Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 7

First and foremost I want to thank 1437anis for the great work in proof reading the text (This is a pic of Feng Ning smiling at you :p). 

I hope this will improve the readers experience. This is a great story so hopefully everyone  can enjoy it without getting “lost in translation”. Feel free to add comment or input if you think there are other opportunities for improvement.

Well finally our OTP meet and get to know each other. After the initial shock, leave it to our cheeky heroine Feng Ning to drag Long San into mischievous situations. Without further ado, let’s enjoy the story;

Mrs. Long San Finds an Ally


Feng Ning stared at him for a long time and finally asked: “You’re Long San?”


“Your name is Fei?”


“Your second brother is called Long Yeuk Tau?”


“Your nanny is Yu Momma and you have several other fierce stewards?”


“You are married to a woman called Feng Ning?”


“Is that me?”


“Did you recognize me?”

“I did.”

“When you met me at the gate, why didn’t you say anything?”

“I wanted to tell you, but you did not give me a chance.”  In fact, he was at the gate waiting for her, he wanted to catch her by surprise, waiting to see her panic reaction but he actually did not expect a calm reception. He was the one who told them not to open the gate, which in turn gave ​​him a big surprise. But now he couldn’t say this to her because she looks sad because of his deception.

“After so much time passing, there was still no chance to tell me?”

” …… “Long San pursed his lips, not knowing how to answer, he was waiting for her to give herself away, then play with her. Later, when she walked out of the gate looking so helpless, he suddenly believed she really had no memory. Then suddenly he was worried that if he told her that he was Long San it would scare her. After that, she was so happy that he did not have the heart to tell her. In short, there was no right time.

Feng Ning stared at him, her eyes red with a croaky voice she said: “I was hurt and sick, you did not even come to see me.”

Long San felt uncomfortable, he should not say this at the gate, right?

Feng Ning shot a fragile look full of sadness: “Why are you ignoring me?”

” …… “Long San felt helpless and was still speechless. He tried to persuade her to go home just to talk and was surprised to find a sad faced little woman. Who suddenly clenched her teeth, rushed forward and gave his calf a hard kick while shouting “You great big jerk! Liar!” then turned around and left.

The remaining servants looked at Long San with a surprised face, Long San looked back at them, upset and he chided them: “Are you all free?” Everyone shook their heads and quickly dispersed.

Long San stared at their backs, sighed, how would it turn out with this woman in the end?

Long San walked towards the house, thinking to return to their yard but his mind suddenly turned to Feng Ning. Feng Ning has stayed in the small house for a long time, while everyone lives in a mansion but each has their own yard, there for there are not a lot of opportunities to meet.

When he heard Yu Momma’s voice scolding her, he knew she has not entered the house yet: “You are too outrageous, a married woman, a dignified Mrs. Long San and what reason might you have to be sneaking out at midnight like a ghost. What exactly is going on? ”

“I went to the river, to see if I can remember anything.”

“Well, who can believe those words? Going to the river in middle of the night, while dressed like a thief?”

Long San walked into the yard and saw Feng Ning with her head bowed down and not answering or giving out a grievance appearance, he walked over and called out “Momma.”Yu Momma was pleased to see him back and happily took his hand: “Finally, you came back, there was no trouble, and does your head still hurt?” She is like a different person altogether, revealing a kind and caring facial expression. She is really concerned for Long San.

Long San subconsciously looked at Feng Ning, as she helplessly watched them, looking at them enviously, until her eyes locked with his, only then she looked away to the side. Long San’s heart beat faster, to Yu Momma he said: “I’m fine, my injury is already healed, I’m not so delicate.” Then to Feng Ning he said: “You head into the house first.”

Feng Ning that did not hesitate to rush into the house , she was too upset , do not believe her, do not care about her, but also lied to her, what’s wrong with this mam?

She threw herself on the bed as the entire good mood from the market disappeared into thin air. Long San was outside with Yu Momma and then he pulled her away, saying that he has something to talk about. Feng Ning heard the phrase, knowing that they were going to talk about her, she peeked out the window secretly watching Long San with Yu Momma leaving. When he suddenly looked back and looked into her eyes, Feng Ning subconsciously hid and crouched under the window sill.

She squatted there for a while, then stood up to peek outside to find there was nobody outside anymore. She lied on the windowsill feeling depressed for a while, cursing Long San “Big Liar “, and after while she felt bored and decided to make up for the loss of sleep last night. Since she cannot change anything as they still suspected her and they still hate her, better sleep then worry over things she cannot control.

Feng Ning slept very soundly, she didn’t know whether the trip to the Cool River was helpful or not but she had a dream, the dream of endless darkness and cold water, a force pulling her to the depths of fear, she tried to breath, the water filling her mouth and nose, struggling to make her limbs moving forward, but she just couldn’t move.

She was choking, her chest felt like it was going to explode, the pain seems to be boundless but somehow she was suddenly able to open her eyes and she was desperately shouting: “Help …… “With this call, the air from her throat flooded in, she woke up.

That kind of aimless feeling in her chest still has not dissipated, she found the door was opened and then Long San came in and asked: “what happened?”

Feng Ning stared at him, subconsciously answered: “Help …… “

Long San slightly raised his eyebrows and approached the bed: “Nightmares?”

A dream? Feng Ning closed her eyes tightly, finally woke up, she sighed with relief but fortunately it was just a dream. Long San did not expect her to answer, but said: “If you want to, we can talk.”

Feng Ning looked at him: “Yu Momma will not come?”

Long San raised his eyebrows: “I asked her to go back?”

Feng Ning snappily said: “Thank you, husband.”

Long San nodded: “You’re welcome.” He stood there not moving, obviously he has no intention to talk about Yu Momma.

Feng Ning looked at him and then asked: “Your talk is it over or did you decide to change the topic?”

“Is this trick useful to you?”

Feng Ning seriously thought about it for a moment: “Giving me something delicious is probably more useful.” Long San thought it was ridiculous, just answering randomly.

Feng Ning sat up: “Oh, I’m really hungry.”

“You missed lunch.” Long San kindly helped her analyze the reasons.

“Lunch?” Feng Ning said in a loud voice: “This thing is so important,  why didn’t anybody wake me up?”

Long San remembered her breakfast at the moment, as well as Long Er repeated accusation of her stealing snacks, he couldn’t help himself and smiled as he to found it too funny. Feng Ning saw him smile, but she was not satisfied: “You  and  the whole family are so bad, while I do not care that you totally like to bully people, however I did not lie, but you still do not believe me, even if I cannot force you all to like me, but you shouldn’t let people go hungry ah …… “

She continued complaining, Long San interrupted her: “I believe you.”


“I really believe that you are not acting.”

Feng Ning startled: “Really?” Long San nods. Feng Ning felt a little excited: “I really did not lie, I really did not lie but Yu Momma and Er Ye still will not believe me.”

Long San said: “I do not blame them, if I didn’t meet you on the outside, I too would not believe it myself.”

“You are defending them.” Feng Ning hit a pillow over his head: “I’m your wife ah.” Long San’s expression seemed frightened, she wasn’t wrong although she is his wife but they were estranged, it was something that was still delicate to speak of.

She embarrassedly giggled, retrieved the pillow and put it back into place. Then straighten her face and cleared her throat: “What I know is that I stole something of your family, well Yu Momma said this but I really do not know where it is, I guarantee, if I remember about it, I’ll give it back to you.”


“Well, we are a team, right? We all want to know exactly what happened, it will certainly help for us to join forces to find the truth right?”


Feng Ning felt happy, and she jumped up and lifted the quilt, took clothes to wear them: “Then you must help me, oh, I will not lie to you, so you can no longer lie to me too, be sure to tell the truth to me.”

Long San saw her movements and quickly turned to go out: “To tell you the truth, I am that not close to you, so you when change clothes, I cannot be present.” He strides outside, waiting for her for a moment, then Feng Ning jumped out already dressed, she stared at him and said: “The truth is I do not like it here, so when I have my memories back and return the things to you, I’m going to go back home. “

Long San answered straightforwardly: “Okay.”

And Feng Ning was upset: “You will not retain me?”

Long San shrugged: “You say I cannot lie.”

Feng Ning put arms around her chest and cocked her head: “Well, I was just testing you but I really don’t want to be retained.” Long San was amused at the look on her face, Feng Ning also said: “But you broke my heart, so you have to compensate me.”

Long San smiled but in his heart he was secretly prepared and asked: “How should I compensate you?”

Feng Ning put on a crooked smile and pulled him: “Come with me.” She took him on a walk, which actually headed towards the kitchens backdoor. Long San understood that this was what Long Er was complaining about and quickly cleared his throat and said: “I’ll take you out to eat good food, so you might be able to remember something if you look around.”

Feng Ning was overjoyed, forcefully nodded: “You have a point.” In addition to her last night sneaking out, she really did not get a chance to play outside, if she could go out now, of course she will welcome it. Long San felt assured for a while, suddenly Feng Ning dived down after taking a glance at the window, then ran back to him and said: “The Soup Kitchen chef is guarding inside, can you call him out for a chat?”

Long San pulled her and asked in a low voice: Didn’t we agree that I’ll take you out to eat.”

“That’s a meal, and now it’s time for a snack.” Feng Ning said as a matter of factly.

“Then there is no need to steal, okay?”

Feng Ning lit up: “If you are willing to give me a hand, I can also succeed to steal the food” she said with pride, Feng Ning was seriously going to steal it.

Long San felt beaten and found the request really funny, he said: “Do not be naughty.” Trying to stop her, but surprisingly she ran forward to the window below the sill of the kitchen, after that observing inside the kitchen, then she turned towards him and kept waving at him, asking him to lead out the Soup Kitchen .

The fact was, when he was small Long San was also a troublemaker, otherwise he would not be sent by his parents to study. Feng Ning looked so happy that he’s playful heart woke up, there for he loudly called for the Soup Kitchen chef.

The Soup Kitchen chef heard him calling and looked out, as Long San signed to Feng Ning, the Soup Kitchen chef went to the door and he said to the soup kitchen chef: “I ​​want to ask you, I heard that Feng Ning’s appetite is not normal recently, I do not know that Chen Dafu sent her a special diet meal …… “

Feng Ning heard the voice of the Long San, as she quickly picked up the pan on the stove and just poured a bowl of Spring Rolls, while muttering: ” You are not normal, a grown man eating so little, shame on you” as she casually walked out from the front door and turn back to the backyard corner, after throwing three pieces of stones to hit the back of Long San, and then she sat by herself holding a bowl of Spring Rolls.

After a while, Long San ran out towards her and waited around for a long time before finally spotting Feng Ning in the garden, he walked up to her: “Why did you use stones to hit me?”

“It was a fast retreat signal, to tell you I had already succeeded.”

Long San sat beside her and reached for a piece of snack also to munch on, while eating he asked: “Is this good?”

Feng Ning quickly put the bowl near her chest: “Then, you don’t have to eat,” she quickly bit another piece and said: “Well, when will you take me out to eat and drink.”

“Not to eat and drink, to look for clues.”

Feng Ning waved generously at his rhetoric answer, Long San said: “I’ll talk about the past with you and see if you can think of something”

Feng Ning was very pleased: “Well, that is more than I can say. Like Momma said I hid it but I can’t remember it.”

“You can’t blame anyone else, I’ll tell you what I know.”

Feng Ning nodded, looked at him for confirmation:” You will take me out and there will be food, right?”

“You still owe me breakfast money, remember” Long San teased her.

“You big liar, I do not owe you.” Feng Ning stared at him: “It’s the responsibility of a man to feed his wife, although you don’t like to see me in your house, and I do not like to see you too, but you still have to bear the responsibility.”

Long San’s hand reached for her bowl and grabbed a piece:  “What you eat, can support someone’s home of three, you really have the nerve for asking that much.”

Feng Ning was going to talk back but she looked up and saw Er Ye heading towards here and called out: “You two …… “

Feng Ning snatched the bowl, as she already has experienced this situation she quickly jumped up and grabbed Long San: “Hurry.” Dragged him and frantically fled from the scene.

Er Ye frowned and stared at their backs, muttering: “The youngest is also going crazy, he really is brain damaged. That weird Feng Ning, I do not know why she still has not said anything? “


7 thoughts on “Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 7

  1. “Long San stared at their backs, sighed, and the woman in the end how would it turn out?”

    Is it me or just sentence just doesn’t make sense.. ‘the woman in the end how would it turn out’

    Feng Ning and was upset: “You will not retain me?”

    There’s an ‘and’ here.

    Anyways Feng Ting and Long San are so cute and both just as mischievous! Thanks for the chapter afaasun and 143anis 🙂

  2. hua ha ha…feng ning is so interesting…can’t wait to see how their relationship evolved from strangers to lovers.

    thanks 🙂

  3. I love it, the moment she found out that it was Long San, her husband all along. She doesn’t hesitate to punish him, and especially in front of their servant… HAHAH he totally deserve it!

    thanks for translating 🙂

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