Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 4

Our Feng Ning is such a trouble maker, still no sign of Long San, but our heroine is surviving the best she can and having fun while she’s at it. She’s so shameless, I love her.

The Suspicious Mrs. Long San

Yu Momma told Feng Ning that they cannot go back home, on the grounds of her amnesia, and her head injury has yet to find the problems to continue the medication treatment. If she was to go back to her family, and travel, she would be off the drugs, and that is bad for the body. And Yu Momma said, if what something happened on the road, how would they call them home with Dragon Phoenix home account?

Feng Ning listened, she was very disappointed of course, but Yu Momma’s point was reasonable, she did not refute anything good. Anyway, she is now good to eat every meal, full portions, she is temporarily satisfied with the status quo.

Going to see Yu Momma is not easy, coupled with the affinity they have, Feng Ning quickly pulled her to sit down and talk.

” Yu Momma , ah, you tell me , how was I married here? “

She thought that people would ignore her, and over a cup of tea that Yu Momma made, she actually told her the story.

The Dragon and Phoenix family were very good friends, it was the grandparents ‘ generation that marked the beginning of the hardcore friendship. The two Fathers went into the world together through thick and thin , for the Imperial Court to do a lot of things , protect the country from insurgency , famous and well known , everyone knows Dragon’s and Phoenix’s feats. At that time, the two elderly gentlemen made a good agreement, for the younger generation, for marriages between the children of the two family, and they signed a written agreement to exchange for keepsake. But then two sons were born, so there is no mention of the matter. Later somehow, Phoenix Father suddenly resigned, with his family far down south, but also gradually things went bad for Dragon Father himself , and he finally died. After that the two families gradually cut off contacts, not the communications what so ever.

There is a Dragon Father’s only son called Longsheng, after he inherited his father’s entry into official, he had three sons, First Dragon, Lung Yeuk the second child, and the youngest Fei, after the Dragon boss Longsheng was killed in battle, was Ms. Long in grief and depression. Eventually, when the country strived towards chaos, border intrusion of foreign enemies constantly, First Dragon, like his father, picked up the swords, and rushed to the battlefield. Lung Yeuk stayed at home to take care of the family affairs, keeping the Long family dynasty’s elders hard work and was able to save the family business. Fei also took after the Master, and rushed home to help his brother. That age, did not last long, needless to say, the dragon family tree attracts the wind, naturally attracted a lot of calculations, but fortunately three brothers are united, after several years of effort, finally won the war, achieved stability of the family business.

Feng Ning hearing this, gave a thumbs up, and exclaimed: “How great”

Yu Momma looked at her, observing her facial expression, Feng Ning did not care, urging her to continue to go on. So Yu Momma added: “At that time, The Phoenix home who had moved south for many years suddenly came, holding the written keepsake, demanding to fulfill the requirements for the Long marriage to their daughter.”

Feng Ning asked: “The marriage agreement has not expired yet?”

“It is written that the children of the two family should marry , and did not refer to what did it bind, so although the previous generations had only sons , but the keepsake also explains that any grandchildren are also effective .”

“So Long San was forced to marry me?”

“In the beginning it was arranged that the daughter of the Phoenix family would marry First Dragon but he already has a wife, and does not want to marry again, then it was considered the possibility of having Er Ye marry into the Phoenix home, but Er Ye was naturally reluctant, so after so much discussion, San Ye finally agreed, he will go ahead and marry, if the family cannot get out of the marriage agreement. The matter was considered settled. “

Feng Ning opened her mouth widely with surprise: “San Ye really made a brave sacrifice.”

She did not seem conscious that the other party, Yu Momma was secretly watching carefully wondering if she really is clueless or just pretending. In fact, Phoenix home intention was to force marriage to get into the estate of the oldest son or second oldest son as he manages the family business, although the youngest is talented, but they actually despised the idea of marriage with him.

Then two family lost contact somehow, now suddenly took a tough stance over the marriage of their daughter, indeed this makes people feel surprised. More than two years, this Phoenix family daughter came to the Dragon Family, and finally found nothing beneficial, she tried to steal the Dragon House treasure, but stole a fake one instead, when she tried to escape and got captured, she claimed that she has amnesia. How could it even be a coincidence?

Feng Ning did not know what tothink, she asked: “Have my father and mother come to see me ever?”


“Do you think taht, my relationship with my father and mother are close?”

“You have a good relationship.”

“Then they know I despise this, isn’t that right? What did they do to me? “

Yu Momma words to choked, after Feng Ning hit her head, she developed a really very impressive frankness, and she cannot make out what trick Feng Ning is playing. After a pause, she replied: “For a Madam of the Dragon Family in our home, life is not bad, though the Long Family are not saints , but mistreating the wife is really something they will not do ,  consider themselves worthy of a clear conscience . “

Feng Ning remembered the cold treatment, people avoiding her out of fear, how can she feel happy. She sighed, but to continue to ask: “Why did I fall into the river?”

Momma’s eyes narrow:: “How do you know that you fell into the river ? “

“When I woke up , I found myself on the shore …… ” Feng Ning said, she didn’t mention about the man who asked her what happened, she added: ” At that time I touched my head it was bleeding, then someone came with torch and I was unconscious.”

“Before that thing?”

“I do not remember.”

Yu Momma drank some tea, then decided to take drastic action: “Madam, when you ran away from the house and got wounded, the dragon house we lost a piece of our family treasure.”

Feng Ning surprised, with bulging eyes, pointed to her nose: “Are you saying that I stole it?”

Yu Momma gaveno positive answer, but said: “When we found you on the shore, you were wearing night clothes. Before the accident, you have been asking about the whereabouts of the treasure, when you went missing from the house we found that the treasure was also lost. Coincidentally Madam hit her head and got amnesia. Otherwise we might really be able to know the whereabouts of the treasure?”

Feng Ning did not let some innuendo bother her, she remembered the night she was injured, she did not see the face of that man rummaging her and asked her “Where is it “Does that mean the Long family treasures? She really did this and other dirty things?

She looked at Yu Momma in the eyes, shook her head, struggling to spit out some words: “I really do not remember anything.”

Yu Momma did not miss her every expression, and finally said: “Your condition now is not a small matter, maybe you were possessed by evil spirits when you fell into the river, I went to arrange a ceremony, for the madam’s wellbeing, pick a good day to find a monk to perform this. ” Feng Ning heart felt still as she might have done something bad, did not care what she said, ” Oh, ” she saidcwl .

Since this day the spirit of Feng Ning was as if it has gone, she muffled herself to sleep, it still felt so bad, she turned to the kitchen and stole Er Ye’s afternoon snack, this time it is not a bun, but a crab dumplings .

Feng Ning holding bowl filled with dumplings, a man quietly went out of the house under the tallest tree, and she suddenly had the urge to go up. She went up, not knowing that she was able to or not, she just felt she could, with her feet and hands on the trunk, she hopped and leapt to treetops.

This tree is really high, on top of the branches in the wind, lightly swinging, Feng Ning sat on the wobbly top, but she is not afraid. She looked at the whole pompous Dragon House , she can even glimpse to the little street outside the main entrance, she watched while stuffing her mouth with dumpling , did not even eat a whole bowl full , and felt her mood getting better.

Soup kitchen work is really good, she thought, looking at the Dragon House Gate staring into space. She had no impression, what kind of stories will be out of the gate? Strange Street, strange faces, did she go out?

In fact, in this House, all people and objects are unfamiliar. She had thought her husband could help her, but she didn’t even see his face. Her frustration and disappointment, simply don’t want to see, but everyone said they were not close, from Yu Momma’s story, even to marry her, he is forced, how can they be close?

Feng Ning sitting on top of the tree swinging about, ah want to think, not feeling happy, she felt she needed a comforting bowl of snacks , but based on the experience of so many days , only one daily afternoon snack per day was made, and she didn’t want to upset Er Ye.

But she really needs another bowl to eat, what should she do? Feng Ning jumped off the tree, and decided to return to the kitchen and see, just in case there are things to eat.

And there was! Steamed glutinous rice balls on the stove, filled with minced meat, bamboo shoots, and mushroom, what a tasty temptation. Feng Ning did not hesitate to act decisively putting all the balls all into the bowl, and ran.

People entered into the kitchen, there are far out of the window she saw the servants carrying firewood cleaver to the side of the backyard, Feng Ning instinctively, jumped on to the kitchen roof. As the saying goes the most dangerous place is the most secure place, her mind suddenly emerged this sentence, though shed does not remember who told her these words.

She was holding a large bowl, flattered and began to eat. While eating she could hear movement in the kitchen below, Soup Kitchen and other kitchen workers are chatting, one asked: “Soup Kitchen, I heard the dumplings were stolen, did you prepare something else?”

Followed by a Soup Kitchen reply: “Fortunately, I have a small mushrooms and bamboo shoots for soup, which would simply boil into some rice balls, this Er Ye’s favorite also.” Soup Kitchen suddenly spoke again with an angry tone: “If I know who the son of a bitch is, I’ll kill him.”

Feng Ning dumbfounded at the roof, quickly stuffed a meatball into her mouth, before being slaughtered better eat it.

The kitchen workers and said: “Do not be angry , do not be angry, that won’t be a problem this time, that no one would even steal twice. ”

Soup kitchen cried “Oh,” and said: . ” In the future I have learnt my lesson , and once on the pot , I must not leave the snack in the kitchen, I have to prepare two of each .”

Feng Ning listened, nodded on the roof, better prepare two indeed, prepare to have a portion for her. She thought of the future having to eat happily, mouth full of meatballs she did not care, it was exceptionally good.

After a while, was surprised to hear a roaring in the kitchen: “Damn, what son of a bitch, really, don’t even spare the meatballs? They are not even cooked yet. Eat, eat, eat. … … what should we do, huh? ”

Advised that kitchen workers : “Otherwise, the soup kitchen , try use glutinous rice steamed shaped into balls? “

Hey, Feng Ning was thinking, that would be good? Unfortunately, she could not have taste it. Because the Soup Kitchen since then, never left the kitchen, he did not give her the slightest chance. The results of this event is that Long Er Ye went personally to look into the kitchen, and picked up an empty bowl on the roof.

The next day, three meals a day, the amount of food for Feng Ning were doubled , Xiaoqing also asked someone to pass her words: . “More food to bully you” until much later, it dawned on Feng Ning, Long Er Ye thought he was deliberately attacking his sister in law with food.

But she did not pay attention to the empty bowl caper, the Dragon Family that she married and moved in to live with, are getting more suspicious.


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    Well, it’s this chapter that i’ve decided, that i shall almost certainly follow this! I was grinning throughout the chapter she’s so hilarious! But no normal lady would be able to climb the rooftop and trees….! She’s skilled in martial arts, or something similar! Interesting!

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