Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 2


I feel bad for Feng-Ning waking up to hostile environment without having any recollection of why and how come. I can totally understand that she need to get to the bottom of things. Not only to understand about the place where sh’e living in but also understand more about herself and her marriage. But somebody should actually tell her that kitchen raiding is not the way to go about it 😀


The Unpopular Mrs. Long San

Doctor Chen hurriedly ran, he checked Feng Ning’s head wound, he confirmed that the injury was improving, not life-threatening. But about this head injury, he can only surmise, he is afraid to talk. It was weird, very rare, he should say that the Third Mistres is okay? But she’s not okay, otherwise how do you explain her strange condition.

Feng Ning is also very helpless, but fortunately she managed to eat the meal. With a full stomach, she feels much more comfortable, she laid down on the bed and spaced outShe thought everybody cannot be lying because, it’s easy for one person act, all these people acting together is quite a bit of difficulty, from the aunt to the young maid to an old doctor, all of whom recognize her face, surprised they really surprised, everyone’s face seemed flawless.

So about her living in this house, what’s the matter? There are signs, she is by no means a popular person, but even if they don’t like her, she is also a Mistress here, her husband is supposed to protect her, to her account. If things doesn’t work out, she also has her mother right, if her husband does not love her, she can always go back to her mother’s home.Feng-Ning in fact, she felt a slight panic. She is ill, her mind empty, can’t think of anything, and that’s just uncomfortable, just to wake up in a not so friendly environment, to say that she was not upset at all, it must be a lie. Yeah, but she can’t, she doesn’t know what she’s done here in the past, have no idea what these people had done to her, so now, besides efforts to recover from her injury, there is nothing more to do than wait and see.

But things were not so simple for Feng Ning , when she woke up again , there was nobody by her side to take care of her , then no one would come to see her , not even the harsh Yu Momo did come back.

She asked Xiaoqing , Xiaoqing only said that the Er Ye is busy , San Ye is also busy, uncle was not at home , the maids are busy, Yu Momo is too busy , everyone is busy.

So many people, and everybody is too busy to see her? Feng Ning feel very lost, how can she not? She’s hurt quite heavily, feeling a splitting headache, she can only stay in this room, lying in bed most of the time it felt stuffy to sleep.

Xiaoqing only comes to send her food, drug delivery, based on Chen Dafu’s referral, but only this, only doing her duty without enthusiasm. Feng Ning spent most of her time alone, so she was so cranky, she felt disgusted with this household.

It turns out that the parents of the Dragon Family have both died, the Dragon Estate is the official home of the eldest brother, a general, half the time away from home during the year, the eldest Dragon has a wife, the husband and wife relationship is so deep, that everywhere he goes, he takes her along, so now they are both away from home. The Lóng Er is in charge of the family business, he manages everything, such as this estate, shops, restaurants, and so on.

What about her thirdbrother husband? Feng Ning is curious, and two older brothers aresuccessful, her husband should not be different, right? FengNinghasnomemoryof him. WhatXiaoqing tells her is: “what exactly theThirdMaster does, I do not really know. He’s often away from home, but some friends often come to greet him at the house.”

Often away from home and often greeted by friends coming for a visit? What a strange-sounding thing. Feng Ning had a wry thought, she’s not popular, who knows about her social relations?

“What are my husband’s feelings for me?”It’s weird having to ask, but Feng Ning didn’t feel awkward, she does not remember it, of course, she has to ask.

Xiaoqing although not too close with her, but after spending some time together, found that she was not annoying as she thought, xiaoqing said that Lady was very different before and after the injuries, so some of Feng-Ning the questions, xiaoqing is willing to answer. As this issues of love, xiaoqing said: “My Lady with the Third Lord are not close.”

“Even though we are not close, he doesn’t visit me when I’m hurt or sick?”The fact that Feng Ning resentment is deep.

Her tone was lonely and hurt, Xiaoqing cannot bear to hear it, then said: ” Third Lord was also injured before you, and was unconscious , after a hundred days, Yu Momma took him to Yunwushan Bridge City for treatment, that was the only cure . “

Feng Ning suddenly felt a streak of worry, interrupted her and asked: “he’s hurt?”

“The Third Lord was injured by the wicked man, he fell from his horse fell on his head.”

Feng Ning brows arched, it seems that we are really husband and wife, she also fell on the head.

“He still can remember, right? Do you think he still remembers me? ”

“Lady don’t worry, third Lords is in excellent condition, he can run jump and does not have brain damage. Lady woke up on the day that Yu Momma and three Lords came back, so he has many things to deal with, he is busy. ”

Feng Ning husband is faceless in her mind, she can’t recall anything in her brain, how dreary, the Dragon House is so big, but she doesn’t even have a close person to talk to. Her husband was the only person she was relying on, so her husband is a trouble maker, staying out of the house all day, injuries and all,  he never even visited once.

With all these bad feelings, why would she want to stay in this place where everyone hates her? She feels all of this is hard to swallow. Can it be that Dragon House is afraid of damaging their reputation, so she has been coldly discarded, rather than divorce her and send her back to her hometown? Or her mother won’t let her, so she has nowhere to go?

Feng Ning thought that the only thing she can do is go out wandering around the yard. If she can meet people and talk, get to know their business it will be good, knowing who are the people living here, who are dead, getting to know the terrain of this house and yard layout, we can generally understand the home power arrangements and relationships. From what people can’t ask, sometimes from the material things.

Feng Ning does not know why she would think so, anyway, she instinctively went out to the yard, only to find the small home where she lived is located in a remote corner, it appears that she really is a deserted wife.

She walked along the corridor and soon found the layout of the house, she walked slowly, very leisurely, and even kicked some leaves, picking a flower, and she had been stuck in bed for a long time, now she feels reborn.

Seeing some servants along the way, they see her and give a light greet, no much nonsense words and ran away. Feng Ning shook his head, looks like she was thoroughly unpopular. Want to find someone to talk to, even in some difficulty.

She took two turns, Feng Ning found herself to be tracked, not a man, it is a group of trying to be undetectable. But is this not her home? Why was she being watched? Feng Ning though it was a good thing that they are just monitoring, and that they did not actually lock her up.

She quickened her steps, determined to finish seeing the entire house today. In front is a an assortment of buildings, warehouses and a place looking like a kitchen, from the kitchen was a wafting aroma of steamed buns. Feng Ning felt stomach her stomach grumble, she went into the kitchen to see, great, nobody around, on the stove there was a big steamer steaming something, Feng Ning opened and took a look, it was full of chubby plump buns are hard to resist the lure of its aroma.

So, Feng Ning, frankly, took out a big bowl, caught a took a deep breath and took a bite at the bun, the hot gravy in her mouth made her hop about, the good taste made her eyes light up with delight. Far outside the door she heard somebody’s voice, someone’s headed this way, Feng Ning quickly stuffed an entire row of buns into large bowl and reattach the lid of the steamer, then dived out the back door.

She walked along ignoring her surroundings and she was holding the bowl to eat the bun, this made her mood a little bit better.

Passing by a two-story porch in front of the building, behind the eaves and green tile, there is bamboo surrounded by flowers, flickering around. The scenery alone is good!

Feng Ning fell in love with  this place, she looked around, front of the garden is rockery bed towards the left, behind the pond is a small pavilion to the right, a single path leading to the front of the building, she doesn’t understand why, but she is knows this is arranged to an odd array of law layout, in rockery the small bamboo pavilion is defense device, in a normal situation it looks beautiful, but in an event of an enemy invasion, these building decorative furnishings, is a death trap.

Feng Ning  put a bun in her mouth, why would she know this? She should know  her name, her past, who are her friends, what kind of person is her husband, where her family is, has something happened to her? But she did not know.

She stood rooted to the ground, mourning in self-pity, suddenly a cold voice from behind said, “can you not come to this place.”

Feng Ning holds the bowl to her back, chewed, then swallowed it. She took a better look, talking to her was a young 20-somethings, Strong brows, his figure is tall and dressed in a lake blue kaftan, plain belts, waist-level white jade, student like, his eyes bright, he seems very perceptive. His face clearly showing that he was not happy.

Feng Ning took a step back, she did not remember this man, but apparently he knows her. Feng Ning subconsciously hold down the bun bowl, they were carefully looking at each other.

They are surprised to see each other, obviously he didn’t think Feng Ning turned to be virtuous, ever seen someone holding a bowl of bun hanging around? Swing by here.

Feng Ning looked silently and the man slightly squinting his eyes, he said: “there is no place for you here. “Feng Ning look at him and the man looked at her holding the bowl, slowly saying:” what, you really do not remember? ”

Feng Ning followed his eyes looked to the buns and replied: “I remember to eat when I’m hungry, but I don’t remember anything or anybody in this house.”

The man studied her face, to determining the authenticity oif her words: “who do you think I am, if you give right answer, you can ask me for something, and I might consider it.”

He tone induces intimacy, making her comfortable to tell him things, Feng Ning, said louder: “Are you my husband?”The man’s face immediately sank, eyes filled with disgust and sarcasm.

Feng Ning understand now: “Oh, you’re not.”She was breathing, yell:” Oh second uncle, why let me ask questions, you your younger siblings with no respect. “She couldn’t help but stare at him with a look.

Lóng Er sneered: “Sister’s injury is unfortunate, but has a good is a spiritual outcome.”

Feng Ning was not happy: “its okay, I cannot put too much effort in staring at people.”

Lóng Er was choking, her response surprised him, he thought a while, then gently said, “You might as well take time to recover, but like I told you before, you can’t come in here.”

“I’m looking for my husband “Feng Ning was full of doubt, in any case, her husband is her closest person, even though their relationship is not good, but at least a couple, she must talk to him .

Lóng Er surprised, weeping eyes and said: “You and Third Brother had so many discord, before the injury you used to speak to me about anything … …” he said, interrupted by the Feng-Ning: “Second brother is trying to say that I did not behave ladylike and seduced by you? Is that why everybody hates me? ”

He frowned, saying that it is Lóng Er’s bad demeanor. Well, she has been knocked silly, but was she thinking before speaking? Is she acting crazy or something? Also, silly, stupid, she says she was not ladylike, what is this about being seduced by him, he looked like this vision did not care about the man? If he could like her, there was no need to sacrifice Third Brother to marry her.

Feng Ning watched the look on his face, finally confirm that it is not the case, patting his chest: “it’s okay, I’m not a bad girl maybe it’s just a bad reputation.”

Lóng Er just looked at her without speaking.

Feng Ning wanted to see her husband, turning away she says: “Mister you continue whatever you were doing, I will find my husband to somewhere else.”While cradling bowls, and putting a bun in her mouth, talking to herself:” oh it’s cold, what a shame, I wonder if I can warm it. ”

She walked away, a guard jumped out looking at with Lóng Er saying: “she ran to the kitchen, Li Ke was lost.”

“What did she do?”

“She was roaming around, she had no contact with people, and then went into the kitchen, and then came here.”

Lóng Er hesitated for a moment, watching the guards then closed and asked, “is there anything else?”

“Er Ye, the bun snack that you want is gone, the cook said, to prepare some more, but it will be done by dinner.”

“Gone?” Lóng Er remembered that Feng Ning had a second dumplings, apparently she had a lot of fun.

“Yes, the cook said that she is went to the storage to get some rice, but when she was back in the kitchen, to take out the buns she found the steamer was already empty.”

Lóng Er rolled his eyes, she’d dead, stupid woman with amnesia, and how dare she steal his buns.

Lóng Er rolled his eyes, she’d dead, stupid woman with amnesia, and how dare she steal his buns.

6 thoughts on “Like Dragons Flying and Phoenixes Dancing by Ming Yue Ting Feng Chapter 2

  1. Hey Evida, you’ve done a really good job with translating the novel despite not being able to read or understand Chinese! Well done!

  2. hahaha “she’d dead, stupid woman with amnesia, and how dare she steal his buns.” what can you say? Long Er can’t be mad at an innocent women who losted her memories. 😉

  3. Thank you very much!
    Hm, weird! I would say that young ladies of that time period would not be able to tell a lay layout,or my preference, a formation…she has some interesting skills!This long er is rather interesting!

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