Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 5



Things are getting more and more interesting, as Feng Ning decides to take matters into her own hand and try to solve the mystery of her life before the accident. After all she went through good Samaritan showed up to give her a helping hand, or is he?

Mrs. Long San Sneaking In the Dark

Feng Ning after receiving the warning from Long Er decided to lay low for a while.  Yu Momma visited her every day, Feng Ning didn’t know if she was there to monitor or torture her, or was she being tortured.

This didn’t sit well with Feng Ning, she thought Yu Momma was also unhappy. She preferred that Yu Momma didn’t talk, like her previous trivia, about her family, her husband, either from this she was just not interested. Most of the time they just sat quietly.

But Feng Ning is not heartless, she’ll think of Yu Momma, “Momma, you are getting older, so sitting must be tiring, would you like me to go with you to shop around?” She wanted to take a walk and see the scenery, also it’s better than watching this Momma.

Results of Momma said, “Being a daughter-in-law, it’s good to have finiteness, I can sit down with no problem.” Tiring, getting old? Yu Momma was unhappy. But this hypocritical Feng-Ning how sneaky, she dare act so blatantly.

Feng Ning then said: “Yu Momma ah, sitting for so long, aren’t you hungry?” Hungry can be little reason to check the kitchen for snacks or something, right?

Yu Momma said: “Lunch was just an hour ago, how anyone can be hungry?” Feng Ning held her chin, deep in thought, did she asked the wrong thing, she shouldn’t ask about having the munchies? But ask an elderly about munchies, is not proper?

It is not, Feng Ning had no choice but reverse the topic: ” Momma, ah, you told me that I may have stolen the treasure, what does it look like, how big is it?”

Yu Momma sipped some tea, but did not answer. Feng Ning asked: “Then I may have an accomplice, did I do it myself?”

Yu Momma ‘s hand holding a cup, sweeping the tea leaves to one side . Feng holding her head, both fiddling with their own cups, suddenly Feng Ning sat up straight: “Momma, why don’t we work together to solve it. I do not know what happened, the mood is not good. You’re so tired, because you cannot solve the problem, the mood is not good. ”

Yu Momma says: “You, quickly remember something from the past that will help a lot, you’re acting mad and stupid, solve what case?”She did not trust this lady, she could not give her a chance to mess up by showing mercy. “I have sent for the monks, to do the exorcism ceremony, drive away evil from you.”She did not, drugs, exorcist, pressure … … torment, whatever can make her show her true colors.

Exorcism? Feng Ning listened feeling even more boring, she simply pretended to be dead lying on the table, she was not happy, she did not want to pretend to be happy.

After several days of such bitterness , Feng Ning finally cannot stand it , she decided to take matters into her own hands, if nobody is willing to trust her , it’s time to find the truth out by herself.

She did not ask anything else, even if it is bad things that she done in the past, but people have to face their decisions in life, how can she bear it.

They clearly wouldn’t let her go back to her parents’ house, she is aware that she’s under house arrest, if she stole their dragon family treasure , and then a return to her family , they were afraid that she will run away. She hadn’t run away, if she hadn’t stolen, and find out the truth, they have to come back to that, she has no memories, but she should clear her name.

This dragon home, where she’s staying , The Dragon Family indeed as Yu Momma said, even if she is not liked, but they do not let her starve, or leave her out in the cold, they do not curse her , there is such a good girl Xiao Qing taking care of her. Her observation of the servant in the house, they obey the rules at every moment, upright, this Dragon’s mansion was a respectable family. Analyze Feng Ning analysis so there should be a reason behind all of this.

Her heart was eager to solve the mystery. She thought and thought and finally decided to take the first step , she needs to go down to the river accident took place.

One night, dark and stormy, it is a good time to do the investigation. Feng Ning escaped the watchman guards, dive into the mansion wall quietly, gently leaped, and jumped out. She looked around, listening to her surroundings, she did not think anyone finds saw her, stayed for a while, thinking about this situation, it’s time to make a run for it.

She turned towards the market, ran two blocks, leapt to the roof of a house, down the street, jumped from roof to roof and it was found, an urban construction, despite its large size, the direction where town gates are, isn’t hard to find.

Feng Ning inquired about it a long time ago, where she was injured was located where the river is upstream of the southern suburbs near the moat, called the Cold River. Feng Ning wanted to go look, see if you can find some impression, or some clue that’s left behind.

Her plan was to secretly go, then sneak back. If she can find anything, she needs find out the truth and then clear it up with the Long Family, otherwise for now no matter what she says, the Long Family will think she is lying. If she did not find anything she will just leave The Dragon Mansion.

Feng Ning did not expect, she’s come a long way, and finally came to the door, only to find the gates closed, the gatekeeper told her that, until the sunrise, farmers will start farming the gate will be opened. Feng Ning thought that’s not good, pleaded with him that her sister married to a man that is in the adjacent sister city but she suddenly got seriously ill, and there is nobody to take care of her, she rushed to help take care of her sister. The Gatekeeper couldn’t: “girl, lately it has been strict, you see here, I wasn’t the only one keeping, not to mention if I open the gate for you to go, possibly my job is at stake. Now has almost time, soon will be able to open the gate, and you should wait.

”Feng Ning staring helplessly at the gate, her expression is very pathetic. Looking at this beautiful girl, that soldier’s heart softened, he advised: “Do not worry, your sister definitely will be fine, more importantly you at this hour as an unaccompanied woman, at this time out of town is not safe, you should go first and find a warm place to sit and wait, once the gates open, I will let you first.”

Feng Ning felt really embarrassed to see him, sighed, nodded and thanked him, turned away. She walked for a while, and saw a young swordsman holding a sword standing not far from her, he kindly shouted: “This will not be the child out of the city, you do not worry, until sunrise.”

The young swordsman seemed surprised to see her, Feng Ning felt the same, as she did not know the rules, and she appears to be an outsider. She waved goodbye, considering, then headed away, she began to think about what she should do now, first back to Dragon House or wait for the gates to open?

She pondered for a while, Dragon House was so strict on her and are watching her, she escaped not so easily, she waited all day to get dark so she could go out, and now the gates are closed, so if she went back now, she will not save any problem, anyway she’s already out, and went so far, she should finish the things to do today, and then go back.

She thinking hard, went to the door of an inn restaurant, the lanterns lit, bright. The door half opened, people eating and staying for the night or people there also to do business. Feng Ning touched her stomach, swallowing her saliva, but she does not have any money, she cannot go in. She sighed, sitting by the steps of the inn, burning time waiting for the gates to open.

Night breeze, long dark street she sat alone, lanterns overhead reflected a lone figure, Feng Ning looked around to her own shadow , feeling sad, her head buried in her legs, hold the knees curling up . After a long pause, being somewhat sleepy, there was a strong smell of alcohol, mixed with coarse voice two men approached her.

Feng Ning was wide awake, she jumped up. She could see that it was two drunk guys coming out from the inn, they saw a woman sitting at the door, they laughed, reaching for a light.

Feng Ning took two steps back, away from their dirty paws, frowned, wanting to scold them, but decided not to, then gave them a glance, turned towards the gate direction. Didn’t realize that both caught up with her, and then blocked her path.

Feng Ning this time was really angry, her brows stood up, sneered and said:” What is this? “

The drunken man with the red face, smiled, his eyes exceptionally dirty: “A girl in the middle of the night loitering in the streets, aren’t you lonely?” The man behind him added: “That’s right, we have to spend time with this girl.”

Feng Ning sneered: “Look at you two, you are drunk.”

Been accused of drunk, they got angry: “Damn you, how dare you scold me, dou you know who I am?”

“A pig.”

“Go to your mother.” The other drunken man clenched his fist and tried to hit Feng Ning’s face.His big fist moved with an impulsive wind , and instantly turned on to the front of Feng Ning, he turned out to be a practicing martial artist. He threw punches, Ning Feng also subconsciously moved her feet meeting his fist, as fast as lightning kicked the drunken man.

The drunken man’s arm strike with pain, even his whole arm could not move, Feng Ning twisted her feet to deliver a kick , making the huge stature drunk whirl , her mouth shouted: ” Go to your grandfather’s.” drunkard crashed to the ground, and did not get up for ages .

The other one, suddenly sobered up, he shouted, swinging open-fists, Feng Ning walked around a semi-circle , and then leaping violently, from the top down Feng Ning threw a combo punch. Feng-Ning did not think that her body could bend and twist so naturally, her loins seemed boneless, foot very light, she hopped with opened fist.  She attacked from the side, grabbed a wrist and turned it, dragging him forward a whole step, while a leg threw a kick on his stomach.

The man screams, kneeling on the ground, holding his stomach curled into a ball , unable to speak . Feng Ning moved forward, and kicked his foot, just like that, he was able speak : ” You have no shame , dare to bully this aunt , don’t you know who this aunt is?”

The man struggled to rise, mute the voice asked: “Who are you?”

Feng Ning didn’t think he would really ask, she shook her head: “I won’t tell you.”

She heard a chuckle, aware of someone behind approaching, turned around and saw it was the young swordsman she saw at the gate. She is about to speak, but the drunk that fell to the ground because of her kick, got up and lanced at her, Feng Ning eyes glimpsed a flash of silver, took two steps back to hastily escape.

That swordsman walked over, and instantly pulled out his sword with a toss, the sword whipped at the drunken man, hit his wrist in a heavy knock that made him drop the dagger in his hand.

Feng Ning thought to herself, how he can toss the sword and aim the handle to hit the man? She did not know, but can tell that this is a master swordsman. That swordsman strike succeeded, came to pick up his sword, the drunk was sitting on the ground, trying to retreat.

Feng Ning carefully looked up and down at the swordsman, his eyes sparkle as the surface of a jade, clean clothes, at a glance she could see it was from selected materials. His hair was neatly combed, the sword scabbard is polished, and his boots are clean, very different from the two guys who tried to bully her. Feng Ning knew that this man and the two really are not from the same group, he should not be a bad man.

She rushed the swordsman and said: “Thank you.”

That swordsman also looked at her, and then asked the sentence: “Are you okay?” Feng Ning shook her head, looked down on the ground that the two men wanted to run, shouted: “Freeze”

They really froze, looked at each other secretly, suddenly turned around and attacked Feng Ning, thinking that by striking back, they can get an opportunity to escape. Feng Ning attacked back, the swordsman also moved forward two steps , stopped one of them , then the two together , tought the two drunk a lesson, and then left them kneeling on the ground crying for mercy .

Feng Ning thought, then said: “These two are no good, cannot just forget this.” She kicked their foot, she fiercely said: “Climb that post” There are two big stakes on the edge of the market, used for the people to tie their horses, hanging lanterns, exhibition and other purposes.

The two men look at each other with panic, they climbed on. Feng Ning also said: “undress.” The two people did not move, Feng Ning lifted her right hand, and yelled: “Off!”

They quickly undressed. Feng Ning turned around and glanced at the swordsman, he frowned and seemed to understand her intentions, Feng Ning at him and said: ” Brother, help me okay.”

The swordsman walked by slowly, Feng Ning ripped two strips of cloth from the clothes, handed swordsman:  “Brother, I have to trouble you to tie them up.”

Swordsman did not answer, just look at both of them the looked at Feng Ning. Feng Ning frowned, then refers to the two drunks: “They are bulling a woman on the street, ah, fortunately they met me, if it was other weak woman, who knows what would happen? If they can do this now, they probably did it before. Leaving them on a public street, this is not a good thing? “

Hearing these words, both scream out, says he is innocent and now was drunk and so on. The swordsman said: “I do know who they are, what you have said makes me remember and I saw the wanted portrait of them, they really have done many abominable sins.”

Those two men trembled to hear it, Feng Ning was dumbfounded at the coincidence, she suddenly jumped up: “I’m doing great, I caught those lurking ruffians, ha ha ha….”

Swordsman seemed to think her response was interesting, both unexpected and funny. He gently coughed twice, took one look at the two people sitting on the ground, he said to Feng Ning, “turn your back, walk two steps. ”

Feng Ning suspiciously at him, but he waved urging her to hurry. Feng Ning turned her back and walked two steps. Then she heard the swordsman of the men said: “Pants off”

Feng Ning laughed , hearing the voice behind her of the two men struggling to resist and babbling , then several more screams over and over again , like being hit, and then behind the quiet, rustling like someone undressing .

Then again, over and over again swordsman said: “Stretched you arms.” Feng Ning was curious, stretch their arms what for? She secretly turned to look, seeing that the swordsman with a sword across his arms. He did not see Feng Ning, the two men scream, but he simply said: “They are not wearing pants, you do not peek.”

Feng Ning quickly turned her head back, they have unconsciously swirled in his words, seeing four shining white flesh of the thigh, while she rubbed her eyes while muttering: “Do not remind me not see it, whay are you saying that.”

She thought it better to suffer, so loudly: “brother, help me kick their legs.” She heard behind her a beating sound, two drunks cried in pain, Feng Ning felt happy, chuckling laughed.

Originally it was bitter moonlit night, and now it seems to have become interesting. Feng Ning looked at her feet reflection in the moonlight shadow, give herself a cheer, in fact everything has turned around, she will have a chance to solve the mystery.


7 thoughts on “Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 5

    • Maybe he just doesn’t want to be forced to marry someone he doesn’t know.

      Let’s hang on and see what’s in store. The story is getting more and more interesting.

    • The Momma said her parents wanted the 1st or 2nd brother, not happy with 3rd brother. that’s because the first is powerful and the second runs the business. The Long family is suspicious from day one so did not want to let her near the family business. They think her family is after something and that is why they turned up suddenly insisting on the marriage. 3rd brother is safest bet to marry her. this is how I see it. This part is a little like a drama I saw where the father sent the daughter into a family to be a spy. Maybe it is something like that but why is very important too.

  1. does long san finally make an appearance? it seems that feng ning hid her martial art skills during all this time. i am really intrigued by the mistery.

    • In the next chapter we will get to meet Long San, I think Feng Ning didn’t hide her martial arts on purpose, she is not aware that she has it, and she is basically moving on her instinct.

  2. Thank you—-!
    Well, that officially confirms it, she’s no ordinary lady, she’s learned martial arts! Now, this is going ot be interesting! And she seems to be at a pretty high-level, too!

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