Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 3


More hate shown towards our heroine by the Dragon Family, meanwhile her mysterious husband Long San is still MIA.

The Untrustworthy Mrs. Long San

Feng Ning without knowing what trouble she’s got into, she explored the entire house, she did not bump into anyone willing to speak to her and, of course, couldn’t find her Long San. This isn’t natural, in fact, she rashly thought about kicking down the door of the rooms, alas she could not do that.

Feng Ning walked around with a ghost like expression, watching the maid servant eyes, guessing the meaning behind those eyes, it is certainly a very embarrassing experience, Feng Ning had a faint feeling of sorrow and grief, but fortunately the tasty buns were there to console her broken heart. She gave her own drums and cheered, and then nothing happened when she was back in her small courtyard.

Xiaoqing was anxiously pacing, if the Master knew that the Lady was missing, he would be very annoyed. Thinking positively, she decided to delay reporting the incident, Feng Ning is back.

Xiaoqing ran up: “Madam where did you go?”

Feng Ning gave her the empty bowl, sat on the steps, and asked: “Xiaoqing, you and me, and how did you come to serve me?”

Xiaoqing was dumbfounded: “I was just transferred to take care of Madam not long before, I had been working at another house.”

“So before you, who was taking care of me?”

“It was Madam’s dowry maid, but it happened not too long ago, that events that had unsettled she fell seriously ill and died.”

Feng-Ning: “dead?”

“Yes, Doctor Chen saw her, she died of sickness.”

Feng Ning, a “Xiaoqing, you emphasize that she died of sickness, meaning before there it was suspected that she did not die that way, right? ”

Xiaoqing panic, cautiously said: “Lady don’t think too much.”

Feng Ning held her head muttering: “I want to know little bit more.”

Xiaoqing didn’t answer, Feng-Ning also said: “Usually in most houses have no shortage of rumors, you worked in another house before, I heard about my reputation, not that you have to worry about it, but I can’t remember anything, just want to know about this Estate, and if I did something wrong in the past, I think to compensate it. ”

Xiaoqing looked at  Feng Ning for a while, she could scarcely stammer saying, “I just heard, Lady’s parents arranged for this marriage, they did not have your wellbeing in mind, none of the Dragon family son’s wanted to marry you, the lady was not welcomed. ”

“Huh? My family arranged for it, what was the reason for this arranged marriage? ”

“I heard that your ancestors wanted this marriage to take place, not because you and your husband wanted to.”

Feng Ning stunned surprised a moment, my heart cannot tell the sad, she stood up and walked back to the room: “well, then I want to go to see my parents, okay? ”

Xiaoqing: “I cannot say yes or no, you have to ask more either Er Ye or Yu Momma. ”

“Xiaoqing, why is it that everything about me, always ask the Er Ye? ”

“Er manages the household? ”

“I married San Ye, I have a husband, above all, shouldn’t I tell my husband, isn’t he home? ”

Xiaoqing looked at her, eyes filled with sympathy: “Madame, San Ye has never cared about your things, he left home and is often away from home. Your expenses, it all arranged by Er Ye, if you need permission for anything you should also talk to Er Ye.”

Feng Ning, feeling more and more obscure, her husband is regardless of her, so what is she here, a guest or something? She felt depressed and got into bed and muffled: “Xiaoqing, here nobody likes me, I don’t like it here, I want to go home.”

Xiaoqing looked at her blankly, finally said: “You are like a slave of Er Ye.”

It was two days , before Feng Ning took the initiative to look for him. The reason is that since the day she was talking about it with Xiaoqing , then the next day for breakfast , chicken cuts becomes rather small. Xiaoqing do not know why, the servant, saying only that the kitchen arrangements , ask the kitchen , that is Er Ye commands.

Feng Ning observed several meals in a row are two vegetarian dishes and a bowl of rice, although the flavor of the dish was good, but she had no appetite, she’s angry, she told herself even if it is reluctant to marry her, they could not make her starve. She wanted to ask her husband, what’s with the small portion of rice.

Angrily she went to find Er Ye, not knowing where he is, that sanctuary runs on the gallery floor, a little in front of the building, and sure enough someone stopped her, she boldly said: “I am looking for Er Ye.”

Er Ye said, “Sister in law, I heard you want to go back home, but your rush is useless, your husband is not home, this is a husband and wife’s affair, you need to wait for third brother to come back, and discuss it with him. ”

“I did not come to you to ask about this.”

“Oh, then for what?”

“I don’t have enough to eat. “She said out loud, a servant who overheard couldn’t help it and laughed.

Er Ye was also surprised and lifted his brow, half-smiling repeated the phrase: “do not have enough to eat? ”

“Uh-hu “Feng Ning nods:” Am I doing something wrong, why do you leave me with a hungry belly? ”

Her expression childish, Long Er could not help but grin, but he did not deny that indeed it is the meal he asked for her: “I was in the kitchen doing some light vegetarian meal, you should stay clear of greasy, tonic foods through injury days before, I fear it is bad for your stomach, I am also sweet to my younger siblings. Those meals are enough for a person to eat, sister in law how can you say I’m starving you. ”

“Only a bowl of rice, enough food to eat. Usually I get two bowls of rice, a dish of meat, a bowl of soup, two types of meals, the dishes are now cut in half, my stomach is half hungry. Even though I am married and moved in with my husband’s family to become the daughter-in-law, I also have to be fed. ”

Long Er cannot conceal his surprise: “you eat so much? ”

“Uh-hu. “Feng Ning said without blushing and nodded. Long Er finally couldn’t help but laugh. Feng Ning put her hand on her hips: “ignore me because you hate me, I’m sick but no one came to visit was fine, my husband didn’t talk to me I can put up, but starving me, absolutely not. ”

Long Er thought this is really funny, hungry stomach, this is kind of new? He deliberately embarrassed: “I have asked the kitchen, how do you want it? ”

Feng Ning stared hard at him, suddenly turned, and ran away.

She was so fierce, and now she quietly left? Long Er was thinking, waving to the bodyguards to follow her, he went back to the books to read files in the building.

Feng Ning did not head back to her room like Long Er thought her to, she went straight to the kitchen, which has plenty of food, servants gathered to eat lunch in the kitchen, no one saw the legendary Lady San Furen, the servants were dumbfounded.

Feng Ning a look at them one holding a large bowk , bowl heaped with a little mountain of rice, she found herself envious . The kitchen was not clean, she was flipping through the plates, she did not see any ready-made meals, she was very disappointed.

A middle-aged fat man, screaming out loud: “Lady what are you doing here, this is the kitchen, it is not for playing. ”

“Who are you? ”

The fat man said: “I’m a chef Tang Rong, everybody call me soup kitchen. ”

Feng Ning patted his shoulder, soup kitchen, and does this on two vegetarian meals, does he want this lady to kick his ass? Although the dishes are simple, but are carefully done, she is not picky, but he is failing.

Finally what Feng Ning said was: ” soup kitche , you do really delicious meal .” Soup kitchen surprised, this is the tricks used, before resorting to force ?

“But …… ” Sure enough, it followed , however, the soup kitchen is well prepared, though San Furen was standing here in the kitchen, but she acted carefully. “But such a delicious meal, you only gave me a little bit, how can I be satisfied? ”

Do not have enough to eat? Soup kitchen thought, although before he would send two portions of food to her room, but he didn’t care, he thought the maid ate along, some days ago Long Er specifically told them to give her a simple vegetarian food, he asked if it was for one person or two people? Long Er answered one person, although the maids eating with the masters is not appropriate, Er Ye does not make a fuss about it, he did not imagine that San Furen will come today.

Feng Ning seeing that he didn’t answer, just ask: “I’m not satisfied, what will you do? ”

Do? Soup kitchen could not help. So casually said, “just let the house servants eat the meal, it is too late, you have to wait for the afternoon. ”

Hearing this Feng-Ning’s eyes light up, in the afternoon: “the bun? ”

Soup kitchen shook his head: “bun no bun it is for Er Ye. It’s his daily afternoon snack, on the day he didn’t get to eat his buns, he almost set the kitchen on fire. ”

Feng Ning a suddenly realized: “Oh, I see. “That man is so petty, no wonder the meals are becoming lesso. She said thanks, and turned away. Soup kitchen rolled his eyes and touch his head, confused about what this lady is saying.

That afternoon, the soup kitchen prepared carefully steamed fragrant white fat meat package, when he was preparing to take the dumplings boil , suddenly, he heard a big commotion , he went out and saw that the firewood stacked in the yard fell down, he hastened to tell several servants to tidy the wood pile , and went back to the kitchen to close the buns , but when he saw the opened steamer he thought how can this be, did the steamed buns grow wings and started flying? Staring at that empty cooking pots, soup kitchen face turned pale, what the hell is going on?

Today Long Er did not eat buns, on the footpath in front of the building was an empty bowl. He knew that bowls don’t come out of nowhere. Then carefully thought about it, sister in law compared with how she used to be, has a completely opposite behavior, it is very strange.

He called Yu Momma, he said: “Feng-Ning that woman, claiming to have lost her memory after injuries, her behavior is not quite the same. ”

“I know, the idea is to observe her, for a while, she cannot hide her true self for too long. ”

“I’m tempted her, her response was I don’t know. If it is an act, she must be very good at it. ”

“This amnesia, the timing was a coincidence, then, all she can push off any problems. “Suspicions about Feng-Ning Yu Momma has continued unabated.

Long Er nodded: “also another thing I see, she said that she does not remember anything, but she did not forget how to get around in this house, a few days ago when she was wondering around, I had her followed, she didn’t get lost going back to the kitchen, also can find her way to the study, that day I saw her, she was standing in front of courtyard, she didn’t step out . Finally she returned to her own yard, but also did not cost nothing to find it , and she had no trouble with the fork road, it doesn’t look like she has absolutely no memory . “

To know Dragon’s house building layouts, the way around the furniture and doorways , usually new servants, will need a couple of months to not get lost. Feng Ning was here for such a long time, also lost more than once, and now she says she’s forgotten, but it is not lost.

Yu Momma is even more convinced that Feng Ning is pretending”I did not think she would take advantage of her injuries , a cunning one one she is .”

Long Er nodded, then had another idea: “although unlikely, but if her memory loss thing is true, this odd behavior can be interpreted as, once upon a time she was respectable and then she forgets about Phoenix House, she willingly wants to live her married life, so she showed a new behavior instead.”

Momma “humming” sound: “Xiaoqing told me that the woman wanted to go back to her parents ‘ home. This family is certainly cannot let her back there, she stole a fake thing, but she knows something we don’t know, about the attack on the San Er is not simple, not that it has nothing to do with the Phoenix home. ”

Long Er said: “this Feng-Ning and her family, I have asked the government to intensify the investigation. About Long San’s trip this time, Momma don’t worry. ”

“Well, how can I not worry about you guys, I watched you growing up, now that you are all adults, but you gotten involved with the Phoenix Home. How can San Er marry such a woman, a lifelong mistake, I really feel bad. ”

“Momma. “Long E consoles the woman who is like the mother of the three brothers: “The Phoenix House issue, we will resolve it. ”

Hearing these words, Yu Momma replied: “Er Ye is sure that the woman is playing dumb, I’d let her loiter a bit more”

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  1. “ignore me because you hate me, I’m sick but no one came to visit was fine, my husband didn’t talk to me I can put up, but starving me, absolutely not” – A girl gotta have what she wants

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