Volunteers needed for proof reading pre-post

Hi Guys,

To improve readers’ experience, I am in need of proof readers to help me with these translations, as you know, I actually do interpretations instead of an actual translation, because of one simple reason I do not read or speak Chinese, I use translating tools and fine tune the wording, but it can get confusing to readers. If any body out there is willing to proof read before I post, your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

9 thoughts on “Volunteers needed for proof reading pre-post

  1. Hi Afaasun!
    I can help you proof read your posts. But with that being said, I am not SUPER good at English grammar- so please forgive me if I make mistakes :p

  2. Thanks, to make it clear this is especially for the Ba Ai Mou Qin, the author’s lingo, actually confuses me, this actually cost me up to 3 hours to translate for each chapter, and those are short chapters more or less 2.5 pages in a word document. I am good with Dragon/Phoenix, this is relatively fast, although the chapters a long between 5-6 pages in a word document, but the author has a good story telling technique, and doesn’t show so much redundancy as Ba Ai Mou Qin, so I usually spend an hour or two on each chapter, for this I have several chapters already translated in my archive, so I can proofread them myself before uploading. I plan to schedule the post for Ba Ai Mou Qin to be every Monday, so I will send the text over the weekend.

  3. Hi! I started reading your translations and ended up looking up the ebook for 龙飞凤舞 (cause I couldn’t wait for the next translations haha). I think you’re doing an amazing job translating considering you can’t speak or read Chinese!!

    Anyway, because of SSB and the many translators, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at translations because I realize being able to read/write/speak the language is different from translating from one language to the other. So as I was reading the Chinese text for 龙飞凤舞, I thought it was a relatively easier novel to start on, and I was wondering if you are interested in maybe collaborating on the book? If not, I could start anew from chapter one with my own translations/interpretations, if you don’t mind. If you don’t like the idea, I can look into other novels, so that’s fine too!

    Again, thanks so much for the translations! I originally wasn’t interested in it because of the summary and plot line, but the actual novel is a lot more interesting, which is why I became interested after reading your translations.
    I hope to hear back soon!

    Here’s my email: karima.tung@gmail.com

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