I was, and what kind of things I had done. Also, everything is connected, either to the things I had done, or perhaps with me stealing your family treasure.” Feng Ning paced back and forth: ” For instance, you and I conspired together to steal the family treasure, you couldn’t act personally, so you sent me to steal the key, you and I pretended to not get along, and we deceived the public. Another example, by chance I happen to learn of a secret that Er Ye can’t tell anyone, he quickly calculated, and then fabricated that I had an illicit love affair, that I seduced him , to let everyone hate me, and then set a trap, leading me to my death. Another example….. ”

“Feng Ning……” The more Long San listened, the more dumbfounded he got, he quickly interrupted her: “Don’t assume anymore, none of what you say is correct. “Feng Ning stopped and looked helplessly at him, Long San rubbed his forehead: “You really believe anything is possible. ”

“Anything is possible. ”

“That does not include the guesses of our family turmoil, we three brothers are very close, those kinds of things won’t happen. ”

Feng Ning pouting her mouth, sat in a chair, and gloomily said: “Yeah, you guys wouldn’t do such things, I also think I wouldn’t do these kinds of things, but I did, didn’t you guys catch me red handed?”

“Feng Ning, why would you do this, we would also like to know the truth, that’s why we’re sitting together to discuss it.”

“Then first tell me, what kinds of things have I done in the past. ” Without waiting for Long San to open his mouth, Feng Ning added: “The good and the bad, everything. ”

Long Sans hesitated for a bit, then finally nodded: “Then you also have to promise, these are all in the past, you may not use it to bring up issues. ”

“Okay.” Feng Ning agreed readily, at this, Long San finally started speaking.

“Originally when your parents came to us, we did not agree to fulfill the promise of marriage, but your parents were persistent, they took out Grandpa’s written pledge and keepsake and made a huge fuss, insisting on First Brother taking you as his wife. First Brother and Eldest Sister-in-law were already married at this point, so Big Brother was naturally unwilling, but your family actually demanded that he divorce his wife, when that didn’t succeed, they said making you a wife of same rank was fine as well. ”

Feng Ning furrowed her brows, did her parents not treasure her much?

Long San went on: “Big Brother has always been very firm in his decisions, he swiftly refused the marriage. Your family was left with no other choice, and they actually went to our family graveyard to kick a fuss, Second Brother personally went to settle the issue, when they realized Second Brother was the one who actually managed the household, they quickly turned around and demanded that Second Brother marry you. Second Brother naturally was also unwilling. At that time, your family’s attitudes made us feel suspicious, and that the actual interest was for our family’s power and prestige. My thoughts at the time were that your family didn’t actually sincerely want to fulfill the promise of marriage, so I offered to marry, otherwise they could forget about it. Unexpectedly, your family actually agreed in the end. ”

Feng Ning mockingly said: “Did you actually think that if you said that my family would stop just like that? ”

“I had indeed underestimated.” Long San continued: “After the wedding was set, Yu Mama** was very angry and felt that our family had been humiliated. Before the wedding, I had to attend to some matters away from home, so she said to leave the wedding to her, she would make sure it wouldn’t go through.” Speaking up to this point, he paused, seemingly to hesitate.

Feng Ning didn’t let him stop and continued to press: “And then what, how did Yu Mama intend for it to end? Didn’t we still end up getting married anyway? ”

Long San could only answer: “Yu Mama had sent the three of us away, and on the day of the wedding, said we had something big to settle and couldn’t attend the wedding, and so could only ask to have a pig replace the groom, if the Feng Family were not satisfied, the wedding would be cancelled. ”

Feng Ning with her mouth open said in shock: “A pig? ”

Long San a bit awkwardly nodded. Feng Ning loudly asked again: “A real pig? “Long San felt more and more embarrassed, could not say anything. Feng Ning slapped the table : “You guys could actually go so far as to do something like that? ”

“Feng Ning……” Long San wanted to say something, but was stopped by Feng Ning’s angry wave of the hand. She got up and paced back and forth, talking to herself out loud: “What were my parents thinking, they agreed just like that? How on earth did I agree?  I even performed the wedding rites? I should have stabbed the pig, hung it on the wedding altar, and let its blood flow into a river, so that even after scrubbing the floor for months, you guys still wouldn’t be able to scrub it clean. How could I have let you guys bully me like that? ”

After she yelled enough,  she glared sideways at Long San: “Did I stab the pig? ”


“Did I perform the wedding rites? ”

“Yes. ”

Feng Ning furiously pounded the table: “I’m actually so useless?” Long San said: “Even you think it’s unbelievable, then you must understand why we concluded that you weren’t marrying for pure reasons. ”

Feng Ning said: “What I can’t believe, is that I didn’t slaughter my swine husband and everybody there!”


*二伯Er Bo: Is used as ‘second uncle’ (uncle from your father’s side) in modern day, but Feng Ning uses it more as brother-in-law or as a respectful term for Long Er as the head of the household.

** 余嬤嬤Yu Mama: I changed it from Momma to Mama as ‘Mama’ is the correct Pinyin spelling.


23 thoughts on “Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 9

  1. Poor Feng Ning. It must be totally humiliating for her to go through a loveless marriage plus swine pig plus shabby small room …sigh

    I think I can’t live like that

      • I think the scissor joke is referring to snipping their husbands lower bottom half 😉

        so if the wife can’t control the women from buzzing around their husband.. best option control their husband instead hahaha

    • I agree, I felt so bad for Feng Ning going through all that she did, all because of a past she doesn’t remember.

      The secret will slowly unravel as the novel goes on, and it becomes quite obvious halfway through haha.

  2. I love how feisty Feng Ning is! The big pair of scissor, slaughtering her husband (pig).

    The more I read into tthe plot the more curious I get of her past before she lost her memory .

    Thanks karma!

    • Haha, I enjoyed translating the big pair of scissors part and the last line of the chapter so much. She’s really an adorable character, and she gets even cooler later on.

      Yep, they’ll slowly discover things about her past and then everything will become clearer. (And the truth starts to become obvious)

  3. hi karma…thx for the translation…

    am really curious about feng ning’s past…her personality right now was different fr the past…seeing how she was willing to perform marriage rite with a pig, was that mean she indeed did not have good intention into marrying the Long family?

    • Your welcome!

      Yes, so far, that’s what it seems like. Though there’s still a lot more to learn about her past and the truth behind everything that happened and will happen.

    • You’re welcome! I get my motivation from everyone’s comments, so I also have to thank you guys !

      look forward to a cute scene of bantering in the next chapter!

  4. Ok then, I know you guys are working hard already as it is and we sure are greatful so we won’t ask for much, don’t be pressured (just be fast) HAHA. I sure won’t be excited to face my parents if I were her, I will surely runaway at the mention their name in case they’d like me to marry a donkey this time. This will still be a long way to go as I peeked on the raw ebook online that it has like thousands of chapters left… But don’t think about it much guys, we can go all through this, we are here to support you and more powers girls!

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