Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 6



We finally get to meet Long San, although in a somewhat treacherous way. Feng Ning can now have a chance to try to understand her pre-amnesia life.

Dear husband of Mrs. Long San Returns

Feng Ning stood waiting to hear the two men behind the swordsman Big Brother saying: “You, with his blood in him to write me a beast, you, as, with his blood in him I was an animal .” Feng Ning heard this, could not help but laugh, this man’s sense of justice is really interesting.

The two drunks stood with bare legs, pants hanging around their necks on it is written a curse they were tied to the market’s stakes. Feng Ning covered her eyes with her hands but peeped through her fingers, she feels this is a really great disposal method.

“Looking again? ” That swordsman found Feng Ning had turned around, he did not expect that she was so naughty, then whispered helplessly denouncing her. Feng Ning giggled: “Brother, you’re a great guy.”

The young swordsman raised his eyebrows, he’s standing in the moonlight, and he seem handsome and chic. But Feng Ning as a married woman apparently did not notice this, she waved at him farewell: “I have to go, till we meet again.” Her mood was better, she leaped towards the gates to go, and then stood there for a while, sunrise has just arrived, and the city gate wide open, Feng Ning followed the peasant farmers out of town.

She walked for a while, but did not know the way, then pulled a farmer and asked: “Uncle, which way to Cool River?” the farmer pointed her the way, Feng Ning went with a trot . She walked in a line for a long time, and finally saw a rushing river.

Feng Ning stood at the river bank , looking at the rapids of the river, the brain suddenly flashed an image of her drowned in the dark , icy water rushed down around her, she closed her eyes,she felt bad anout it. She quickly crouched down, buried her head in her lap, hoping that the dizziness will pass. When she re- opened her eyes, the scene in front of her was the same, but she her legs felt weak, she simply sat down on the ground, looking at the river trying recall. Unfortunately, this time she remembered nothing.

It was frighteningly dark before dawn, the moon in the sky shining pale, Feng Ning felt cold chills in her heart.

A man approached her, Feng Ning looked back, it is the Swordsman Brother, and she smiled: “Why are you here?”

Swordsman crossed some distance to sit beside her:  “This is not a safe place.”

Feng Ning holding her knee looked at him:  “Brother, you’re a good person, I’m fine, you just saw the bad guys cannot bully me.”

That swordsman asked: “Why do you come here?”

“They told me something happened here, I wanted take a look.” Feng Ning said honestly, and somehow she felt that she clicked with the swordsman, and it did not feel awkward talking to him.

Maybe it’s because there is someone, she felt the spirit and jumped up, and walked along the river. The swordsman stood up and followed her. Feng Ning folded her hands, walked all the way down stream, looking around, the swordsman asked softly: “Looking for anything?”

Feng Ning replied: “I’m trying to find myself.” she answered without thinking, it did not even attract the Swordsman’s questioning, Feng Ning thought, and this is really good. She needs someone to accompany her, but she doesn’t need someone inquisitive.

They arrived to a place where a small forest grew on the shore, the bank was low, Feng Ning watched the river feeling a little afraid, but still squatted on the shore, the mud looked like someone can soak in the water, half lying on the shore.

The green grass, soil full of moisture, and it smelled like that day. At this time horizon has turned white, the moon and stars were about to fade. Feng Ning looked up at the sky, suddenly lied down on the grass, she looked up at the pale moon, closed her eyes, then opened, then closed.

She laid for a long time, laid there until the whole sky had been lit up, her mind went blank, except that sensation of initially struggling in the dark with rapids left over to give her a feeling of fear, and she tried not to think about it. The swordsman did not speak, just quietly watching her from the side.

Feng Ning lying sad, she did not remember, now what? Nobody liked her, nobody appreciated her, no close family, no loving husband, nothing. She does not like Dragon House, she did not want to go back, how can she? She doesn’t even know anybody, where can she go? She looked at the sky, feeling wronged and helpless.

She sat up, rubbed her sore eyes, got up and headed to the direction towards the town. The Swordsman quietly followed behind her. Feng Ning kept her sad emotions inside, she did not talk to him, and they arrived back at the gates.

When she got there the gate keeper saw she actually came back, clothes soiled with mud , with a sad look, shocked and stammered he asked: ” Young lady, what happened to you? Did your sister …… really cannot wait for more than an hour? “

Feng Ning shooked her head, her sad face obvious that the soldiers thought that something tragic really happened, he said full of regret: “Oh, girl , I’m really sorry , if I knew this , how can I help you ?, I’m so sorry ……… no wonder, then , so I really did not know …… “

His earnestness made Feng Ning actually feel guilty, she waved her hands: “Soldier Brother, not so, I was wrong, to get out of the city, I told a lie, don’t feel bad for me.” She said, rubbing sad tears from her eyes: “It was not my sister that was sick, it was me, I do not know what to do, I can’t go back. Brother I was wrong, I should not have lied to you, really, and you can blame me. ”

The soldier surprised , scratched his head , he did not understand what she meant in the end , about being sick, brought back , but also scolded , she didn’t sound coherent, her sister is fine, but she looked so sad , he did not say anything , had waved his hand : “I do not blame you ,I do not blame you , you see, you get this one , be careful not to catch a cold , and go home soon, do not be afraid to be scolded, family is still the family, go back quickly. “

Feng Ning and rubbed her eyes and said: ” Soldier Brother, you’re a good man ,” then the soldier waved his hand and rushed her, they waved to say goodbye .

Feng Ning felt dejected, she slowly walked on the street, watching the strange street , and no impressions of the shops, her mind blank, sigh . The kind Swordsman brother was behind her, she walked away, suddenly turned around and told him:” Brother, ah, I was so sad.”

“Ah ? ” Swordsman expression of surprise.

Feng Ning pretended not to see , and said: . “I’m sad, I’m hungry as I waited for the gates to open at midnight, so I have been hungry from that time until now”

The swordsman let out an ” ah ” sound , appeared to be more surprised.

Feng Ning composed herself and said:  “You see I secretly ran out of the house , I did not have any money , I am far away from home , I’m too hungry to go back , please lend me some money for breakfast, when I get home, you could drop by to take the money . “

The swordsman no did not make a sound, but his mouth was wide opened, dumbfounded to see her, apparently he did not think that her bad mood can be cured so fast. Feng Ning winked at him looking innocent, for her, when hungry one should eat, no question about it. That swordsman quickly restrained his expression, nodded and said: “Okay.”

Feng Ning smiled widely, her big eyes curved, pointing to the front of the stall earlier: “Then let’s go.” Her goal is to get there before opening.

The two people arrived at the stall , Feng Ning stomach was screaming like a cuckoo bird, let aside swordsman eyebrows, Feng Ning gave him a “You see , I did not lie ,”expression, the swordsmen cough lightly twice, turned his head away laughing.

It was just a roadside stalls, only two small tables, selling food that is relatively simple, wontons, rice, biscuits, and buns. Feng Ning ordered a bowl of wonton and rice, two biscuits, and two buns. She turned to the swordsman and asked: “Brother, what do you want to eat?”

Swordsman surprised: “Didn’t you just ordered?”

“That was my food.” Feng Ning said, the swordsman face showed surprise, she blinked calmly then patient asked again: “Brother, what do you eat?”

The swordsman blinked slowly and said: “Bowl of wonton, two buns.”

Feng Ning turned to the stall aunt and said: “Aunt, plus a bowl of wonton, and two buns.” then added: “My big brother has a small appetite” (OMG, ROTFL)

Swordsman turned pretended to look away, his shoulders gently shaking as he tried hiding a smile . Feng Ning is non-plused, she sat down on the small table. Breakfast came soon, Ning Feng ate with a happy grin, the swordsman said: “Everything is great, there is a good life, a full meal,” she stared at him a moment: “Hey, where have I heard those words before?”

Swordsman looked at her and asked: “You do not remember?”

Ning Feng shook her head: ” I am sick, I do not remember. But big brother is a good man, I remember that I owe you money, I remember, I will definitely remeber. ” She continued , focusing instead on efforts to eat , eating, and eating again she yells to the stall aunt loudly: “Aunt , this is really a delicious meal .”

She praised verbally, but also to ate as to show the world that this breakfast is really good taste , several passers-by could not resist stopping to buy some . The aunt was happy with the flattery, she wrapped with lotus leaf two spiced corned egg : “Girl, aunt invite you to eat eggs, wrapped , you can take it back , not bad .”

Feng Ning smiled brilliantly, said thanks, winked proudly to the swordsman. After they finished eating, the swordsman paid for the food and went back to the small table, Feng Ning said in a low voice: “Brother, we should pay for the eggs too, the aunt worked so hard, her grandchildren are still small. Look at their torn clothes, the family seems poor, and we cannot take advantage of her.”

Swordsman saw her serious expression, and said in a low voice: “I’m leaving, she will not accept.”

Feng Ning’s voice even lower, acting like thieves like: “Then secretly put it here in the bowl, she will see it when she comes to clean the table.” Swordsman glanced to aunt and nodded. Both of the got up and walked away, but they heard the aunt call: “girl …… “Feng Ning looked back, the aunt found the coins, waving her hands calling them. Feng Ning and the swordsman quickly ran away, running far, laughing.

She happily jumping in steps, just a few steps, is swordsman caught her sleeve: ” Why are you heading to the gate? Aren’t you going home? “

Feng Ning stopped a moment, shouting: “Oops, I forgot to buy breakfast.”

That scared the daylights of the swordsman, with a loud voice he asked: “What did you just ate?” Her memory loss couldn’t be that bad.

“No, no , I was thinking, about the gatekeeper brother, he certainly did not have breakfast , that aunt still has several steamed stuffed buns, can you go to buy food . I can’t just eat happily myself, and forget everyone else” the swordsman looked at her helplessly: ” Brother, do not worry about the money, I will repay it, please go and buy me a bun”

“Not good.” Swordsman brother answered very simply: “We sneaked away, to go back again, I feel ashamed, I’ll give the money to you, you go.”

“No, I’m thin-skinned, I can’t go back.”

“Then I have a thick skin?”

“Definitely thicker than me,” Feng Ning laughed: “I mean , big brother seeing you seem to have a wide network of contacts, more experienced, it was certainly a lot of good things to buy back such delicious buns, certainly better than me, you go” her palms clasped together, begging him saying: ” Go, go , I owe you a favor , please “

Brother swordsman’s face loosened, Feng Ning seized the opportunity to push him to go back: ” Go, go , thanks to you, the aunt can shut the shop and go home early to rest with her grandson , brother gatekeeper can eat his fill, thanks to you. ” she put it as though it is a big thing to buy the buns, the swordsman felt helpless against her brother finally went back.

Feng Ning hid in a corner , watching the swordsman brother go back to buy buns with a look of embarrassment , that aunt really pushing and shoving to be less money, Feng Ning think she saw the swordsman brother blush , they seemed to be unable to agree , he grabbed a bun , leaving the money and quickly escape.

“Son , son …… ” The aunt called the swordsman brother . Feng Ning really cannot help but laugh, swordsman brother passed by her, while going to her side, blaming her: “Still laughing! Still laughing! “

They ran directly to the gate, and took buns to Feng Ning’s gatekeeper brother, they apologized several times to the gatekeeper brother while they sent breakfast, he thanked them repeatedly. Feng Ning discussed a peace of mind, with good mood, she and her swordsman brother waved goodbye to the gatekeeper, turned towards home.

Her brilliant smile, the sun shines behind her, she looked somewhat. Brother swordsman put his big arms around his chest that he slightly narrowed his eyes, looking at her.

Feng Ning went to him jumping with joy, prideful and said: “You walk home with me, I want to pay you the money .” She has not stop humming, and her hands behind her back, stepping in the sunshine pacing forward. She was a dirty, but did not care, like a happy cat taking a stroll after dinner.

They were quiet for a long time, Feng Ning suddenly said: ” Brother, I’m not so sad , you see, I ran away from home for the night , but I met you a great guy, and the gatekeeper is also good,  the aunt selling breakfast is also a good person, so many good people in this world, much better . someone taught me , as long as we do good, will eventually be rewarded , I think that is true , my husband and his family doesn’t like me , it maybe because before I did a bad thing, but I’m not the same, if I’m good to them, and they will certainly change towards me, right ?”

Swordsman did not speak, Feng Ning then said: “Oh, I thought of this, but cannot remember who were the people who taught me these words, it must be a good big brother, I want to miss the people, but I do not know who to miss, this kind of empty feeling is really bad.”

She did not expect him to understand her, she was speaking incoherently, if people can understand, that will be strange. But as long as there is a person at her side to listen, either she said slowly, her heart felt comfortable. She said a few words rambling, saw the dragon in front of the house, with a swordsman brother with her suddenly she remembered that she cannot jump over the wall .

This time she felt a little embarrassed, she stopped in her tracks, looking down on the ground kicked stones, in a small voice: “Brother, I tell you, my husband is here and he doesn’t like me. I will bring you in, and ask them for the money. If they refuse, I have some jewelry, and we will be able to offset that with the money for the breakfast.”

Swordsman didn’t answer , Feng Ning asked: “Yes, we’ve been together for so long , and I have not asked your name Brother “

“My name is Long …… “

“Oh, what a coincidence ” Feng Ning exclaimed : “My husband’s surname is also Long.”

Swordsman sighed : “I know .”

“Oh .” Feng Ning bowed her head : “You know this is The Long House ah , his family is famous, I’m not a bad person, really. .” She did not know what to say , but walked to the door with her head down: “Come on, anyway, sooner or later I have to go back .”

Before she got to the door, it suddenly opened, and a dozen guards servants walked out, when they saw Feng Ning they shouted: “Look, is that not that San Furen? She’s here”

Feng Ning immediately wanted to dig a hole to crawl into, which is such a shame. She was just about to turn around and explain to swordsmen brother, but the guards saluted him, Feng Ning felt shocked like they scared the daylight from out of her, but heard they called: “San Ye!”

Feng with a stupid expression staring at them for a long while, then slowly turned around and saw the swordsman brother embrace everyone’s salute. He looked at Feng Ning’s surprised expression , and whispered: “I am Long San.”


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    • Well, in the previous chapter it was mentioned that he sacrificed himself to marry her, so their marriage was rocky from the get go, plus the suspicious circumstances that the Phoenix family to suddenly demand the marriage.

  1. thx 🙂
    I think Long San only saw her real personality…with him being away n seeming they are not closed before, i would say he’s interested to getting to know of his wife more so of the current circumstances surrounding them.

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